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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest How To Guide

Pin It I have expressed my love for Pinterest here before and it has not waned. In fact Pinterest has become a top referrer to my blog - which is crazy! What do I use Pinterest for? I read something that said most Social Media is all "ME! ME! ME!" but Pinterest is all about the IDEA and not the person who posted it. They aren't bragging about themselves, their kids or their wonderful lives. I am mildly obsessed with Pinterest and wanted to share it with you all. I get so many ideas from there, mostly I am interested in these topics:
  • Low Sugar Recipes
  • Home Decorating Inspiration
  • Fashion Trends
  • Kids Crafts and Parties
My Low Sugar Pinterest Board
If you are just getting started I suggest following my Low Sugar board by clicking the big FOLLOW button. Then everything I PIN on that board will show up on your page. If like my style, you could just FOLLOW me as a user and you will see everything I pin to all my boards. (A warning, I pin a lot of decorating stuff and "Mom clothing") You can also search, like entering "PALEO" will find a good recipes to get your started. (The search is kind of wonky and I found Paleo the best way to find recipes that find low sugar and Belly Fat Cure. With time that may change!) It is best to find people with similar tastes to you and FOLLOW them accordingly. Soon you will have a steady stream of great ideas and photos waiting for you.

A typical Pin
Every now and then my page will be filled with someone shopping for a wedding dress or chocolate cupcakes (dozens of pins of them!) and I'll have to go back and UNFOLLOW that person or limit it to just a certain board of theirs. 

Mostly I just get ideas from the photos on Pinterest. But some of the ideas I follow back to the original source to read the artical or blog post. You can PIN an idea to your own board, which makes it easier to find later, or just LIKE it. When you click on the PIN/photo it pops up a page with just that PIN and some options for you. You can click it again and it takes you to the original page that the photo came from. I found this very cool necklace for my son's 10th birthday and Pinterest pointed me to the Etsy shop that sold it. His name is Archer, so it was perfect!

You can also add content from anywhere on the web by clicking on ADD+, Add a Pin and then pasting in the URL of the post. If will bring up a list of the photos from that post and an opportunity to add a description.

You also learn a little something about your pinning friends. For example, one of our fellow bloggers is shopping for a nice dress for her child's wedding! We get to see all the samples she likes (they are gorgeous!) - how cool is that? If you are a visual person it is very easy to use. I like Social Media in general, but it is my favorite new find, thanks to all the great pinners.

Fellow bloggers can also add a "follow me" on your own blog! Keep on Pinnin'!
Follow Me on Pinterest

My sister has her 2nd month's weigh in later this week, so come back Thursday to check in! Month 1 she lost 13 lbs and her goal is 100 lbs this year. I hope you will help me cheer her on!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flax Seed Muffin - 50 Ways to Make Your Muffin

Flax seed Muffin w/ 5 Blackberries
Ester, a long time blog reader here, sent me a recipe over a year ago and she swore by this little muffin. Honestly it didn't sound very good - a muffin that is only an egg and ground flax seed? No thanks. After reading Dr. William book Wheat Belly and completely giving up grains in October, I started making the recipe from his book. It is the same, except you make a pancake/tortilla out of it. He recommended microwaving it on a plate or wax paper, but I preferred cooking it on the griddle.

Jorge Cruise appeared on the Dr. Oz show and made the same muffin in a coffee mug and when he popped it out, it looked like one of the molten lava cakes or chocolate souffle. Okay, yes I've been on a very low sugar diet for a low time, so my "sugar glasses" skew this sort of thing....

With my egg aversion and no grains, breakfast is very difficult. So finally I broke down and made the Flax Seed Muffin, and I am hooked! It's my goto breakfast now and is perfect for any diet you are doing. Low sugar, no sugar, Atkins, Belly Fat Cure, Fast Track, Paleo, Weight Watchers... you name it. Here is how I make mine. After I've had my morning coffee, I reuse my cup and add these ingredients:

Basic Ingredients:
  • 3 Tblsp Ground Flax seed (I get mine at Costco)
  • 1 tsp coconut or olive oil
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
I mix it up in the cup, making sure to blend the baking powder really well. I microwave mine for 65 seconds. Make sure it is a coffee cup and you don't need to prep it/grease it. I pop it upside down, one knock on the counter and it slides out. I don't use any sweetener in mine, not even Stevia, because usually I'll mix something else in. These options add a little sweetness to it and keep it interesting. Because it is not, in fact, a chocolate souffle.

