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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three Years on the Belly Fat Cure

This is my three year anniversary on the Belly Fat Cure! That is a long time to be on a diet, right? You might think that if it was so successful, then I wouldn't need to "be on a diet" anymore. But I am determined to keep my 53 lbs off, and that means I'm still on a diet. Forever probably, but I'm just concentrating on getting through today.

I started this blog on the very first day that I started Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and can't believe I am still doing it! I was just going to give it a go for 12 week class I had signed up for. I have said it before, and still believe it to be true - it was easier to lose my weight than it has been to keep it off. While losing weight you get that weekly reward at weigh in, and people complimenting you and new clothing. You know at some point it's going to end. But with maintenance it is different. I see now my "skinny friends" who made it all look so easy, are really working at it all the time. They are working out and watch what they eat at every meal. Of course a few of them are just naturally thin, but mostly they are working at it and that was news to me!

Here is my best piece of advice: Don't cheat.

If you really are hungry, have more of a food that is allowed and go over your S/C Values of 15/6 with those foods. When you cheat with high sugar or high carb foods, you bring those tastes and cravings back into your life and it takes will power to fight them back off again. Cheating even a little bit, makes staying on the plan really hard. So do yourself a favor and don't cheat. Who are are you cheating? Yourself.

I love this old song by Alanis Morissette and I think it really speaks to where I am in life right now. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good. I'm broke but I'm happy, I'm poor but I'm kind, I'm short but I'm, healthy, yeah. I'm high but I'm grounded, I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed, I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby. What it all comes down to Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations! on your 3yrs of posting and eating healthy...you look great in your jeans :-) Thanks for the advised..Don't Cheat..so true. So simple and so powerful.

  2. Wow has it been that long already? At times it seems like forever and sometimes it seems like just yesterday - right? Don't cheat is the best thing I can say too... Have a great day :-)

  3. I was just discussing this with my mom today. I think for most of us (naturally skinny people aside) we are always fighting our body’s biochemistry. Our bodies want to store energy in case of a famine. Unfortunately there are no famines in our world but food is everywhere. It wasn’t that long ago things were different. We were discussing my step father’s mother who fled Poland after WWII and there were times they didn’t know when they would eat again (her and her 4 children). This is when having some fat stores is beneficial. I get it – I wish it could just be easy too :)

    Tom Naughton posted an interesting post with photos from Woodstock in the 60’s. Everyone in the photos is VERY thin and muscular and they were not pumping iron in the gym to look that way – something has changed. “When I was talking to Dr. Ann Childers on the low-carb cruise, she mentioned something about all those baby-boomers running around shirtless at Woodstock in 1969, sporting “flat bellies they didn’t deserve.” By “didn’t deserve,” she of course meant they weren’t dieting or exercising or otherwise making efforts to be thin. They just were. That was before the USDA started telling us how to eat.” http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2012/10/04/news-and-notes-3/

  4. Great advice! Wow, three years? That's awesome, my friend! Glad you are doing well, take care

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  6. Happy Anniversary BABY sister! I am so proud of you. Not for what you've done, or continue to do, but how you've inspired - at the very least - ME. Thanks for sharing everything - the struggles and the victories. Thanks for keeping me hopefull. I'm sure I'm not alone in my thanks. What you are doing - it matters - so much more than just a number on your scales. THANKS AMBER - Love you

  7. You are so right Amber! I spent over a year to lose 70+ pounds on a low carb diet plan, only to start gaining it back immediately when I went off. You might find the book "Brain over Binge" by Kathryn Hansen interesting and helpful. I would be curious for your opinion of this book. I have never read anything like it and it seems to be helping me already in the few days I have been reading it.

    Thanks so much for your blog - it is so inspiring and uplifting!!

  8. That is really a different way to think about a diet! I'd be pissed if I was still on a diet after a few years, but I see your point :) Congrats on all your success, you are an inspiration. - Lauren

  9. I think the problem comes from thinking about it as a "diet". Of course if you "go off" your eating plan you're going to gain your weight back (this is where yo yo dieting comes from). The only way to be successful long term is to look at it as a life change. Also, be more concerned about your health than your weight. Eating low carb has so many health benefits beyond weight loss (just ask anyone who's diabetic). :)

  10. Wow! Thanks for this post. I have "restarted" my new way of eating... again. However, I got on the scale this am and it was the highest I've been in a long time so THIS time I really mean business.

    Thanks for your blog and advice. It helps me over here in WI.