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Saturday, June 2, 2012

1 Year 100 Pounds: Month 5 Weigh In

What an exciting month! I’m writing this the afternoon before my weigh in tomorrow (now today!) because I want to be full of thought in this journal entry. Don’t worry; I’ll post my weigh-in results at the bottom. But it’s a reminder that it’s not all about the number on the scales, it’s much bigger than that.

I’ve gotten so many nice compliments this month and actually started seeing and feeling the changes take place. Not just in the mirror; not just in my stride, or the way my clothes are starting to hang; But in my head – I feel the change taking place. I think I’m becoming impatient with the process, the journey.  I’ve made the changes in my lifestyle now for FIVE months; new habits and new resolve.  I’m just waiting for my body to catch up!

I walked around the block or my work parking lot 4 times in the last week. No skeletal pain! Yesterday, I actually plugged in my earphones and tried to keep up with the music. Unfortunately, LMAFO’s Party Anthem is WAY too fast! I only lasted about 100 yards before I had to slow it down. But it actually felt good moving and challenging myself like that. But the next song up is my new anthem. I’ve heard it hundreds of times before, but never with my head in this place. Wow, did it speak to me!

Don't wanna wait 'til tomorrow
Why put it off another day?
One by one, little problems
Build up, and stand in our way. Oh

One step ahead, one step behind it
Now ya gotta run to get even
Make future plans I'll dream about yesterday, hey!
Come on turn, turn this thing around

(Right now) Hey! It's your tomorrow
(Right now) Come on, it's everything
(Right now) Catch your magic moment
Do it right here and now
It means everything

Miss a beat, you lose a rhythm
An nothin' falls into place. No!
Only missed by a fraction
Slipped a little off your pace. Oh!
Workin' so hard to make it easy
Whoa, got to turn. Come on, turn this thing around – Right NOW!

If you haven’t heard it, it’s Van Halen’s “Right Now.” Excuse my indulgence, but I wanted to share it.

So how’d I do this morning? Since 1/1/12, I’ve lost 40.8! For the month of May, I’m down 6 pounds!  I made some changes this month in my eating plan. Amber is about ready to reach through the phone and throttle me, as well as my other sibs.  I actually weighed earlier in the month and was seeing no movement. It FREAKED me out.  I have been true to the Wheat Belly diet. So I decided to shake things up; just like Amber talked about in her “Time for a Change” post.

I decided to replace a meal with a protein shake. I started with breakfast, but since I usually have a coffee and cream for breakfast, I didn’t see much of a change. So I moved it to lunch or dinner and that was tough – especially dinner! I had to deal with the big hunger pangs. But in a way, it reminded me that “this is hard, but I’m worth it.”  It helped me refocus and move through a plateau. In the past, I would have become irate; thrown a “it’s not fair” tantrum, looked for excuses to get off the plan for just one day, or one meal. And while I vow to eat more in the month June, including lots of greens and proteins, I needed to make some sacrifices and rededicate myself to my goal in May, whether they paid off at the scales or not. Does that make sense or am I just crazy?

So before Amber starts charging me rental space on her blog, I just want to say, life isn’t always fair, or easy; and neither is weight loss. But right now, I’m worth the extra effort. Right now, I deserve to reach my goals. Right now, I am my priority. Let’s turn this thang around! Have a glorious June.

Sister M

1 Year 100 Pounds is written by my sister Misha who is on a journey to lose 100 lbs this year. She started Jan. 1 with a goal to lose about 8 lbs a month. Her issues with weight are very different than mine and she is 10 years older than me, but I thought my readers could really relate to her and she can definitely use the support. You can follow her weigh-ins and full story HERE. p.s. I never wanted to throttle her.


  1. Sister M: Wow! What an inspiration. You can totally see a new energy in your picture and there has been a real change in your thinking. What a winning combination!

    Can't wait to see where you go next. Thanks for sharing. You help reinforce my own choices.

    Thanks for the anthem. It's one of my favorites.

    1. Daughter M, Holy Molly Golly Gee , just look at you now. You are going to do this, and yes, you are learning and changing. Never ever too late. Continue to learn, adjust, whatever you must do in the area of healthy eating to make your goal. I am tickled pink for you.
      Love us, Mom

  2. Sister M, this post spoke to me so much I actually teared up reading it. I had a shift in my thinking too (back in February not long after I started my journey). I remember telling my husband that "this is the year of me". I'm taking "me" back was one phrase I used. To succeed, we MUST consider ourselves a priority. The reality is, everything in our world we be so much better when we ourselves are better - does that make sense?

    I have dieted many times before but I knew this time was different. I was "empowered" by knowledge I didn't have before and I knew the changes I was making were for overall health - of course I hope weight will be a great accompaniment. I am down 26 pounds this week and feel so much better than before too. I've realized health benefits beyond the weight (chronic post nasal drip has dramatically improved, acid reflux gone and several others).

    Try not to be impatient with the journey - I know that it is hard - you just want your body to catch up to what your mind already knows but focussing too much on that can derail your excellent progress. I hope you are taking measurements too because I find even if the scale doesn't move as much as you'd like that the measurements might change. As people often say, we didn't get this way over night and it's going to take time to reverse the damage we've done. Give yourself the full year and I'm sure your body will not disappoint you.

    Another reality (I believe) is that as your body gets smaller you will need to consume fewer calories to lose weight. I use protein shakes sometimes too. Funny think is I am literally never hungry. I may feel hungry once a week. Make sure you are getting enough fat in your diet – that is what fuels your body and keeps you from feeling hungry. I make my shakes with some full fat coconut milk and that helps a lot. You could also add coconut oil for some fat. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment for my sister! You will make her day! I had to learn to put myself first too at the beginning of this process. So important! It may feel or sound selfish at first, but isn't. Congrats on your loss so far too Trina!

  3. Congratulations, Misha! Another fantastic month. :)

  4. Congrats, Sister M! You are doing great. Check out the difference in your face shape from your first post to this post.....BIG difference. Good for you for changing up your diet when it started to stall. It sounds like you've got this down and can keep up with this new healthy lifestyle! Good Luck to you!

  5. I continue to be impressed and inspired. You'be changed your mind and your body will follow. Continued success.

  6. Sister M, You look amazing! You're absolutely glowing.

  7. So proud of you and so happy for you! Very inspiring!

  8. Great job!! You are hitting your target! Thank you for the reminder that I need to make the time for ME. So important. What a great song - think il go home and have a listen.

  9. You are doing a great job. Just remember that we are all different and you do what works best for you to reach your goal. :-)

  10. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH (happy dance)! Great job!! Isn't it an added bonus when people start noticing our efforts? What a testimony to how far you've come. Your photo looks beautiful and I'm so excited to be doing this along side you. You inspire me! Have a great week :)

    P.S I also love that song by Van Halen - I have that "record" and every now and then when we pull out the record player my kids will put it on and dance around!! :)

  11. That is awesome! Weight loss is very hard! I love reading your blog and your motivation is encouragement for everyone! Keep up the great work! Can't to see what June brings for you and everyone else!

  12. You look lovely. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you.

  13. I've also replaced a meal (breakfast) with a shake to try and get things moving again. So far it seems to be helping a bit. I think you are doing a terrific job and look great!!

  14. Woohoo Misha you rock! 100 pounds sounds so daunting but you are doing it!

  15. Sister M, I am going to have a sign made that says "This is hard, but I
    am WORTH it". thank you, your a "shinning star".