  • 1 tsp Stevia (most people will want to include this)
  • Handful of Blueberries (10) or Blackberries (5)
  • 1 Tbsp Raw Cacao (raw cocoa)
  • A few chocolate chips (5)
  • 1 Tbsp Nature's Hallow Jam
  • Pumpkin Butter - 1 Tbsp Pumpkin Puree, 1 Tbsp soft butter
 Flax seed muffin w/ chocolate chips
pic name
pic name
pic name
Cheddar & Jalapeno
pic name
And how does it taste? It's great. I love it. I have it every morning, no joke. The key here is to not sweeten it way up folks.  It is a really simple muffin that is nothing but good stuff. If you use My Fitness Pal the One Minute Muffin - Flax-  Instant Flax Muffin looks like it has about the info already entered for you.  I entered my own remembered meal and it came up with 0 sugar and 13 grams of carbs, 10 grams of fiber and 11 of protein. So an S/C Value of 0/1. Be sure and add your sweeteners or fruit too to get an accurate count.

It reminds of that old Paul Simon song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and this should be called "50 Ways to Make Your Muffin".  (ps. I named my blog with his Me & Julio in mind...)

Update: Apparently Jorge has Minute Muffin Fever too! He has just posted a video and pdf file with several variations on the muffin. You can check out his variations HERE.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The voice inside your head

I love this!
via Pinterest
Because you CAN do it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals by Jorge Cruise Review

Jorge Cruise has a new book out and it is great if you eat out a lot. Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals is actually a restaurant guide, mostly fast foods and contains no recipes at all. The book goes back over the basics of the plan and how to calculate your sugar and carbohydrate calculates. I was SO thrilled to see so many friends and readers of this blog featured in the book! Nicole, Kellie, Rosalie and Robin are all real women who have overcome their weight issues on this diet. I've met them all in person, except Kellie who I feel like I know her none the less, and each has inspired me.

The funny thing is my skinny Vegan Husband really liked this book too. First he was really impressed Ray Kurzweil gave a blurb for the book. I don't know who he is, but the science geek in our house did. We both liked how the book told you HOW TO ORDER at the different restaurants too. Often you have to modify the menu item a little bit, and the book tells you how to do that in a way the restaurant will understand. There is also a sense of humor in the book that we haven't seen before.

What don't I love about the book? Well it leaves out some obvious really easy choices. Like at any restaurant, including McDonalds, you can order a Cheeseburger (even a double) with no bun and a side salad and it makes a great Belly Fat Cure meal. The book really pushes the 5/2 S/C Value per meal to the limit. While I'm glad to see him reinforcing the 5/2 per meal along with 15/6 for the day, many of the meals take up the full 5/2 which doesn't leave much room for a snack or wine. I also think the book should really indicate on the cover or in the title that it isn't "quick meals" so much as it is actually how to order BFC style at restaurants.

This book is a good investment if you want a low sugar lifestyle and eat out a lot. You could always look up the nutritional values at the restaurant's website before you go or ask the waiter, but I know that doesn't work for everyone. The Kindle version is only $9 and you could have it on the Kindle App on your phone to look up anytime. I am really enjoying using the Kindle App on my Xoom tablet lately. If you are having trouble finding any of Jorge's books, Amazon has them all HERE.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recipe: Grain-Free Scotch Eggs

An egg. Wrapped in sausage. Fried. Boom, you got a Scotch Egg! I became intrigued by making a grain-free version of these, traditionally Scotch Eggs are coated in bread crumbs. Serve it with a side salad and veggies and you have a great little low sugar meal! Atkins, Paleo, Belly Fat Cure - doesn't matter what you call it, this one is great for them all. I made up a spicy mustard sauce with horseradish to serve with them. Wouldn't they be fun for a party or as an appetizer?

Grain-Free Scotch Eggs:
  • 7 boiled and peeled eggs
  • uncooked/raw ground sausage
  • cooking oil
  • Pink of salt & pepper on each egg
  • chopped jalapenos (optional!)
How To:
Make a flat circle of sausage, like a large patty. Place the peeled boiled egg in the center and wrap the sausage all around the egg. Smooth it around and make sure the egg is not showing.

