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Friday, June 7, 2013

The 100 by Jorge Cruise

Jorge Cruise's latest diet book is The 100 and all about counting only SUGAR CALORIES. Jorge defines sugar calories as total carbohydrates, multiplied by 4. Your allowance for the entire day is 100 sugar calories, or 25 total carbohydrates.

Plan Summary:  On The 100 plan you concentrate on proteins (meat, fish and poultry), green vegetables (like spinach, zucchini and kale) and limited dairy (cheese, creams).  These are considered Freebies and you should fill your meals and snacks with these. Most of these are extremely low in carbohydrates, thus low in sugar calories. When you are eating things other than these Freebies you need to add them up and make sure you don't go over the 100 sugar calories for the day.

Jorge has a lot of books, so how is this one different? He is always trying to find ways to make the low carb/low sugar diet easier to follow. Many dieters have a lot of trouble letting go of the idea of counting calories, so this book addresses the Low Carb dieting while incorporating calories. Honestly, it isn't anything new if you are already following Jorge's other diet books plan. It is basically a very strict version of his original Belly Fat Cure, the plan I lost my weight on.

Jorge also has several new videos on Youtube. Check them out! I really found his videos helpful and motivating while I was losing.

The 100 is available on Amazon for $15 and $11 for the Kindle version. If you are just starting out and have a lot of weight to lose (more than 20 lbs) I really recommend you go with Jorge's Belly Fat Cure book instead. It is a great plan that can be maintained over a long period. Use The 100 when you get closer to your goal or when you are stuck and hit a plateau.

The 100 Book Trailer
ps. That is my Belly Fat Cure buddy Ryan in the video! Check out his blog HERE.

Update on my sister:  She has been hospitalized for over a month, had a few major surgeries, but is about to finish up her first round my chemotherapy and radiation. We are really hoping she will respond well to the therapy and I'll be spending a month with her this summer.