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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1yr, 100lbs: Habits – Live and Let Die!


Okay – In Oklahoma, It’s McDonald’s Day of Love – so hamburgers are on sale for .59 and cheeseburgers are .69. Proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. The guy that sits in front of me bought 45 cheeseburgers and a couple dozen bags of fries to pass around the office. I have been able to say “no” politely about 5 times.  I had a satisfying breakfast of eggs over easy, a great lunch with chicken and sautéed mushrooms, onions and a nice salad with avocado. So, it’s really been very easy to avoid the burgerfest.

But there is something still deep within me, that wants to reach deep down into those damp, crinkled, and now cooled bags of burgers – I think it’s just a habit; Like walking into someone’s office with a bowl of mints or m&m’s reflecting brightly off the fluorescent lights. I’m sure everyone’s grabbed a handful without even thinking. I know I have.

The new me does not. The new me, sees the brightly colored bowl, acknowledges it, and feels the phantom movements towards the bowl, but then ignores it.
Misha's Portabella Crust Pizzas
The new me, planned for the Superbowl and made buffalo wings, and bacon wrapped shrimp, and had cool, crunchy sliced vegetables with great sauces. I didn’t feel the least bit cheated or undone. I did have a moment. My very thin and fit teenage son shares a love of the wavy chip and dip platter. I even taught him how to make momma’s special dip. I did ask him not to make that specific dip or buy those specific chips; but he did. During the game, I went into the kitchen to see how my dishes were coming along. There was the open bag, angled perfectly for the optimal reach and grab, waiting for me like an old friend. I actually gasped when I saw my old nemesis. My first thought was to grab the bag and roll it up and throw it in the pantry. (OK, maybe that was my second thought). But I didn’t want to be close enough to smell them.  So the new me, just backed away, went about my business and left them alone.

I had a great Superbowl Sunday.  I hope everyone made good choices. I have no regrets on what I ate. And while it may sound like wavy chips are my kryptonite, the new me doesn’t allow them wreck havoc with my food plan. I can envision myself in the near future, where I don’t gasp, I don’t run away and I don’t blink. But for now, I let them have their distance, and I keep mine. - Sister M


  1. You are doing amazing! Those were all challenges and you passed with flying colors. You will get to a point where you look at the M&M's and think "I can have those, but they don't even sound good". I know, it's shocking. At my bunko last night there were M&M's at all 3 tables. I didn't even eat one. The desire is gone:) Woot!!!
    Keep up the good choices!

  2. That was great that you were able to resist temptation like that. You are doing a great job - keep it up :-)

  3. Great job, sister M! You are doing this, and doing it great!!

  4. Great job! Those wavy chips are really hard to ignore, but you did it and realized that your health is more important than the chips! Keep up the great work!

  5. I did not make good choices at our Superbowl but SO happy that you did, Sister M!! You're rocking it!!

  6. Aren't you proud of yourself!!! Great job.

  7. oooooooohhhh Wavy Lays. I LOVE them too and they cannot co exist with me in my house. Fritos too. I REALLY love them! We have a long standing love affair that has spanned about 40 years now. lol.
    What a great feeling to pass those things by! Congrats on those amazing victories! There truly is nothing better than what thin feels like! I had to tell you....I just bought a pair of size 12 (yay!!!)Tommy Hilfiger jeans tonight from a ladies consignment store. It was a great feeling to put those on and they zipped!! They are still a little snug but something great to work toward. They were only $19.99 too. A great bargain for Tommy jeans & they dont look half bad either. :)No wavy chip can campare to a great pr of jeans!!!! :)

  8. This has been a rough week. I've managed to avoid sugar but i am Starving! It's the first week since September 1 last year that i have felt like i do not have this. I plan to get out fast track and go shopping and follow to the letter for one week to see if i can break through the plateau or at least get the cravings and hunger pangs under control. I've lost 30 pounds and i have twice that to go. I don't want to fail!

  9. Great job Sister M. You are going strong. I'm happy for you! Keep up the good work! Sending hugs to you from me!

  10. Keep up the super job Sister M! Before you know it, this won't be a struggle anymore and you'll enjoy a wonderful new freedom.

    Great progress, keep going one day at a time - Margit

  11. Great job Sister M!

    Imagine that bowl of treats at the office. Then think about the time you've used the bathroom at work and someone in there with you didn't wash their hands. Now imagine that person reaching into that bowl of candy right before you walk past it. Not so appetizing anymore. Bleh!


  12. That is wonderful Sister M! I really like reading your blog.

  13. You did fantastic! I loved your story about the chips, that was funny. I could clearly imagine the moment. :) I'm really looking forward to your next weigh-in at the end of the month. Take care.




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