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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Hormones, Slim Belly Cheat Sheet

I put together a quick Cheat Sheet for Jorge Cruise's Happy Hormones, Slim Belly diet plan. Hopefully it will be a quick way to get you started on your weight loss goals!

For more information on HHSB click here!


  1. thanks so much. I bought the book but have not done much with it. This will help a lot. You are so thoughtful.

  2. I have a question: I enjoyed the belly good program but I am a women over 40 and after a month I just did not loose weight, I did not gain but I did not make my goel weight, I got the happy harmones book I want to know if I can use the happy harmone plans for breakfast and lunch and then use the recipes for the belly good for dinner, I guess I wondering can I follow both plans and combine them

    1. Happy Hormones, SLim Belly is mostly a combo if the 100 and BFC diets. Do the 100 for two days a week end then BFC basically the other give days. You can definitely combine but not sure if you will lose that way.

  3. Thanks for making the cheat sheet, I am about to go through the program (havent yet) so this should be helpful :) Thoughtful of you to put it up as a download for the rest of us!

  4. Thank you!!
    I just found your blog by searching for weight loss success blogs. Really nice blog and it is very motivating for the rest of us who are still working at losing weight to see the results you have achieved. Thanks for sharing what you have learned along the way with the rest of us

  5. Does this cheat sheet really work? I'm very interested to try it out. My current weight is 80KG and I want to lose 5 KG within 2 months. Is it possible? Thanks in advance!

    Lucas Moore

  6. I bought the kindle version of this book. So disapointed! Very hard to read.

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