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Monday, January 7, 2013

Jorge Cruise on Anderson Cooper Live

Jorge Cruise was on Anderson Cooper Live last week. He was actually on two separate days, one for a few weird exercises with Carmen Electra and another day with Melissa Joan Hart and food comparison. I thought the food segment was great and pointed out a few really common food mistakes that are made when trying to avoid hidden sugars.

Jorge also has a new version of his Sugar and Carb Counter book out. I've seen bad reviews for the Kindle of the book, that it isn't easy to search which would be the whole point of having a mobile version of a reference book. I haven't seen in personally yet, so I couldn't say. Here is on review of the original Sugar and Carb Counter book. However if you are planning on buying just one of Jorge's books I recommend the original blue Belly Fat Cure Book.


  1. Anderson Cooper and Melissa Joan Hart seemed to be having a hard time with the concept of Jorge's plan!

    1. I liked that segment but thought the exercise one with Carmen was weird. They didn't get it at all and were laughing the whole way through. There was a whole thing about doing it in the kitchen and swiping the floor.

  2. Thank you for posting the video, I wasn't able to watch the 2nd day and could only look at still pics on Andersons site.
    Instead of giving the audience a copy of the sugar & carb counter, Jorge should have given them his Belly Fat Cure. Just knowing how many sugars & carbs are in a food doesn't help people understand why they shouldn't be eating it and what it does to your body. But, it's a start.

    I would love to see Jorge speak more on how to eat than what exercises we can do, so I'm happy that Anderson gave him that opportunity.

  3. He says oatmeal is OK but then says the key to weight loss is what causes insulin to go up. I'd be curious if he's tested blood sugar after consuming oatmeal. Good segment though :)

  4. I own the revised and updated Sugar & Carb Counter (paperback edition), and the first chapter summarizes how the plan works. I borrowed the blue Belly Fat Cure book from the library last year and didn't feel a need to buy it after returning it. Thanks for posting these clips. Doesn't Melissa Joan Hart own a candy store? : )

  5. Hello Amber, today I started the BFC. I want to lose 50 lbs this year. I have learned and realized so much reading your blog. I love all the recipes and advice. Your sister is so GREAT too, I'm excited for her and all she has accomplished. Thanks for sharing your blog is Awesome!!!

  6. Where r u Amber? Miss ur posts and hearing frm u! :-)