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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fifty Shades of Sweat

My boys are back in the school groove, but for some reason I'd swear I have less time for myself than I did this summer. But being busy is good. Being busy means less time to think about food. I had a an incredibly stressful month, but I think I am managing better now. My weight is up, but I bet it is just the toll of so much stress. I'm doing all the right things, so it should even out.

I got a great Groupon for Bikram Yoga and signed for 20 classes with a few girlfriends. I have wanted to do this for ages, but I nearly didn't survive the first class. They keep the room 110 degrees and the classes are 90 minutes long. I have never, in my entire life, sweated as much as I did during the first class. A river of sweat ran off my body and plopped onto the mat! I remember laying on the mat, soaked and wondering, WHY is my heart pounding? It's just yoga! The second class was much better, I was dressed more appropriately and I knew what to expect.

In Bikram Yoga you do the exact same 27 moves in every class. You do each of them twice, in a short series. The worst part is that it can be a little smelly in the yoga room with all those people sweating and in close quarters. Today I could totally tell the older man behind me had eaten loads of garlic at lunch. Barf. (The first time the place smelled like feet. Turns out I prefer feet smell over garlic breathe.) While my mom was in town I decided yoga would be a really good stress reliever, so I'm going to give it a good honest try.

I also went a on Girl's Weekend down to Santa Cruz and just had a beautiful time. I'm new to this Girl's Weekend thing, but it was so nice to spend a relaxed day with lovely ladies on the beach. I discovered that everyone and their church going sister is reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I had read the first chapter free on Amazon months ago and wasn't drawn in. But I decided to download the Kindle version of this silly book and really enjoyed the author's interview on Katie Couric's new show this week. Have you all read this?!

The family and I are jumping in the Prius on Thursday and heading down to LA for a long weekend of Disneyland and Universal Studios. This will be my third trip to Disneyland on the Belly Fat Cure, and I think I have it figured out. First the first time ever I made reservations there, for the Blue Bayou and Wine Country Trattoria's World of Color package. We usually end up leaving property for dinner, to seek out a cheaper option. But that always just wastes lots of time and doesn't seem to save any money either.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

BFC Week with Mom

I just had a great week with my mom visiting us. The first day of her trip she decided to switch from WW to BFC with me. I was totally doing the Belly Fat Cure before mom came to visit, but this made me super aware of everything I was eating. Tracking in such detail and explaining each meal to her really helped. For example, I found I cannot have a full serving of oatmeal (3/4 Cup) if I am having it with my morning coffee. The fiber supplement and cream I add to my coffee put my carb count over 2 servings. Did I already know this? Had I forgotten it? I know that might sound like a really minor detail, and what does a few measly carbs here or there matter. But I think I am very sensitive to carbs and that it does matter for me. So I cut back to 1/2 Cup of my oatmeal if I'm having my nice coffee with it.

Here is a little of what we ate this week:
Steak Taco - La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious
Introduced my to my favorite BFC Tacos - a staple of my diet. She has a hard time find the the La Tortillas Factory Smart and Delicious tortillas. I showed her different packages and explained why these are the best. Other brands, like Mission, have artificial sweeteners or no fiber at all even if their carb count is okay.

Grilled chicken and zucchini fauxcini alfredo
Our favorite dish all week was Chicken from the The Food Lovers Make it Paleo, cookbook which we grilled up! I made her my fake Fettuccine Alfredo and she loved it too. She couldn't believe it wasn't noodles!
Refine Mojitos on Labor Day
A fun little Stevia sweetened cocktail on Labor Day in the sun. We also took my 72 year old mom to play her first game of Laser Time, to mini golf and the water slide.
Evening Snack - Whipped Cream & 2 pieces of dark chocolate
 I think mom and I  both licked the bottom of our bowls when we had a few squares of dark chocolate and a little whipped cream. We all piled into our bed with the kids to watch Pirates Band of Misfts, because strangely our best TV is in our bedroom. Which makes it a little weird when we have guests....
Afternoon snack - sliced cucumbers, tzatziki and hot tea
 I introduced mom to a fun snack of thinly sliced cucumbers that you use like chips. I like it with all sorts of dips, but had tzatziki that day. We sat out in the sun and both read novels and had a cup of chamomile tea.
Chicken Enchildas with La Tortillas Factory Smart and Delicious tortillas
This was my mom's Sassy Enchilada recipe that I BFC'd for us. I left out most of the stewed tomatoes and used the right tortillas to get the S/C Value down for us. We served it with a spinach salad and it was really filling.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

