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Monday, February 13, 2012

Belly Fat Cure iPhone App Review

Oceanhouse has released the Belly Fat Cure App for iPhone and iPad. No news on when an Android App will be available.

  • Nicely designed, pretty app
  • Cheap at .99 - but apparently the price will go to $4.99
  • Easy to Use
  • 7,000 item Food List
  • Can enter your own foods
  • Short summary of the book
  • Lists Fiber for each item (yea!) but doesn't total it for the day (boo!)
  • Does not calculate Carb Servings correctly. In fact, depending on whether you are viewing a day's food log or actively entering a food, it calculates them differently... but NEVER correctly. Carb grams are totaled for your meal, then converted to Carb Servings. The app calculates them by food item as you are entering them and if you are just looking at the screen it totals the grams for the day. Granted, you there is no place to indicate which meal you had that food with. The least it could do is calculate them consistently.
  • No way to enter recipes
  • None of Jorge's Recipes are included
  • Cannot delete or remove a food from your day, favorites list or added foods
  • Includes foods not allowed on the diet (artificial sweeteners) without indicating that
  • Doesn't track your weight or measurements - very weird
  • Doesn't sync information between your iPhone and iPad. If you get an new iPhone or iPad you will have to start over again (your data is stored locally)
  • No social aspect to the app - interaction with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. That is a huge missed opportunity to promote the app actually.
Personally, I cannot get over the errors in calculating carbs. The BFC is ALL ABOUT COUNTING SUGAR AND CARBS...  and the app does it incorrectly. This app should be perfect since the book was released over 2 years ago and the app originally released over 6 months ago. Usually if I don't have anything nice to say, then I don't say anything. But I know many have been wanting an BFC APP and it deserved a thorough review.  I am going to stick with My Fitness Pal and decided to a video review of how to setup MFP for the Belly Fat Cure.

Here is a video review I put together. (At 4:58 I realize it keeps changing the Carb Servings on me, even though I hadn't changed anything. That is why I am laughing at the end too, I was very confused by the numbers changing.) I explain the problem better in the 2nd video)

I made a separate video for the problems, with the hope they will be fixed and will become irrelevant in time. I also show you a way to get around the problem of not being able to DELETE a food from your day. You can't exactly, but there is a work around. A commenter pointed out you can DELETE any item by swiping the item and a REMOVE button appears. Thank you!


  1. thanks for the update...MFP is so complete-it's hard to beat.

  2. I couldn't agree more! I love myfitnesspal. I actually used your advice and set it up so it does everything I need! Thank you Amber;)

    1. Dawn recommended MFP and it has been perfect really! DeAnnah pointed out the mobile app has a barcode scanner - have you used it? I went around scanning everything in my kitchen :)

    2. I have used the scanner a bit - it's neat!

    3. My iphone doesn't show a scanner? Hmmm....

  3. Wow! Good thing it is only .99 I guess.

  4. Amber, I just posted a review of this app to iTunes today and I had many of the same problems. However I did want to mention that you can delete items. From the day view (to delete an entry) or the favorites menu (to delete a food) just quickly swipe the line item from far right to left, then a "Remove" button pops up and you click it.

    I really hope they make some updates because I think it really could be a great app.

    1. Thanks so much - that does work to delete wherever you need it! I updated the review to show that. Thank you!!

    2. No problem!
      Thanks also for your review I did not realize there was other in the qty options for food. Now I can do half portions! Really helpful.
      Hope you had a great Valentine's!

  5. Well its a good thing that I have a Droid phone then. Thanks :-)

  6. I think I will still get it for .99 before the price goes up. I hope they fix the errors!!!

  7. Thanks Amber! I set up MFP using your instructions. I was so excited to see the BFC app...Jorge even gave me a shout out : ) But, the thing I was disappointed about is that my iPhone and iPad don't sync (hopefully, MFP does!). And I'm sure there will be updates and improvements to the BFC app...until then I'll use the MFP. And I will use it! I've been playing around with BFC for two years!! I've got to stick with it!!


  8. I'm having my struggles with the BFC app. I'm trying to add two TBSP of butter but my only choice is a cup or more! Am I doing this wrong?


  9. Hi Amber! I am new to this and love your blog! I have been using MFP a while now, and I saw your old post on how to change the carb and sugar settings, but how do you view it by meal? Meaning once I enter breakfast and lunch I see a total for both instead of by meal. Thanks for any help! -Janna