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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keep Cool and Carry On

My Mother sent me this photo and I had to share it. I think really shows her adventurous spirit. My family lives in Oklahoma, which has record breaking heat (it was 116 yesterday) and fires. She decided to cool off in a 100 gallon  gardening tub, her makeshift hot tub.

She has tried every diet known to man, and it seems like she has been on a diet her whole adult life. I grew up playing Barbies on the floor in the back of her Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous meetings. When I was a teenager she lost about 70 lbs on a liquid diet and I can still smell the warm chocolaty scent of those Cambridge drinks. It still makes me gag. She kept the weight off for a long time, but eventually it crept back on.

Today she is recently retired and determined to get her weight off. She is back at Weight Watchers because she finds the weekly meetings really useful. Even though our diets are very different, we support and encourage each other nearly every day in some way. She is about 13 lbs from her goal weight and been stalled there for a while. She is trying the Simply Filling to lose the last few pounds.

Who knows, maybe in the heat she will melt off a pounds.


  1. That's great! How creative of them to think of doing that. I can hardly imagine that kind of heat.

    Good for her for getting a handle on her weight again. Congrats, Mom! :)

  2. what a cute picture - she will do it :-)

  3. That is a memory picture for sure! Very fun! You should have it put on canvas for her for Christmas.
    That's a lot of your life spent listening to diet things. No wonder you have chosen to be healthy.
    Thanks for being here Amber, you were my first glimpse of the BFC and you continue to inspire!

  4. I love that photo!! Gosh ... I hope this is my last attempt at health/weight loss. I'm already depressed I've spend my life so far dealing with it (43 years). I have so much confidence that I've finally found the answer - this is really working and it's not hard at all (why would you want to be hungry and count calories when this is an option??). Has your Mom tried Wheat Belly (since your Sister is doing it)? I wish I knew in my twenties what I know now …

  5. That is such a great photo!

    I remember working out with my mom at the "Fat Farm," though, trust me, she was never very fat. Even now I weigh about 30 lbs more than she does.

    My friend Danica (Danica's Daily) has been doing Simply Filling with great results if your mom likes online meal ideas, inspiration. From what I can tell, it's still about keeping portions reasonable.

    Maybe your family can have a group reward for all their hard work. :)

    1. Thanks! I forwarded the site to Mom - she doesn't check in here that often. WW is just the best fit for her since she really enjoys the meetings.

  6. What a great photo. It should go on Pinterest. I remember doing Cambridge. I had almost forgotten about that. I think I've done them all. Glad to be BFC. Good luck to your mom

  7. What a great picture! Love that you guys support each other every day. That is such a great thing!

  8. Great picture! This should be sent to Rubbermaid, great advertising.

  9. Ha, ha! I love that photo! Wouldn't that be great on a greeting card?!?