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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkins and Bras

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately, I don't have much to say diet-wise that I haven't already said. But I thought I'd do a little catching up. An old habit when I see a photo of myself is to instantly critique my appearance.  In this photo I go right to my hips. I'm curvy and I'm never going to be stick skinny. But I went and checked the tag on those pants and was unreasonably happy they were a (snug) size 6. Much better than the curvy size 14 I was wearing a few years ago. My weight is still up a little, I am not at my low weight. I am not thrilled with that, but I realize my weight is going to fluctuate.

My oldest son is only an inch away from being the same height as me! We have a lot of fun deciding on a theme and putting together Halloween costumes. We really like Halloween in my household. My boys are still obsessed with Minecraft and dressed up as a Creeper and Honeydew this year. We have a (another) Minecraft themed birthday party next week. It feels great not to be tempted by cake and party treats - in fact it feels very freeing. (This is what I do with the kids' excess Halloween candy)

Backyard chickens are all the rage here in Northern California. As long as they aren't roosters, which crow, they are allowed and provide fresh eggs each day. The same friend even dressed up her hen in a Halloween costume! How cute is that? My grandparents raised chickens, but they were mean and pecked you when you gathered the eggs. These backyard chickens are total pets and let the kids hold and pet them - along with providing breakfast. I'd love some backyard chickens, but the Husband has nixed that idea.

I also went bra shopping recently. I noticed with my yoga classes and girl's weekends that other women have  pretty bras. But my own are more Large Marge Workin' Hard type bras. I need a minimizer and everyone else seems to wear these padded, cute and colorful bras. The bras I buy come in three colors: beige, white and black. Period. Macy's had their buy 2, get 2 free sale on several different brands so I spent a sweaty hour trying on scratchy bras until I found four I liked, that also fit.  I settled on the Bali Passion for Comfort Underwire Minimizer and bought it all three colors it comes in, plus a strapless. Then I came home and threw away my old bras. Did you know that your cup size changes when change the band size changes? So if you are a 36C, but the band is too loose, you should try a 34D not the 34C like you'd think. HERE is a great site for figuring out your proper bra size.

On another note, I am turning off anonymous comments since Im getting spammed to death with them. Please use the Name/URL option if you don't have an account!


  1. One of my son's best friends dressed up as Creeper for Halloween, too. Now, how's that for a frugal costume?!? Your hips look perfectly fine.. you are a woman, not a boy! I think you look wonderful and are a great role model. Also... I own bras in only those colors, too, and my boobs are not something I try to minimize! (You can edit this as you see fit, but I wanted to ask you to visit my blog to enter an itty-bitty giveaway, too. Only 5 entries so far so the odds are good for anyone.)

  2. That is a great picture! It is sad that we see ourselves so differently than others. You look great! I wish I could wear those pretty lacy bras, but I like my girls to at least be in the acceptable general area they are supposed to be in. Waist high would not be good! I love your outfit, very cute!

  3. Large marge bras are all I have too. Good to know I'm not the only one with boring bras.. Well I guess I am now, better go shopping..

  4. I also must use the minimizer and have the three main colors..., oh well. We LOVE Halloween over here too even though my youngest is a senior in High School! We go way overboard decorating the inside of the house, lol! I love your picture with your boys! I just see a nice flat stomach, which is my problem area, although it's better now than a year and a half ago.

  5. I think in our heads its hard to stop remembering the way we were. I see myself that way in pictures too. But you look awesome. I know it feels good to get those new bras. :-)

  6. Amber - love the bra post! I can never figure out what size I am really supposed to where myself. Maybe I need to get sized.

  7. Hi Amber! I love that you got new bras. It does make you feel better right? And what is up with these weird spam anonymous comments? I have been seeing them alot on the blog posts. So annoying! You look great, and I can't wait to be in a size 6!!! XO

  8. I think you look awesome, of course! And any new bras are great! When I buy 'good' bras, I have to buy the same kind. So lately I've just been buying sports bras - they're multicolored. Not xexy though. LOL.

  9. After losing 40 pounds I HAD to buy new bras mine were not supporting me at all. I buy mine in a pretty expensive shop where they measure you perfectly (once you own these kind you just can't wear anything else). The ladies in the shop were quite surprised at my weight loss and both of them were off to get Wheat Belly when I left ... lol. My 4 new bras are awesome - the girls are supported again :) Not all makes fit the same either (depending on your shape). This brand fits me like it was custom made just for me http://www.primadonna.eu/en.

    Make sure you wash your bras often because body oil is what breaks down the elastic in them. Also, rotate them to allow the elastic to bounce back (if you wear them several days in a row you will wear them out faster). You look great!

  10. I agree with the others, you look fantastic and congrats on keeping the weight off three yrs. You are the one I always turn too when I have questions or need some encouragement. My weight has increased by a few lbs. and has balanced out at 130. Of course I would enjoy being about 125 again, but this seems to be consistent with the way I am now eating.

    I have backyard chickens (5) which at this time are NOT laying, I'm missing those fresh eggs and they are a kick. Each one has such a different personality. Perhaps your husband will change his mind, though I realize he's vegan, but your boys would enjoy them.

    Now about the bra's....apparently a great deal of my weight must have been stored in them, since I've lost those 45 lbs I have been reduced to a young lady ( without the perkiness ). I have not found shopping for bras as a pleasant experience, nor do I understand the cost involved for so "little" material. You are far too young for frumpy bras, ( I'm sure your husband would agree ) so enjoy what you've got and go for the sexy ones. : )

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  12. Amber, do you have a "contact me" spot? (I can't even tell you if I do on my own blog - ha ha ha!) My son drew your comment number this evening for the giveaway.

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    Thank you so much!




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