1 Year 100 Pounds: Month 8 Weigh In

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I can't believe how this year is flying by. I am SO glad I decided to make a life altering change 245 days ago. That means there are 110 days left in this year, but it will not be the end of my journey. What I've finally come to understand is, this is really not a temporary change I've implemented to lose weight. This is my life. I am changed. Will I ever go back to eating flour, grains, sugar? I really don't think so, or definitely not a normal part of my lifestyle. Before I go into my new philosophy, let's get to the weigh-in!

This month, I've lost 2 pounds. That's 48 pounds down since 1/1/12. I sure was hoping to get past the 50 pound mark, but I'm pleased that my new lifestyle still yields a loss. I can't tell you how much personal pride I've gained in knowing that I have the strength to carry out a plan I put in place 8 months ago. I have such resolve and confidence; I control what goes in my mouth; food doesn't "happen" to me any more. What an odd little victory this is!

I actually allowed myself to think about planning a binge this weekend. I really entertained the idea. I tried to justify it by thinking, I deserved it, or it may be what I need to shake things up, or who would know... While all this started and ended within about a 3 minute timeframe, it scared me. That used to be my pattern. Do great on a diet, lose weight, hit plateau, binge, start over. Then I received a newsletter from Geneen Roth, author of Women Food and God, and this month's topic was called, "The Secret to Change." It really spoke to me about my relationship with food:

"Take the next step: Remember that the more time you spend ignoring the food-and-weight problem, wishing and hoping for it to just go away, the less time you spend developing new attitudes, behaviors, and habits that will change it.  Decide whether you'd rather keep lamenting your relationship with food or create a new way of eating.  And then decide what you're going to do about it.  Because wishing and hoping won't change a thing.
Finally, I decided instead to invest my time and energy in acting on a positive vision of myself  the sane, powerful me I sensed was waiting in the wings.  Every day I would wake up and feel the pull to go back to what I had been doing before:  dieting, bingeing, agonizing.  And every day, I would tell myself that change was possible and that I was following a new plan;  I was eating when I was hungry, stopping when I'd had enough, and keeping a written track of my food intake, hunger levels, and feelings before and after I ate.  After a few months of paying attention in this way, my relationship with food permanently changed.  Not only did I lose weight, but I began to believe  because I experienced it directly  that I was worthy of self respect, and that left to my own devices, I would not chomp my way clear across the United States.  In brain language, I'd been consistent and focused with my attention and I'd repeated the same new behaviors over and over; I'd given my brain a chance to develop new pathways, new habits.  And I've never gone back."
You can read more or sign up for her newsletter here:    http://www.geneenroth.com/?s=news001

Well, I didn't mean for this to turn into a commercial, so thanks for indulging me. This just really spoke to me.

I made a lot of the improvements that I set out for August. I made little grated zucchini, ham and cheese "muffins" for breakfast for about 10 days. They were a great idea. I ate breakfast all but about 2 days. I've been using resistance bands for some stretching exercises. I did track a couple of days, but I think I'd like to do this the first week of each month, just to validate. I really don't stray much from my food list and I really don't like thinking about food/calories/points. I like feeling hungry, eating, stopping, still feeling a little hungry and moving on. My only non-approved diet pop was actually last night at the high school football game when they ran out of water; I had a diet Pepsi. I did have a few of crystal lite drinks this month, but have cut back on them. Mostly drinking water or tea. Overall, it was a great month for me.

September is here and I'm ready to take it on. These days are mine for the taking, the changing, and the reaping. Take charge this month before the holidays roll around and take charge of you!

Thanks for listening....... Misha

1 Year 100 Pounds is written by my sister Misha who is on a journey to lose 100 lbs this year. She started Jan. 1 with a goal to lose about 8 lbs a month. Her issues with weight are very different than mine and she is 10 years older than me, but I thought my readers could really relate to her and she can definitely use the support. You can follow her weigh-ins and full story HERE