The Oil:
Your oil needs to be consistently about 190 degrees Celsius. If it's too low your food will get all greasy and too hot and it will smoke and burn (for some reason my husband is an oil expert, who knew?) I don't like to fry things with oil, so I didn't much and needed to roll them around to get all sides cooked. How long you cook the egg depends on how thick the sausage around the egg is. The thicker the sausage, the longer you cook. I made the mistake on the first one to take it out too quickly. It looked completely cooked on the outside so I thought it was done, but once I cut it open the sausage directly around the inside of the egg was still very raw. You don't want to eat raw sausage. My advice is to give it a little more time on all sides once it looks done.

Years ago I worked with proud Scot. He used to regal me with stories while we tried to work about how all these famous, important people in history were Scottish. When he claimed Benjamin Franklin was Scottish, I adamantly claimed he was American. I was living and working in Sydney, Australia at the time and I looked around for backup support, but our co-workers didn't even know WHO we were arguing about. The next day he brought a little book basically titled "Everyone's Scottish" or something and tied back the ancestry of notable people to Scotland. It was funny, Scottish men have a great sense of humor.
Scotch Eggs! Yum

Monday, February 13, 2012

Belly Fat Cure iPhone App Review

Oceanhouse has released the Belly Fat Cure App for iPhone and iPad. No news on when an Android App will be available.

  • Nicely designed, pretty app
  • Cheap at .99 - but apparently the price will go to $4.99
  • Easy to Use
  • 7,000 item Food List
  • Can enter your own foods
  • Short summary of the book
  • Lists Fiber for each item (yea!) but doesn't total it for the day (boo!)
  • Does not calculate Carb Servings correctly. In fact, depending on whether you are viewing a day's food log or actively entering a food, it calculates them differently... but NEVER correctly. Carb grams are totaled for your meal, then converted to Carb Servings. The app calculates them by food item as you are entering them and if you are just looking at the screen it totals the grams for the day. Granted, you there is no place to indicate which meal you had that food with. The least it could do is calculate them consistently.
  • No way to enter recipes
  • None of Jorge's Recipes are included
  • Cannot delete or remove a food from your day, favorites list or added foods
  • Includes foods not allowed on the diet (artificial sweeteners) without indicating that
  • Doesn't track your weight or measurements - very weird
  • Doesn't sync information between your iPhone and iPad. If you get an new iPhone or iPad you will have to start over again (your data is stored locally)
  • No social aspect to the app - interaction with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. That is a huge missed opportunity to promote the app actually.
Personally, I cannot get over the errors in calculating carbs. The BFC is ALL ABOUT COUNTING SUGAR AND CARBS...  and the app does it incorrectly. This app should be perfect since the book was released over 2 years ago and the app originally released over 6 months ago. Usually if I don't have anything nice to say, then I don't say anything. But I know many have been wanting an BFC APP and it deserved a thorough review.  I am going to stick with My Fitness Pal and decided to a video review of how to setup MFP for the Belly Fat Cure.

Here is a video review I put together. (At 4:58 I realize it keeps changing the Carb Servings on me, even though I hadn't changed anything. That is why I am laughing at the end too, I was very confused by the numbers changing.) I explain the problem better in the 2nd video)

I made a separate video for the problems, with the hope they will be fixed and will become irrelevant in time. I also show you a way to get around the problem of not being able to DELETE a food from your day. You can't exactly, but there is a work around. A commenter pointed out you can DELETE any item by swiping the item and a REMOVE button appears. Thank you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sugar Labeling

On Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure we count sugar and carbohydrates as S/C Values. But product labeling can make tracking your sugar intake confusing. Sugar free, no sugar added and low sugar all sound like foods that would be great on a reduced sugar diet, right? Well, usually the answer is no.

First let's cover the difference between two different categories of sugar substitutes.
Natural Sweeteners - Stevia and sugar alcohols (Xylitol, Maltitol, Sorbitol) are consider natural ingredients because they are derived from plants. They contain small amounts carbohydrates, but not as much as refined sugar. There are those who argue that the processing of these products involves lots of chemicals, so they aren't really natural at all and should be avoided too. (That is why they are not allowed on Paleo) But on the Belly Fat Cure, they are allowed and count with your S/C Values.

