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Friday, May 4, 2012

I Smell Zex and Candy

I'm a big fan of the comic xkcd and my husband forwarded this to me. This is how it often feels trying to explain to people how I lost my weight by reducing my sugar - they totally don't get it! The most common response is "Well, I don't really eat a lot of candy bars". Really, Um I didn't either. It's the sugar in your everyday food. The hidden sugars...

On a funny note, my blog was categorized by a major web security company as being a "ZEX" site.  Now I'm totally scared to even USE the word zex (minus the Z and add an S) because I think it will be miscategorized again :) Hilarious, except my blog was blocked at a lot of work places, libraries, airports, etc. It's fixed now, thankfully. 

I saw Jorge Cruise appeared on local San Diego TV recently. Here is a link if you'd like to check it out HERE. Said he was going to be on all week, so there should be more videos later. BTW I don't do any of these exercises of Jorge's. I do the Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track and I run (slowly), that is it.

I've been in a total funk lately, Vacation Withdrawal Depression. Is that a thing? Several people pointed out my problem is that I have not been running much the last few weeks. So it might actually be Running Withdrawal Depression? After getting a talk to from both my sisters, I put my running shoes back and on took to my very favorite trail. It kicked my ass for 8 miles, but that night I felt good and I slept good. This morning I was less sore, less cranky, less funky.

The Belly Fat Cure has always made my think of this Marcy's Playground song, but never more than this week! It's funky song, for a funky mood. Like Disco Lemonaide.... and Zex and Candy.


  1. I love that illustration - Great :-)

  2. I think I would be depressed leaving Hawaii as well. :)

  3. Did you hear about the 1st grader in Co. who was suspended for singing I'm Sexy and I Know at school? Crazy how people over react, right?

  4. Thanks for including the link to Jorge's exercise's, they look pretty easy and I could use some core strength. I haven't been to the gym or exercised since I started BFC.

    1. In the video one of the guys is just dying trying to keep up!

  5. I love the comics & music share...fun :-) Keep on running!

  6. First, congrats on hitting the trail again and second, I HAVE THAT CD, LOL ;). The cartoon was great too. Have you seen the science project a student did that showed the amount in sugar in different stuff using sugar cubes-pretty brilliant and I wish I'd one that for a science fair.

  7. LOL! I know, ppl just don't get it. I finally had someone seriously try it this week, though, even though I'm on vaca! My step father in law saw me on the way out of town and we happened to be going to a book store. He bought the BFC Original book on my recommendation and is down 5 pounds this week, last I checked! And his blood sugar is the lowest it's been in two years (he's diabetic.) I'm super happy that he's getting results, but the biggest part that gets me is his surprise at the outcome. Take care, and thanks for the share!

  8. Thanks for sharing Amber. We've always thought your were "Zexy".
    Isn't it great you can put on your running shoes and feel like yourself. You're a runner!
    Take Care

  9. Love the comic. I've been calling my husband out on "His" food. Today he made our son a tuna sandwhich and they were out of their bread so they used mine. My son didn't like it and I'm sure it's only because he heard that it was my bread! The fact is that my husbands (and kids......Yes we eat different food) 1 piece of bread had 3g of sugar per slice. I read the ingredients and sugar to him and I think he was surprised. I've also been calling him out on the Trans fats and High fructose corn syrup. He's clueless and blinded by $$$$$$ signs! Maybe he's really not clueless about it, but he's definitely blinded by the $ signs! I'm sure now that you are back to running, you will get out of your funk. That runner/exercise high feels soooo good :)

  10. Great comic. I know what you mean about vacations. They remind you of how much we stress and run around all the time, and make you want more of that relaxation and free time. So are they good for us or not?? LOL! Maybe it's better to not know what we're missing. I'm sure the running will get you back in the right frame of mind. Sending hugs from me to you!!

  11. My problem, and I guess it isn't really MY problem is that when people ask me how I lost my weight I tell them about the BFC's low sugar and moderate carbs and they say, 'Oh, I couldn't do that. You probably don't eat, cheese,' or nuts or some other food that I totally can and do eat. It really shows a lack of knowledge about nutrition, as to what is a carb, a fat, a protein, etc.

    I had lunch with a friend I've known since the 6th grade. She asked me again (she asked the 1st time in December) how I lost the weight. I explained the sugar/carb thing and she said she couldn't do low sugar. But she did do the HGC diet and was limited to 500 calories on some days. That's just crazy to me & it sounds dangerous. Of course they lost weight and then gained it back. Oh well!


    p.s. I always get melanchology after coming home from Hawaii. Washington is cold, rainy and grey. No comparison at all. :)

  12. I find it's hard to get people to understand because the science behind the program isn't "main stream" knowledge. In fact, some of it goes against everything people have always believed so ... I have a few friends (who know I research everything ad nauseam so trust me) that have started making some changes and already notice a difference. Yeah! I also find some people immediately think you are talking about an "Atkins" diet and don't want to hear it.

    Amber, your photo from Hawaii looked amazing. My BIL has a time share there and keeps trying to convince us to go (it's a long flight with two young kids from here). After looking at you happy and chillin' on that beach ... I'm serious thinking about it :)

  13. The title of this post was brilliant. It's a real attention grabber.