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Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthdays and Racing

This have been a really busy week! My oldest son is turning 11 (seriously, WHERE did the time go?) and I ran my 4th Half Marathon (w00t!). But stupidly I did them all the same weekend, and I'm tired and sore.
Nice race shirt and finishers medal

My 4th Half Marathon was the Big Sur Half in Monterey Bay, just about 90 minutes from where I live. Luckily my good friend has family with a home there and we were able to stake out there for the for the night. I've been diligently training for this race, putting in the hard work each week, so that I can enjoy the race and not struggle through it. But my girlfriend was having a fabulous running day and we started out too fast for me. I was unable to keep up with her pace and we separated around mile 4.5. I was actually worried something was wrong with me, my heart was racing so fast. But once I was on my own, I found my pace and did fine. In the end I finished in 2:18:06, best time yet by just a few seconds. It is SO strange to me that I have finished all my Half Marathons within a 5 minute rage. No matter how bad or great the race was, I seem to do the same time. Weird.

My recovery afterward was the easiest so far. Just sore thighs and back. Ibuprofen solves everything! With this race done, I am going to concentrate on those dastardly 8-10lbs I've been carrying around for the last few months. 

Instead of a specific theme for my son's the birthday party, I did "Archer's Favorite Things". So we had a little dance party, went the Myth Busters Exhibit at the San Jose Tech Museum, played a little Minecraft and a few other of his favorite games and tucked in with a movie for a sleepover. Ugh! 10-11 year old boys are a handful. I had baby photos out of him and his baby photo album. I had several of his favorite treats too.
The Family
I also have the crafting bug. I have been obsessed with repurposing metal tins. Here are a couple of the Altoid tins I've redone. I'm obsessed! You use them as a little first aids kits, or earbud storage, whatever, in your purse or the kids backpacks. They are the perfect size for gift cards too. Obsessed.

I won Becky's giveaway, which is so sweet! At first I was going to ask her to draw again and pick another reader, but then I thought I'd LOVE to try this cool butters! I'm allergic to peanut butter so I'm really looking forward to it. If you don't already read her Becky's Belly Fat Cure Blog, please click on over and say howdy.

If you need some Thanksgiving ideas for staying true to the BFC, click HERE. You can do it! I will counting my S/C Values along with you.


  1. Wow! Congrats on another half and your sons birthday. The tins look so cute!

  2. Wow great job on the marathon. I don't know how you do it? You have such a beautiful family and are very lucky.
    Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

  3. I love it when you share photos of the family!! I also cannot believe you can run that many miles. No wonder you are Jorge's poster girl, you inspire us all!

  4. My oldest turned 10 in October and I felt the same way! Where did it go?? Nice job on your marathon. You'll get those few pounds off :)

  5. That's wonderful! My oldest just turned 11 at the end of Sept. I just started working out and I am starving all the time! Hard to stay on BFC and workout. Any tips? Do you still use myfitnesspal to log food?