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Saturday, October 6, 2018


Hi Friends! It's been awhile, a VERY long while but I woke up this morning feeling motivated about a new journey. Since it's a weightloss journey, I thought I would share it here. I have gained back every single pound that I lost, and that is heartbreaking. Honestly I didn't even notice the first 20 lbs or so, because I was going through a huge loss in my life. But by then I was stuck back in my carb/sugar cycle of binge eating, I wouldn't/couldn't stop. So here I am! I'm a different person ten years later, almost 50 with teenage boys. And 50 lbs overweight, again.

So what am I feeling so motivated and excited about that led me back here? Well, a diet of course! I've been pulled towards Keto eating for a while now and the last few days have decided it is what my my body needs. Specifically Mark Sisson's Keto Reset Diet. I met Mark many years ago at a Jorge Cruise event, and I didn't particularly like him. I went up and introduced myself to him, just thinking he was a blogger like myself. I didn't know he was a huge deal in the Paleo world and an author. I have followed him ever since despite that, and found he always had great advice and a really avid following.

I'm a library gal, and I had requested basically every book they had with the word "Keto" in it. When I got to Mark's book, the first that wasn't strictly a Cookbook, things really clicked. I realized this is describing me and my body's cravings. And if he has identified my specific problem, then this might be the cure. So Day 1 on Keto is in the books! (Yes, that's right I'm so confident about this plan, that I'm blogging about it on Day 2!!)

The Keto Reset Diet concentrates on just a 21 Day plan to reset your body. I can do that! And I know from experience that is the toughest part. The rest is just gravy. Anyone want to join me?!

Instead of sharing a BEFORE photo of me looking bloated in stretched out workout clothing, I'll share a photo from a kickass hike I did with my son this week. It felt awful, it was super hard, but I made it to the top of that mountain! I was happy, exhausted and my knees creaked the whole way down. But I made. And that is the image I want to share with you.

Maybe I'll take that BEFORE photo too... I know you always regret not having something to compare to.

If you want to join me on a 21 Day Keto Reset Diet, leave a comment or drop me a note! Diet friends make everything better and keep us accountable. I'll be setting up MyFitnessPal with Keto ratios, once I remember my password over there!

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  1. I'm with ya, I'm in the same place too although just on a week today starting keto. So far, it's ok although every recipe I have tried has been a disaster. Probably due to the different ingredients available here in NZ.

    Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you.

  2. I am looking forward to this journey too. I am getting back into keto after having gone off it so my rheumatologist could test for celiac. Keto hasn’t resulted in weight loss for me yet, but it does help with brain fog. I have been eating too many calories I discovered. 55 years old, 5’ and 50-60 lbs overweight. I hope you do well on Keto

  3. You can do it, Amber!! I played around with keto for a little while a few months ago, and wasn't able to keep it up. Right now I feel it's more important to reduce our meat consumption in this house so we are cooking a lot of vegetarian. Not a good combo. I look forward to seeing how you do!