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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reader Profile: Nicole Brower

Recently I met Nicole Brower, who is featured in Jorge Cruise's new Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals book (pg.5 and and the back cover). She is a beautiful 32 year old Mother of two and I thought she would be perfect for a Q&A, so we can all find out exactly how she lost her weight. Nicole and I had been "Internet friends" before we met, so I kind of knew her story. But in person, I literally found it hard to believe she had ever been overweight by any amount. She just looked TOO good!

So here are the questions I was dying to ask her, because her weight loss is incredible and we can all learn something from how she did it!

Q: First, how much did you lose and how long did it take?
Nicole: Ive now lost a total of 89 lbs and 17 1/2inches off my waist. I started BFC 6/1/10 and by 12/1/10  I was down 86lbs and 15 inches off my waist. 6 months was all!

Q: How often did you weight yourself?
Nicole: Everyday. I recorded my weight on the calender as well. Seeing the scale drop everyday was a lot of motivation to keep on going. To this day I still weigh everyday and record it.

Q: Was there an event or something that was the turning point for you, that made you really want to lose the weight.
Nicole: Ive always been into trying to lose weight, and to be healthy. I am (or was) the definition of a yo-yoer. I've had success numerous times on a few other weight loss plans and diet pills, but as soon as I lost, all the weight came back.

Right before I started BFC, I was outside with my sister who was reading the guidelines of the BFC to me and the type of things I would need to change in my diet..as I sat down in the lawn chair, I literally busted through the chair and to the ground.  I started bfc the next day!

Q: Can you tell us what a regular day of eating looks like for you? Everyone wants to know what you are eating!
Nicole: Right now I follow FT.. so breakfast is usually eggs with some cheese or some kinda of omelet w/cheese and green peppers. On a really rushed morning I will eat some cheese and almonds. I always have coffee, first thing. I use heavy whipping cream along with unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk.
if I have a snack I have celery with raw almond butter. Sometimes cream cheese or 25 raw almonds.

lunch: I will have a spring mix lettuce or spinach leaves with grilled chicken, avocado, olive oil and vinegar and a little bit of shredded cheese and black olives. I have do admit some days I don't have a lunch if I'm too full from my snack.

dinner: I eat a lot of grilled meats along with green veggies.  I love green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and artichokes. I also have been eating a lot of stuffed mushrooms or jalapenos lately. I just put a mixture of cream cheese, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese with garlic, salt and pepper sprinkled with flax seeds. Sometimes i wrap in bacon..but not all the time! Sometimes I have red wine or chardonnay either while I'm making dinner, or after.

Q: What is the hardest part of the day for you food wise, and how do you get through it?
Nicole: Starting out, the hardest part was after dinner. In the past, I always told myself I had to eat some sort of dessert while watching my nightly t.v. shows. I usually ate a huge bowl of yogurt with granola and chocolate chips. I honestly didn't think that that was too bad.

So, instead of a dessert, I started having a glass of wine, or two. For me that did the trick.  I also discovered that when having wine, it completely kills the urge for me to want to snack.

Q: Do you have a favorite food?
Nicole: Steak. I love it.  I honestly like any kind of grilled meats, but steak is my favorite thing ever!

Q: What do you eat when you have a craving?
Nicole: I honestly have lost cravings. Sometimes if we have dark chocolate in the house, or think thin bars, I will take a bite. But those items can sit around for weeks before they're gone. I'd  much rather eat some brie with salami and some wine if i want something really satisfying.

Q: Do you exercise? If so what do you do?
Nicole: I do exercise. 6 days a week. I run 3-4 times a week at the gym, along with weights. The other 2 or 3 days I workout at home doing kettlebells, and I highly recommend them! Along with tracking my weight daily on the calender, I also put a star on the days i workout. Although, I always take Tuesdays off... it's just more satisfying to see all the stars at the end of the month.

Q: Are you BFC or FT or something in between?
Nicole: Right now I fast track. For my first 15 months I was BFC. I started FT in Sept. '11.  I Did the two week plan and then went back to BFC. I then start getting horrible headaches, so I decided to go back to fast track and my headaches completely went away. So i now have being doing FT since October, and I lost an additional 3lbs and 2 1/2 inches off my waist. Right now I love being grain free.

Q: What is your plan to keep it off?
Nicole: I plan to eat like this forever. Whether its FT or BFC. I love everything I'm able to eat, and for once in my life I have been able to maintain my weight loss. Ive now had all my weight off for 13 months, which I've never been able to do on other diets, and to me this is not a diet. I think most people in my life have now accepted this is the way I eat and no longer try to sabotage my ways. That is probably the hardest thing to get  past. There will be so many people who want try to get  you to take 'just one bite' or say you're 'small now, its ok', but it's not OK. I've made the commitment to myself to eliminate hidden sugars, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners. I don't ever want to put those poisons in my body again.

I'm just going to keep working out, eating right, and to remember this is the ONE thing I do for ME!

Thanks Nicole, there is some really great advice here that I plan on following myself! She also shared her Margarita recipe that fits the Belly Fat Cure HERE.


  1. She looks amazing! Thanks Amber.

  2. Nicole you look incredible, it's hard to believe that you would break thru a chair, but hey, if that's what it took to get you started...and now you're the victor! Congrats.
    Amber-great interview, it's soo encouraging to read these kind of stories.

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  6. Thank you for this! I love hearing details from people who have had success with this program. I really struggled with Fast Track and eventually fell on my face, so now I am just doing BFC. A little confused as to how much carbs and sugar I can have, but I am just having a Thomas Whole Wheat Light English Muffin in the morning and a little carbs for lunch and that's it. It may be too much. I am publishing this as anonymous because I haven't signed up for the other ones... Julie

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