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Saturday, October 6, 2018


Hi Friends! It's been awhile, a VERY long while but I woke up this morning feeling motivated about a new journey. Since it's a weightloss journey, I thought I would share it here. I have gained back every single pound that I lost, and that is heartbreaking. Honestly I didn't even notice the first 20 lbs or so, because I was going through a huge loss in my life. But by then I was stuck back in my carb/sugar cycle of binge eating, I wouldn't/couldn't stop. So here I am! I'm a different person ten years later, almost 50 with teenage boys. And 50 lbs overweight, again.

So what am I feeling so motivated and excited about that led me back here? Well, a diet of course! I've been pulled towards Keto eating for a while now and the last few days have decided it is what my my body needs. Specifically Mark Sisson's Keto Reset Diet. I met Mark many years ago at a Jorge Cruise event, and I didn't particularly like him. I went up and introduced myself to him, just thinking he was a blogger like myself. I didn't know he was a huge deal in the Paleo world and an author. I have followed him ever since despite that, and found he always had great advice and a really avid following.

I'm a library gal, and I had requested basically every book they had with the word "Keto" in it. When I got to Mark's book, the first that wasn't strictly a Cookbook, things really clicked. I realized this is describing me and my body's cravings. And if he has identified my specific problem, then this might be the cure. So Day 1 on Keto is in the books! (Yes, that's right I'm so confident about this plan, that I'm blogging about it on Day 2!!)

The Keto Reset Diet concentrates on just a 21 Day plan to reset your body. I can do that! And I know from experience that is the toughest part. The rest is just gravy. Anyone want to join me?!

Instead of sharing a BEFORE photo of me looking bloated in stretched out workout clothing, I'll share a photo from a kickass hike I did with my son this week. It felt awful, it was super hard, but I made it to the top of that mountain! I was happy, exhausted and my knees creaked the whole way down. But I made. And that is the image I want to share with you.

Maybe I'll take that BEFORE photo too... I know you always regret not having something to compare to.

If you want to join me on a 21 Day Keto Reset Diet, leave a comment or drop me a note! Diet friends make everything better and keep us accountable. I'll be setting up MyFitnessPal with Keto ratios, once I remember my password over there!

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