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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest How To Guide

Pin It I have expressed my love for Pinterest here before and it has not waned. In fact Pinterest has become a top referrer to my blog - which is crazy! What do I use Pinterest for? I read something that said most Social Media is all "ME! ME! ME!" but Pinterest is all about the IDEA and not the person who posted it. They aren't bragging about themselves, their kids or their wonderful lives. I am mildly obsessed with Pinterest and wanted to share it with you all. I get so many ideas from there, mostly I am interested in these topics:
  • Low Sugar Recipes
  • Home Decorating Inspiration
  • Fashion Trends
  • Kids Crafts and Parties
My Low Sugar Pinterest Board
If you are just getting started I suggest following my Low Sugar board by clicking the big FOLLOW button. Then everything I PIN on that board will show up on your page. If like my style, you could just FOLLOW me as a user and you will see everything I pin to all my boards. (A warning, I pin a lot of decorating stuff and "Mom clothing") You can also search, like entering "PALEO" will find a good recipes to get your started. (The search is kind of wonky and I found Paleo the best way to find recipes that find low sugar and Belly Fat Cure. With time that may change!) It is best to find people with similar tastes to you and FOLLOW them accordingly. Soon you will have a steady stream of great ideas and photos waiting for you.

A typical Pin
Every now and then my page will be filled with someone shopping for a wedding dress or chocolate cupcakes (dozens of pins of them!) and I'll have to go back and UNFOLLOW that person or limit it to just a certain board of theirs. 

Mostly I just get ideas from the photos on Pinterest. But some of the ideas I follow back to the original source to read the artical or blog post. You can PIN an idea to your own board, which makes it easier to find later, or just LIKE it. When you click on the PIN/photo it pops up a page with just that PIN and some options for you. You can click it again and it takes you to the original page that the photo came from. I found this very cool necklace for my son's 10th birthday and Pinterest pointed me to the Etsy shop that sold it. His name is Archer, so it was perfect!

You can also add content from anywhere on the web by clicking on ADD+, Add a Pin and then pasting in the URL of the post. If will bring up a list of the photos from that post and an opportunity to add a description.

You also learn a little something about your pinning friends. For example, one of our fellow bloggers is shopping for a nice dress for her child's wedding! We get to see all the samples she likes (they are gorgeous!) - how cool is that? If you are a visual person it is very easy to use. I like Social Media in general, but it is my favorite new find, thanks to all the great pinners.

Fellow bloggers can also add a "follow me" on your own blog! Keep on Pinnin'!
Follow Me on Pinterest

My sister has her 2nd month's weigh in later this week, so come back Thursday to check in! Month 1 she lost 13 lbs and her goal is 100 lbs this year. I hope you will help me cheer her on!


  1. I have yet to start a pinterest page. I guess I hesitate to because that just another site to suck time away from me, but I can see the usefulness of pinning everything into one spot so that you can easily find things again when you want to, instead of forgetting things you come across from all over the web. Maybe I'll give it a try. I can always delete my account if I decide that it's not worth my time.

  2. Oh, Sister M, I can't wait for your weigh-in this week! :)

  3. I swapped Facebook for Pinterest. A lot more gratifying. I think I'll follow you on pinterest. I imagine your recipes and ideas are a lot healthier than the ones I have pinned.

  4. Thanks Amber! I had been wanting to check this out.

  5. I am following you on Pinterest. I like it alot too but I have a difficult time going back to original site to get the recipe. That was where I found the chicken/mozzarella pizza crust.

  6. O please, anything else than pinterest. I've tried it and it doesn't work. Try Brad Callen Niche Finder and you will see that 'pinterest' is a non profitable keyword and bad niche idea.

  7. cant wait for your sisters post today!

  8. Hi Amber, I love pinterest and now I am following you. I like your food ideas...thanks, Eva

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