Artificial Sweeteners - Sucralose/Splenda, Aspartame and Saccharine are chemicals, made in a lab. They have no calories, sugar or carbohydrates but are believed to have other side effects that can prevent weight loss. Possible side effects include stimulating food cravings and long term disruption of digestion. The Belly Fat Cure recommends you steer clear of these. What good does it do if it has 0 Calories, but makes you crave foods that do or clogs up your bowels?

I don't want to pick on one product or brand, I'm just randomly picking a few here as real world examples. The shelves are filled with similarly labeled products, not just these. There are also some with these labels that DO work on the plan... you always have to read the label.

Sugar Free
This is usually a red flag that screams "I CONTAIN ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!", so read that label. Sucralose/Splenda, Aspartame or Saccharine were likely used instead of actual sugar to eliminate the sugar. The Nutritional Facts would say Sugar = 0, but the Ingredients List will tell the full story.

Product Example: Sugar Free Jello Pudding
Ingredients: Water, Xylitol, Modified Cornstarch, Milk Protein, Salt, Cocoa, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Alginate, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Natural and Artificial flavor and colors, Yellow 5, Yellow 6.

Notes: So many people see the first allowed sweetener and assume that this pudding is allowed... but read on.
Xylitol - Sugar alcohol, least likely to cause laxative side affects, and supposed to be good for your teeth. This is allowed on the plan, but you should take note of it for side affects.
Sucralose - Also called Splenda, a chemical artificial sweetener.

No Sugar Added
This one is tricky and simply means, "other than the sugars that naturally appear in this product, we DIDN'T ADD ANY MORE". Read the label carefully on these, but mostly they are still too high in sugar and/or contain artificial sweeteners. I often see it in Ice Cream products when I am searching for a Clemmy's substitute.

Product Example: Blueblue No Sugar Added Ice Cream
Ingredients: Milk, Skim Milk, Polydextrose, Cream, Sorbitol, Maltodextrin, Cellulose Gel, Cellulose Gum, Vegetable Gums (Guar, Carrageenan, Carob Bean), Natural And Artificial Flavor, Soy Mono And Diglycerides, Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium, Annatto Color, Vitamin A Palmitate. Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine.

Notes: No plain ol' sugar is added, but plenty of sugar substitutes we want to steer clear of have been.
Polydextrose - a fiber additive synthesized from glucose and sorbitol, it is allowed but not the best thing you could eat. Ice Cream does not have actual fiber.
Maltodextrin - a sweetener derived from starch, but it has less carbs/sugar than actual sugar. It is alllowed but will show up as sugar grams.
Sorbitol - Sugar alcohol carbohydrate, which can have laxative affects, but it is allowed. It is the least favorable of sugar alcohols.
Aspartame - Chemical artificial sweetener, contains no carbs/sugar. Not allowed.

Low Sugar

"Low Sugar" has no real meaning, so you must read both the Nutrition Label and Ingredients list. Lower in sugar than what, exactly? Some of these products are okay, some are not.

Product Example: Quaker Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Ingredients: Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Sugar, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Gar Gum, Oat Flour, Caramel Color, Sucralose, Niacinamide, Reduced Iron, Vitamin A Palmitate, Pyridoxone Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamon Mononitrate, Folic Acid

Notes: Anything with maple and brown sugar in it's name could not be allowed on the BFC I'm pretty sure, so that is a dead giveaway. Sugar is the 2nd ingredient AND it has Sucralose (artificial sweetener) - double trouble.

I hope this helps clear up the difference in how sugar is advertised and how to choose the right products! It took me a while to figure out how to precisely read a label on BFC, but once you figure it out it is easy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1yr, 100lbs: Habits – Live and Let Die!


Okay – In Oklahoma, It’s McDonald’s Day of Love – so hamburgers are on sale for .59 and cheeseburgers are .69. Proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. The guy that sits in front of me bought 45 cheeseburgers and a couple dozen bags of fries to pass around the office. I have been able to say “no” politely about 5 times.  I had a satisfying breakfast of eggs over easy, a great lunch with chicken and sautéed mushrooms, onions and a nice salad with avocado. So, it’s really been very easy to avoid the burgerfest.

But there is something still deep within me, that wants to reach deep down into those damp, crinkled, and now cooled bags of burgers – I think it’s just a habit; Like walking into someone’s office with a bowl of mints or m&m’s reflecting brightly off the fluorescent lights. I’m sure everyone’s grabbed a handful without even thinking. I know I have.

