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Monday, December 10, 2012

LCHF - Low Carb High Fat Eating

I just added the ability to get my blog posts via EMAIL, if you are interested.

Jimmy Moore is the king of Low Carb blogging, IMHO, and I finally caught up on his posts on the Livin La Vida Low Carb blog. He recently started testing his blood ketones and upped the fat content in his low carb meals. Sounds nuts right, MORE fat? I've always thought of myself as a low fat/low carb dieter, even though I use coconut oil and real butter daily. But I was looking at ways of shaking up the Belly Fat Cure (making minute changes to the plan, but still sticking with it since it obviously works for me) and what could be keeping my sister from losing more weight each month. I downloaded the book Jimmy recommended (Low Carbohydrate Performance, just $6 from Amazon on Kindle) and ordered my own blood ketone tester! w00t! That's right, I'm going to start testing my blood sugar and ketones to find out exactly what foods are affecting ME. Not what a book says I can eat, or another blogger, or Dr. Oz. I'm going to test and find out for MYSELF. I am actually really excited by this and patiently waiting for the tester to arrive. Sorry, little fingers, but your gonna get pricked.

This has been my big meal each day for the last week... it centers on eggs (which I don't love). But the high fat content has kept me feeling full for so long each day, that I'd say this is my only "real meal". The rest are really mini-meals or a light snack. Just to clarify, I'm not a Doctor, Nutritionist or "weight loss expert". I'm just gal trying to figure out how to maintain my weight loss for life. These meals are right in line with Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track plans, so it wasn't that different.

Two eggs, sour cream, sausage patties, raw kale
Two eggs, diced turkey, sour cream, hot sauce, avocado
Two eggs, sour cream, ground sausage, avocado
Two eggs, ground sausage, hot sauce, sour cream, avocado
Two eggs, hot sauce, sour cream, avocado
Jimmy was also the recent target of online bullying, where photos of his weight loss progress were turned into a cruel video and posted on YouTube. Beware, weight loss bloggers, bullies abound! Anyone who tries to lift themselves up by pulling others down is a loser in my book. Weight loss, especially if you are obese, can be a life long struggle with health issues most of us cannot understand. I applaud Jimmy for his success and being honest in his success and failures, and for sharing it all with us. None of us are perfect.


  1. Kudos Amber! I bought a glucose meter a while ago and it IS very interesting. All these things you think you can get away with will surprise you (if not shock you a little). I have sushi once in awhile with my hubby and my sugar has spiked pretty high even after a relatively small serving. I still do it but I am VERY aware of the health sacrifice of eating it. This is something Dr. Davis urges everyone should do to fully appreciate the affects of food on each person since, as you pointed out, we are all different. The Dr. Oz blood glucose test did show that the five women reacted differently to the bread but ALL five spiked sugar as high as Snickers or much higher (two of them twice as high). I really wish more people could realize the negative effects of that. It's not just about weight - it's about all the things elevated blood glucose leads to (cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, etc …). I really look forward to reading what happens when you start testing.


    Dr. Davis often discusses how one episode of elevated blood sugar leads to small LDL formation which stay around for up to 14 days – raising your risk for atherosclerosis (heart attack and stroke).

    As for fat, all of the Doctors who fully understand a low carb lifestyle will tell you it’s impossible to be low fat and low carb. It’s not how the plan was created. Those who attempt to be low fat usually do not succeed long term. If your fuel is not coming from carbs it must be coming from fat. Don’t fear the fat Amber! Drizzle olive oil on those eggs – I love the sour cream with eggs too thanks to Jimmy. I started making coconut oil fat bombs again and finally broke a 7 week plateau (who knows right?).

    This is exciting! :)

    1. Meant to post this for Misha too. Did she read this post? http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2012/10/i-lost-the-wheat-but-didnt-lose-weight-2/. Maybe something in here to help her. She IS losing though so that is a good thing. Slow is OK.

      "2) Revel in fats and oils–Fat is satiating and reduces appetite. Liberal fat intake, contrary to conventional “wisdom,” does not make you fat; it helps you get skinny. The only fats to avoid are fried (high-temperature), hydrogenated, and highly-processed polyunsaturated seed or GM oils like safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, soybean, and canola.

      You can add fats/oils to many foods, e.g., add 2-3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive or coconut oil to scrambled eggs or soups. Some people even choose to consume coconut oil “straight.” "

    2. Trina thanks for all the info! I'll for that post to my sister. I love the point you made about how you can suffer the effects for up to 14 days. I need to remember that, since binge eating is my problem!

    3. The thing with the small LDL is they are the bad guys - the ones that crash into the artery wall causing plaque to form. So every time you spike blood sugar you increase production of those guys (who hang around for up to 14 days) potentially damaging the artery wall (which does not end after 14 days). I have some great links on this if you're interested. Wheat is causing this effect (just like sugar) so it therefore IS causing damage – just because you cannot perceive it does not mean it doesn’t exist. Of course the insulin effect is a whole other topic :)

    4. Trina,
      Thanks for the WB post. I read a long time ago when i was following Atkins about the importance of fats and satiaty. You have NO idea what kind of blow back I get from friends AND family about eating healthy fats.

      And yes - I most certainly watched the Dr. Oz show with the snickers vs the whole wheat bread. We'll see how long Dr. Oz can believe in a high fat/low carb lifestyle.


      Thanks Trina!

    5. I hope you watched Dr. Oz today with Dr. Bowden/Sinatra. Fats are not the problem but I know it's hard to reprogram decades of dogma. Both my mom and my FIL (who have been doing WB) have recently had blood work done. Both show improvements in triglycerides, HDL and fasting glucose all while increasing fat in their diets.

      You are welcome - hope the post may be of some help although considering you are still losing you are doing great. I was on a 7 week plateau - yuck. I know sleep and stress are my saboteurs! ;)

  2. Great pictures:) I am not fond of my eggs either, but I know it is a way to eat a meal without carbs! I love breakfast meat, so that helps me a lot. I don't eat avocado or sour cream, I'm weird...but I love my butter! I have been putting spinach in my scrambled eggs because you don't taste it and it makes me feel good!
    So that really is your biggest meal of the day? Do you eat enough calories? I know we don't count calories on the BFC, but you do a lot of running?
    I still haven't cracked open my coconut oil, what is your favorite way to use it?

  3. Cool Amber! Please keep us updated with your progress.

  4. So not cool about the cyberbullying! You guys put yourself out there and share your personal stuff. Those that bully are just stupid cowards!
    I'm not a huge egg lover, but since they keep me so full, I eat them on most days. I mix two eggs in a mug with a splash of heavy whipping cream and tear up some gouda cheese and mix well, cover, microwave for 45 secs, stir, microwave 45 secs.....Yum-O! Some mugs retain heat differently so make sure the eggs are cooked enough. As Patty knows, I sometimes add artichoke hearts and on other days I added chopped canned chilis and cheddar instead of gouda...tastes like a chili relleno :)
    Really interested to see how your glucose readings go! Did you get the glucometer at the drugstore? I've thought about doing that, but I will let you be the guinea pig first....Hehehehe!

  5. Amber - I know you have lost a lot of weight. I am looking forward to seeing if upping your fats helps you lose more. Thanks for posting!

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