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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Want to get Motivated?

Anthony 200+lbs, Me 53 lbs, Nicole 86 lbs
I was so excited to be invited by Jorge Cruise to film a segment for his upcoming Recipe Club. I was joined by a handful of other dieters, most of whom I already knew, yet was thrilled to meet in person. There is nothing like spending time with people with similar goals and struggles to your own. It's funny how you'd think all we have in common is our food, but it's much more than that. To see the video footage, make sure you get signed up and are getting Jorge's emails. I believe Dec. 9th is the day our party will be shown. Fingers crossed I don't come off looking like a nervous goof-ball. But then, this post is not about me...

Ali 15 lbs, Rosalie 90 lbs, Me and Nicole
One thought that kept coming to my mind when we were all together was how beautiful they all were. Seriously, they were all amazing and had beauty radiating from the inside. But they are real people with real struggles who have all overcome obesity. I have done Q&A's with both Rosalie and Anthony here on my blog, but Nicole is next! That beautiful tiny woman lost 86 lbs and is 32 years old. She also did my eye makeup for the day, so I love her even more.

Now that I have overused the word beautiful a thousand times, I want to make sure you know they are all just normal people. Just like you. Yes, you there. Hi, I see you reading along... No personal Jorge concierge service, personal trainers or crazy workouts. Normal folk, just like you. Some are emotional eaters, others (like me) are binge eaters and one person said she is just a big eater. Period. Some have always been overweight, since childhood, and others used to be thin and gained it later in life. Notice I don't say WERE, but ARE. We just have the proper tools with the Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track to manage those compulsions.

Me and Jorge - he was so gracious
The second thing I came away with was that none of them made excuses or did the diet half way. They were determined. They had made up their mind to lose their weight. Oh, they HAD lots of excuses, lots of good excuses, to not take the effort to diet. Medical and personal issues. I bet some of their excuses might be better than yours even. What do you think? How about we put all those excuses aside, and put YOU and your health in front of all that. Scooch your butt first in line and tell those excuses to move on back. Those excuses are just feeding your fear of failure, they really are. Sure life isn't easy and you may have special circumstances, but living with obesity isn't making it any easier.

If any of these people look like someone you aspire to be, then simply decide it's worth it. Are you worth it? (the answer is YES!) Then make sure every step you take is a step towards that. And psst....  You are beautiful too, maybe you just don't know it yet.

Please click on over to Dawn's wonderful blog for new tips on surviving the holidays on the BFC!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time. It's nice when you can meet people in person after knowing them so long over the internet. You all look wonderful!

  2. A day of renewal for you too? I appreciate your inspiring post. It's often easy to get discourage and give up in the moment, but we just give up to added lbs and health issues.
    So for those who may read this-I add my encouragement: Seek out support, FB discussion group, blogging. It will be a help to you too.
    Take Care Amber...you look beautiful too.

  3. You guys all look beautiful! I can't wait until Jorge's new book comes out! I really do love my new way of eating and with you guys looking so good and me feeling full by this lifestyle, it is one that I'm encouraged to continue! I hope this makes sense because I'm still on my first cup of tea :)

  4. Hi Amber, What a great inspirational post. If anyone doesn't want to keep doing the BFC after reading this - they are nuts!!
    I had such a great time and it was so Fantastic to finally meet you.
    How was that for a word? LOL

  5. This is so great that you guys got to meet up and hang out with Jorge, and be in the video! You really are all beautiful, no way getting around it!! And you are all so inspiring and motivating - thank you !

  6. You all look amazing!!! I am intrigued by Nicole. Since she is younger, she could be an inspiration to the young women out there that really need the BFC too. I am just so thankful/grateful/blessed to have found all of you:)
    Thanks Amber! You are proof that hard work and determination work and are rewarded!!!

  7. Thanks for the fresh inspiration. Sign me up for beautiful!

  8. Hi Amber! What a great post!! Thank you, I think it was something I needed to hear. Although I have had a very good year with my weight loss, lately, I have been lollygagging (who the heck made up THAT word??? Lol...but I love using it because I am a lollygagger!)and it seems like I have been gaining & losing the same weight for the past few months. I am tired of the rollercoaster ride & I am ready to get off now. Its full out comittment & I need to get that back into the equation.
    You look fabulous, as does everyone else and look how tiny your waist is??!! Mine is getting smaller but I cant wait for it to be tiny someday.
    Hvae a great weekend my friend and thanks again for great wisdom.

  9. I hope it inspired you all, seeing them all really did for me! Kay - It was really hard to picture any of the ppl there as being obese recently, but they were! Ive "known" Nicole for awhile and had asked her a while back if I could do a Q&A and after meeting her I cant wait to do it!

  10. I'm motivated! I'm motivated! You guys all look so great, you really would never know that any of you was ever overweight. I re-read your interviews with Rosie and Anthony because I love hearing how they felt going thru their losses! I am looking forward to your interview with Nicole!
    Thanks for your tips on snacking, I might try portioning one out for between lunch and dinner, since that is my longest stretch.

  11. Hi Amber, great post, really enjoyed it. I definitely fall into the emotional eating category. If I relax too much it rears it's face, until I rise above it again. Hope your allergies are better. I'm a little better and definitely staying strong on this challenge! Thanks for all of you comments and encouragement.

    Your day with Jorge looked amazing! It must have felt great meeting everyone! Can't wait to see the video!

  12. Thank you for this blog. This is just what I needed today.

  13. Thanks for sharing the great pictures with us and you guys all looks so skinny. Love the blog today and I dont even want to come up with any more excuses. I cant wait until the new book comes out with all the new recipes.

  14. Amber, I haven't had a chance to sit down, catch up on blogs and comment. This is a wonderful post, filled with motivating information. I am intrigued by Nicole andl ook forward to your interview. I don't recall her in either of the books. I am so glad you had the day with everyone. It's good to get reinspired and sounds like you did that. Please keep sharing with us. Your blog is important to me. Hugs to you from me.

  15. Hi Amber!

    Thank you for continuing to post about your lifestyle changes /experience with the BFC. You have inspired me to begin (again). I bought the books last year and began, with much success, but then fell off the wagon when we went on a cruise a few weeks later. I then found your blog and through a combination of Jorge's books, website, and recipes, as well as your blog, I have began again and feel great!!!

    Thank you for continuing to post and for encouraging others along the way.


  16. I needed this kick in the butt, Amber. Thank you!!