The new me does not. The new me, sees the brightly colored bowl, acknowledges it, and feels the phantom movements towards the bowl, but then ignores it.
Misha's Portabella Crust Pizzas
The new me, planned for the Superbowl and made buffalo wings, and bacon wrapped shrimp, and had cool, crunchy sliced vegetables with great sauces. I didn’t feel the least bit cheated or undone. I did have a moment. My very thin and fit teenage son shares a love of the wavy chip and dip platter. I even taught him how to make momma’s special dip. I did ask him not to make that specific dip or buy those specific chips; but he did. During the game, I went into the kitchen to see how my dishes were coming along. There was the open bag, angled perfectly for the optimal reach and grab, waiting for me like an old friend. I actually gasped when I saw my old nemesis. My first thought was to grab the bag and roll it up and throw it in the pantry. (OK, maybe that was my second thought). But I didn’t want to be close enough to smell them.  So the new me, just backed away, went about my business and left them alone.

I had a great Superbowl Sunday.  I hope everyone made good choices. I have no regrets on what I ate. And while it may sound like wavy chips are my kryptonite, the new me doesn’t allow them wreck havoc with my food plan. I can envision myself in the near future, where I don’t gasp, I don’t run away and I don’t blink. But for now, I let them have their distance, and I keep mine. - Sister M

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A teaspoon of sugar

I found this in my son's homework today and had to share it! In case you don't think I practice what I preach #4 says "Is that a teaspoonful of unhealthy sugar?" I had to laugh when I saw this! The assignment was to use two spelling words in a sentence, somehow he worked sugar in there, just like Mom would have.

The day before I heard my 7 year old tell my 10 year old "Mom couldn't even have one of these, it has too much sugar".  For some reason I thought that was so sweet! First, they were reading a label and second they thought of my diet while sneaking a snack from the pantry!

Have a wonderful day, and remember to laugh!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Product Review and Recipes: Coconut Butter

I picked up some Coconut Butter recently at Whole Foods and decided to experiment a little with low sugar/grain-free treats. It is the same thing as Coconut Cream Concentrate, basically coconut oil with the coconut flesh. So more of the good stuff, plus all of the benefits of the oil, Coconut Butter has 1 gram of sugar, 7 grams of carbohydates and 5 grams of fiber for 2 Tbsp. It is meant to be eaten in small amounts, and each serving below is probably half of that.

The first thing I made from Coconut Butter was the "Fudge" I found on a Paleo site. It was okay, but I didn't totally love it. I was expecting something creamier than it was. It kind of looks like Marshmallow Cream in the jar... but it is not. It's a little chalky and almost peanut buttery flavored. I have Coconut Oil in my coffee every morning, and maybe that is way I don't even notice the coconut flavor in this. I realize that this will not be everyone's cup of tea (did someone say tea?!), but in case you have a jar of it in your pantry or are wanting to try out more Fast Track, Paleo and really low sugar ideas here goes:

Blueberry Bark from The Urban Cave - It is simply half cup of melted coconut butter and 1/4 cup of organic blueberres. I added cinnamon to his recipe and LOVED this! The sweetness of the berries really offsets the coconut butter. You just melt the butter and pour to out over wax paper or a glass plate and press your blueberries into it. Refrigerate it to let it set and then break it apart into little pieces. I used 1/4 Cup of Coconut Butter and maybe a 1/3 Cup of Blueberries.

Chocolate Peppermint Swirl Truffles from Primal Palatte Blog (authors of Make it Paleo) - I love their grain-free cookbook and blog. It is a young coupe who write it and they have great ideas. If you haven't checked out their book yet, I highly recommend it! I adjusted the original recipe a little and rolled them into 6 little balls:
  • 1/4 Cup melted Coconut Butter
  • 1/2 tsp Raw Cacao
  • 1/4 tsp Mint extract 
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 packet of Stevia on the Raw - my current stevia sweetener of choice
  • sprinkle of salt (because they said to)
There were also great. I have one every now and then instead of chocolate, I store them in tupperware in the refrigerator. The mint, chocolate and coconut butter flavors mix really well together. They looked like balls of raw cookie dough!

These are not my original ideas. Idea hijacking is a huge pet peeve of mine! We all spent time and effort to come up with original topics and recipes, and it is very disappointing to have someone else then claim it as their own. So please, click on over to their links!

