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Monday, December 3, 2012

1 Year, 100 Pounds: Month 11 Weigh In

Yay December! And it’s gorgeous in Oklahoma – a sunny 73 here today. December 1st snuck up on me! It’s been a great month for me. I’m really enjoying the new me. Starting to try new things with my new body – here’s me taking my sister-in-law’s convertible for a test drive. I was really nervous about fitting in it!
So this month, I’m down 1.2 pounds, still making progress! Amber and I are talking about making some changes and I’ll let her talk about that. It’s funny, I’ve been asked a lot lately – about what I’m going to do after the first of the year. The big answer is – keep losing weight! I will stay wheat-free as it really has seemed to make a huge difference to me in things that aren’t just weight related. I’ve had osteoarthritis for several years, and you should be well acquainted with my feet problems. And while I still have issues, they have been alleviated on my Wheat Belly diet.
I’m SOOOO glad I’m well on my way and well “planted” on my plan during the holidays. Thanksgiving was quite easy. Just no stuffing and I’m not a pie-eater. I made a great “riced” cauliflower dish that I made a nice cheese sauce for and baked. It was yummy. I did grab a pecan that fell off a piece of pie and enjoy that. I think about all that Christmas candy and cookies and the miserable feelings I would have after partaking in all that. I respect myself and simply know it’s not something I do any more.
Thanks again for everyone for your support and encouraging words. I encourage YOU to renew your dedication to YOUR health and remember what’s really important to you during the holiday season. Have a GREAT month!

1 Year, 100 Hundred Pounds is a series written by my sister Misha (read her full story HERE). Her battles and journey are different than my own, but I thought my readers could relate to her story. We came up with the idea that should could break up her weight loss into monthly measurements and concentrate on the long term, instead of instant gratification. My role is to just support her, where she needs it. Not to nag, correct or scold. Just to be here for her. I that puts her at a total of 54.5 pounds lost so far, that is awesome! 


  1. Great Job, Sister M! YOu are heading in the right direction :)

  2. What a wonderful success you have had this year! I am excited for you to continue your journey and continue checking in with us! You have done something few people can do and you should be VERY proud of yourself:)

  3. You're doing great Misha. Keep going :-)

  4. Yeah Misha! I'm sad there is only one more post from you ... ?

  5. You are doing so great! It is so nice to go into the holidays knowing that you will be fine, isn't it? ;) Yay!

  6. That is so wonderful! It's not 100 lbs, but 55 lbs is an awful to be really proud of. I hope you keep it up and keep writing for us about it.

  7. Keep up the great work!