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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water

So exciting when you find a new Low Carb/Low Sugar item that you <3 Love <3! My sister Jenny introduced me to LaCroix Coconut Sparkling Water and I quickly became obsessed!

I've served this up to many friends and family members, but none of them really liked it. It tasted like summer, a really watered down Pina Colada or sun tan lotion. LaCroix says "Only all natural flavors are used to flavor LaCroix Sparkling Water. These flavors are essence oils extracted from the fruits." It has 0 carbs, sugar, calories and sodium. Just just sparkling water!

While many of the other LaCroix flavors easy to find (Berry, Orange, Pample Mousse, Lime, Lemon and Cran-Raspberry) Unfortunately the Coconut is difficult to find. Whole Foods is a consistent source, and sometimes I can find it at my local Targets. But many times a Target won't carry Coconut it at all, or do carry it but is out.

If you like the flavor coconut, give it a try! I'm looking for fun recipes to make a low sugar mixed drink this summer too. Let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. Good to hear from you, Amber! I wonder how it would taste with those mixers you found at Cost Plus World Market. I know they are sweetened with stevia and they have a mojito, margarita and several other flavor mixes.....Not sure if they have pina colada, but that would be good. What was the name of that mix (something like revive or revise)?
    How's Misha doing? Praying she is doing better!

  2. Thankfully I am a fan of water/water! They start charging a lot of money for some of the flavored waters!
    How's Misha? She's in my prayers!
    Good to see you blog!

  3. This is a favorite of mine as well, found if not sweet enough for you, adding a Truvia packet makes it taste like cream soda (just make sure you add in a cup, not the can - causes an explosion on your desk!)

    How is Misha doing, been watching for your updates.

  4. Hi Amber. I will have to look for that LaCroix. It sounds good!

  5. Try muddling mint into 1 lime. Add little stevia, rum, and top with sparkling coconut water...Yum!!

  6. I read about you today in Jorge's book and decided to check your blog for inspiration in my quest to lose weight. I am extremely sorry to read about your sister's passing. I read a few of her posts, she was an incredible woman! I am glad that she found peace and so much love in het family. I pray that the LLord keep you all. Thanks for sharing her with us. In her memory, I will focus on my diet and write an update in another month from now, Aug-31.

  7. Coconut water is great never seen this brand before but will get onto trying it!!