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About Me

I am writing about my experience on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure diet plan. In Oct. 2009 I took an online class  with Jorge, with the goal to lose 40 lbs. I started blogging my first day on the diet and just kept going. To date I have lost 53 lbs and LOVE this Low Sugar, Moderately Low Carb and No Artificial Sweetener diet plan.

I am not a Doctor, Dietitian or Nutritionist. I am simply a woman who found a solution to my obesity and wanted to share that. You should always consult your your Doctor before starting a new diet!

I named my blog Me and Jorge, because this is about Me and my experience. As the Mother of two young boys, very little is about Me anymore. So this was new to me, but an important part of the plan. I learned that If I wasn't taking care of myself, I couldn't take very good care of anyone else.

Jorge's personality (charm and enthusiasm) is integral to this plan for Me. I was so excited to meet Jorge Cruise this Spring and finally get a picture of Me with Jorge! As time went by, I was honored to represent the Belly Fat Cure in Woman's World magazine, the Rachael Ray Show and in the new Fast Track Book. This blog is the reason that I was noticed by Jorge's team! But I just started out as a dieter, just like you!

I read all the questions on the blog and try to respond to each one. You can also reach me at meandjorge <at> gmail <dot> com. 

I do not work for Jorge and have never, in any way, been paid by him or his organization (I get asked this question, so I thought it was important to address it). On occasion I do review products that fit the plan. Mostly I buy the products myself, but if they were given to me for free (which happens on occasion) I will indicate that in the review.

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