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Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 Steps to Success on Any Diet

It doesn't really matter what diet you choose, clearly people have been successful on all of them. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Paleo or whatever new diet has just popped up. For me, Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure was the right choice, but it just clicked for me at the right time and place. What matter is that you are consistent and stick with it.

Here are 10 steps to be successful on any diet:

10. Don't Wait to Start Dieting - Start right now... right this very minute. Yes, NOW! Oh, you don't have all those weird foods recommended on the diet, that come from Whole Foods and cost a bundle? Who cares, you don't need them. Zucchini, cauliflower, spinach, plain oatmeal, eggs, chicken and some cheese will feed you for a week. The store down the street has that, right? Make the very next meal you have, be the first meal on the diet. Waiting makes room for excuses.

9. Don't Cheat - Obviously, right? But really, don't cheat. If you are truly hungry and have used up your Points, calories, carbs or sugar for the day (whatever unit of measure your diet dictates) then have some of the Freebies. For me, on the Belly Fat Cure that means instead of having a candy bar, have a few squares of the allowed dark chocolate. Instead of ice cream, make a protein shake with lots of ice cubes tossed in. You get my drift --> substitute the cheat food for an allowed food. You will thank me in the morning.

8. If You Do Cheat, Forgive Yourself and Forget About It - If you cheat or slip up, start the very next meal 100% on the plan. Don't say "oh I ruined today already, I'll make it a cheat day and start fresh tomorrow". Nope! Do it NOW. Recommit right this minute. Because your carb starved mind will think of a dozen excuses between now and morning as to why you should just quit. Don't give it another thought and make sure you are stocked up on good choices so it doesn't happen again.

7. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize - Everyone's "prize" is different, so what is yours'? Mine was to fit into single digit sized clothing again - Hello Size 8! Maybe your prize is a special event, a wedding, reunion, summer in a bikini or just any bathing suit. Maybe it's to just see your toes again. I bet they are beautiful toes worth seeing, and painting bright pink soon. Keep looking down, because soon you're going to see them.

6. Take it One Meal at a Time - It is easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new diet, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose or have failed before. Just take it one meal at a time, and baby steps will get you there. Don't over think it and start thinking "I can't do this forever" or "You mean I can NEVER eat pasta again?" Instead just determine "I stick to my diet for this meal" and remember that at each meal. The choices will become more natural and your cravings to certain foods will lessen with time.

5. Don't Rely on Others - You have to do this for yourself. It's okay to ask a friend or family member to join you in your weight loss plan, but maybe they aren't ready for big changes. So let them be, and remember - this is about you, not them. Maybe you will lead them by example, maybe not though. This is about you and your health, and others need to find their own way.

4. Keep it Simple, Stupid - KISS basically means to not over think or make it more difficult than it already is. If you are allowed X number of calories or carbohydrates, then have them! Don't arbitrarily pick a lower number, thinking you will lose the weight faster if you have even less. By restricting yourself even further, you are more likely to binge or cheat. Keep it simple and just follow the rules of your diet plan. Once you've had some success and learned more about what your own body really needs, then you can play around with your diet's formula a little. But not in the beginning, it just complicates things.

3. Every Pound Counts - Don't ever let me hear you say "I only lost 1 lb this week", because every single pound counts and every single, little bitty pound will get you closer to your goal. Congratulate yourself and commit to losing at least as much next week. Instead say "Wahoo! I lost a pound this week!' Celebrate every pound lost.

2. Get to Know Yourself - What is the hardest time of day with food for you? What food can you not, no matter what, control yourself with? For me that is evenings, after dinner and before bed. And just like the back of the Lay's Potato chip bag says, I cannot have just one. Only a bag will do :( So I avoid chips completely, I know for me they are trigger food. For the first few months of dieting I made a very low sugar shake right after dinner, to help with the old "full feeling" my body still craved.

1. Don't Let The Scales Dictate Your Success - Those scales can be so, so cruel! I remember standing on the scales Monday mornings, bladder empty and naked, with all my breath pushed out (cuz that air has to weigh something, right?) only to see the same old number. I'd curse at that scale, and sometimes even cry. That happens. But stop and take inventory: Don't you feel better? Is your clothing feeling looser? Keep up the good work, and next's week weigh-in will make it all pay off. Don't let one bad weigh in spoil your success.

If you have a tip to diet success, please share it in the comments!
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  1. Love it!! Straight to the point and so true! You continue to inspire me.

  2. Thank you for the very encouraging blog.

  3. All Awesome tips and so true. Great post. :-)

  4. Great tips! Thanks!

  5. Great post! True words:)

  6. First of all, much love and wishes of strength and healing to Misha, you, and your family during this difficult time.

    It's times like this when I think "20 extra pounds - pffffft. Let's concentrate on what matters." But I know my health matters, and I need to take off the weight (again). I will print this out and put it where I can see it often. Yes, any diet will work if you work it correctly.


  7. great tips!! good to hear from you, too!

  8. This is the reason so many people look to your advice and encouragement. Great job!

  9. This is all good info and important for all of us to remember. Hope Misha is doing well. I have missed your posts. XO!

  10. Love this advice!

  11. Great advice, I love the advice about chips. I'm the same way with cake, I have to completely keep it out of my house.

  12. Great tips/post! Now I just have to apply them to my life and get back on the wagon... willpower, come get me!! :)

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  14. hello, i just started the diet like a week ago....only lost like 1 pound and was ready to give up, looking for another diet , like 100 sugarcalories. but your post gave me hope. the belly fat cure promisses 9 pounds in a week...i only have to loose like 12 pounds, so i just be close to my goal. but somehow nothing moves really. is it okay that on some days you dont eat all your sugar points ? sometimes it happens that i still have some leftover. do you need the right balance of sugar and the carbs. like 15/6 ? i just little bit down, but hope if i continiu like you did, that i will see results. thank you.

  15. Don't eat too much but eat healthy and nutritious to be healthy and fit for the longer.
    Don't skip any meal, avoid more fats, and fast foods. Go on raw veggies and organic foods diets to get more nutritional value in your diet.

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