If you have made something with coconut butter, please leave a message and share! My jar is nearly gone nowHere is a video on how to mix your Coconut Butter before the first time you use it. It has usually separated the meat from the oil in transit:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Q & A's

Thanks so much for supporting my sister on her weight loss journey! My maintenance is pretty boring and I am hoping she will share her story here often with us all. Sadly Jorge's Facebook page has turned into a complaint spot for login problems with his recipe club. I thought it would be useful to answer the questions that I get asked the most and see online, I see these over and over again.

Q. Jorge has so many books, I am confused on which one to buy and which plan to do.
Get the darker blue Belly Fat Cure book, it is the original and the easiest to follow. On Amazon it now says "Original Cookbook" on the cover but I'm not sure if all the copies say that.  That is how I lost all but my last 10 pounds. It is all about limiting your sugar and carbohydrate intake and regulating your insulin. The other books are companion guides, this the one you want.

The newer Quick Meals book (light blue/purplish) is a good book if you eat out a lot, especially fast food. Only pick up the Fast Track (red) if you are truly interested in going grain-free or have gluten issues. Skip the (orange) Carb Counter book and use www.calorieking.com to look up foods instead. Jorge has moved on from the 3 Hour Diet, which is time and calorie counting based and published in 2006.

Q. Can I have LESS than the 15 grams of sugar or 6 carb servings?
YES, Yes and yes! Those are a maximum, not a target goal. On Jorge's FAQ and in the first book he says should get all 6 carb servings, but that could actually mean as little as 35 grams of carbohydrates depending on how you spread them out. Plus he answered this question in class once and said what he actually meant was that you need to get your fiber out of the carb servings and less meant less fiber. So YES!

Q. Is your whole family, kids included, on the Belly Fat Cure (or Fast Track)?
No, they really aren't. I greatly altered my kids diet to cut way back on the sugar, up the fiber and completely eliminate all artificial sweeteners for them. Changed their bread, tortillas, milk and cereal. My kids not overweight to start with and quickly after doing this I could count their ribs, I got freaked out and decided we would not be so strict! They get dessert after dinner and after school snack, we just keep it reasonable. Here's the details on how I implemented a version of the BFC for my kids.

So yes this is hard to juggle and they all made sacrifices for a bit while I figured it all out!?

Q. I'm allergic to peanuts (or dairy, fish or whatever), can I still do the Belly Fat Cure?
I see this question ALL the time, and honestly I feel like it is just an excuse. Of course you can do the plan if you are allergic to nuts, dairy or fish! Just substitute another like food for the one you are allergic too. For example nuts are mentioned on the plan as a snack. Nuts are a good source of protein or what Jorge calls Skinny Fats. Choose another snack instead, like cheese, salami, celery,etc. The dairy allergy always confuses me, since we are allowed very limited dairy as it is. You don't HAVE to put cream in your coffee, it is just a suggestion.

Q. I lost weight the first two weeks and was really happy with that. But the 3rd week I gained a pound. What am I doing wrong.
Oh my, I have seen this question dozens of times and I DO have an answer for you: Who says your doing anything wrong? Just keep it up, keep doing the diet exactly as it is written. Ignore the scales and try to weight less often. Some days the scale measures you up, some days lower. As long as the overall is lower, you are on the right track.

If it has been longer than two weeks and you have not lost weight, make sure you are following these guidelines for 5/2 S/C Value per meal along with the 15/6 per day. That is really important so that you can truly control your insulin levels. Make sure you are getting 25 grams of fiber a day through food, not through chia and flax seeds or supplements.

Q. I can't buy the specific products where I live that are mentioned in the book, can I still do the Belly Fat Cure?
Here is what you need to do the BFC: Protein and green vegetables. Period. Pretty much all the products listed in the book are found at Whole Foods and Sprouts, but are difficult to find elsewhere. So if you live outside the U.S. or without a Whole Foods you're screwed... although not really. You don't need a single one of those products to do the BFC. Not a single one! There are numerous products that are just as good as the ones in the book at your corner store, no matter where you live. Just check the labels and look at the product reviews here. I've sought out most of the products listed in the book and most still sit lounging in my cupboard. You don't need them, but some are nice to try. I put together an Amazon list of all the products from the book HERE if you really have to have them.

I hope you found these useful! If you have a specific question feel free to leave a comment here and I'll try to answer or others in our wonderful BFC community will help you out. You can also EMAIL me! Check out my older Q&A here for older questions too.