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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Hormones Slim Belly by Jorge Cruise

Jorge Cruise has a new diet book out called Happy Hormones Slim Belly (available on Amazon for $15). The book is all about Carb Cycling, where you eat two days of Slim Belly, followed by five days of Happy Belly. The first 45 pages explain the plan, the following 200 pages are menus and recipes, and several success stories (but no fabulous photos to accompany those stories, which I missed!) The new book is hardcover, not spiral like the Belly Fat Cure books, and has a pink cover. The book says it is written especially for women over 40, and will help us regulate hormones like Serotonin.

During the two Slim Days of the diet, you strictly limit your Sugar Calories (or Total Carbohydrates multiplied by 4) to 100. You should avoid grains and starches on these days, and use the Feebies list for the book for most meals. On the Happy Days you can have up to 500 Sugar Calories a day. These five days are said to reset your hormones. Unlike Jorge's other plans, no alcohol is allowed on HHSB - Shocking! But in a Q&A section in the back of book it says you could have a drink for a special occasion. A glass of red wine is recommended in that case.

Jorge created a beautiful book trailer for Happy Hormones Slim Belly here and next week I will have a Happy Hormones Slim Belly Cheat Sheet for you to reference! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new plan in the comments below.

Jorge was recently on Katie Couric and explained the plan. I think she hit the nail on the head when she said "It's so confusing!" when he recommended a banana on the Happy Days. But watch the segment for a quick explanation.


Jorge has lots of diet plans out there right and it easy to get them confused. Here is a quick break down of how they compare:

Belly Fat Cure Diet - A low carb plan that limits you to a Sugar/Carbohydrate ratio of 15grams/120grams per day. It is referred to as S/C Value and carbohydrates are divided up into servings divided by 4. So he calls it a Max S/C Value of 15/6. It sounds a little confusing, but I love this plan and it is how I lost most of my 54 lbs. More info on my blog about this plan.

Belly Fat Cure Fast Track - Basically a Paleo diet, but with limited dairy allowed. No grains for fruits allowed at all. I am featured on the back cover of this book and it is how I lost the last 10 lbs of my weight. I have also used it at various times to help get back to my goal weight over the years. I like it! More info on my blog about this plan.

The 100 Diet - This is where Jorge introduced Sugar Calories, which is Total Carbohydates x 4. On this plan you can have up to 100 Sugar Calories a day. Kind of like the Belly Fat Cure, but more limited.

Kindle Note: I see TONS of complaints on Amazon about the Kindle formatting of Jorge's books published by Hay House. Sounds like the illustrations and charts don't work on Kindle well, so keep that in mind! If you have an experience with this, please leave a comment and let us all know!


  1. I got the book last week at Costco ($13.98) and love it! I think it is much easier than any of his other plans and it's super easy (have no idea why Katie was confused) The recipes are easy to make, know weird ingredients, and taste great! One of my favorites is the Skinny Day Chicken Salad in a Tomato - I've eaten it on the Happy Days. So far I've lost 3 of the 10 lbs I've been struggling to get rid of and I don't miss the before and after pictures at all - that's not why I bought the book.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Amber. I got the book. Just have to take the time to read. I'm wondering how it compares to the original plan?

  3. thanks for the updates. I tried Jorge's other plans but could not stick with it. Maybe this new one will be the one to work for me!

  4. I have to agree... the BFC just clicked for me too. That said, there are always new thinks we can incorporate into the BFC from his new plans.

  5. Is this the100 diet that you are doing I'm very confused.


    1. Sheri, Jorge has a lot going on right now and it is confusing. But this is the Happy Hormones, Slim Belly Plan. I little different from The 100 and Belly Fat Cure! Here is my review of The 100 Plan, it is very similar to the BFC with just less carbs allowed http://www.meandjorge.com/2013/06/the-100-by-jorge-cruise.html

  6. I'm officially starting this one today. I did pretty good on Saturday just to see if I would be able to go low carb. I've done BFC Fast Track in the past with good results. But had a hard time sticking with it. It sounds like the happy hormone, slim belly is quite a bit like the 100 only with an increase in carbs the five days. The more I read the book it starts to click. But I think it's funny instead of just saying keep your carbs to 25 grams a day and 125 grams, he uses the multiplication to call out the calories.

  7. Would you recommend BFC or Happy Hormones (and which is a less expensive way to go-products to buy, etc)? My hubby is Italian and I think it would be a hard sell regardless to ditch bread, but I'm up for it. Also have a little one, so taking that into condiseration as well. I picked up the Happy Hormones book at Costco and browsed through it but did not get it. Any opinions or guidance is gladly accepted!!

  8. I hope there's available or just equivalent of that here. It might help many of my friends! I'll be recommending this post!

  9. Can you eat the skinny ground flax muffin from the 100 for breakfast on the Happy Hormones diet? I see you can eat the waffle but, I love the muffin in the morning. It seems all but the cinnamon is free item, I would just omit it.

  10. I just saw the HHSB book at the library after reading your review here, Amber. I am planning to try it, even though I have a few years to go before I hit 40! I'm hoping to be able to incorporate more "slim days" than just the two, but will start with his plan. I agree that it is confusing for Jorge to have target amounts of sugar calories, instead of just a target number or sugar & carb grams. I am just going to convert it myself. The other thing that I dislike is that most of the happy days carbs are wheat bread. I would rather have the option to eat oats or a less processed food or fruit, so I may make some substitutions.

  11. I will be 56 yrs. old next month and started HHSB yesterday (St. Patty day) I ate all but the potaotes and carrots (don't do corn anyway)..day two and my scales said I was down 2 lbs! I will keep you all posted (have 40 pounds to go!)

  12. I hope than keeping diet and eating potatoes or something tummy tuck surgery helps to lose weight

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