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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe: Zucchini Boat

Zucchini Boats
For some reason I am a much more creative cook when I remove grains from my diet. You REALLY have to think outside the box! I saw this recipe (don't kick me, because yes it was on Pinterest) and I modified it a bit to fit Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track. So my tip for surviving the holidays today is to EAT WELL. If you eat good satisfying meals that have healthy fats and are high in protein you will feel less hungry, less stressed and more less likely to snack or cheat throughout the day.

These turned out beautifully, good enough to serve guests. I had very large zucchini, so this was my entire dinner and it was filling. With small zucchini they could be a great appeitzer so side dish. Treat them like breadless bruschetta even!

Zucchini Boats Recipe:
2 Large green zucchini
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Crushed Garlic Cloves
3 Tbsp Cottage Cheese (any soft cheese will do)
1 Small Tomato
2 Tbsp Parmesen Cheese
Sprinkling of Sea Salt and your favorite herbs 
2 Tbsp Mozzerella (optional - I didn't add this)

How To:
I washed the zucchini and cut them in half lengthwise (unpeeled) then scored them down the middle. I figured this would help them cook faster and let the goodness seep down into them. Sprinkle with Sea Salt. I drizzled with the Olive Oil and them spread the Garlic on top. Then I added the Cottage Cheese. I just used what I had - any spreadable cheese would do. Next time I plan on using goat's cheese or ricotta. Use the cheese you like! I cut the Tomato into very think slices and laid them on top. Then sprinkled with the Parmesen Cheese and herbs. I used fresh Rosemary from my garden and Italian Seasonings. If you want to make yours extra cheesy, then add more cheese or even mozzarella cheese on top. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. I actually used my toaster oven for these, since it was still warm from making the kids dinner. Enjoy!

The original recipe I modified is from Proud Italian. I can imagine this with several other toppings, including bacon! Later I also came across another Pinterest pin on Zucchini Pizza which is basically the same thing. I've pinned about 120 recipes on Pinterest so far that fit the Fast Track and Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure. You can peruse then HERE.  I know fellow BFCers Pattie and Dawn are busy pinning over there too! Pinterest is my FAVORITE social media of 2011.


  1. LOVE Pinterest! I have this pinned already! I need to try it :) Looks good.


  2. I gotta tell ya, those look pretty darned yummy. I like zucchini so I will have to try this recipe. I still cant figure out how to use that pinterest. I need someone to do a "101" class with me. I still want to find the egg cupcake recipe you posted not too long ago.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom & recipes.

  3. They look great Amber. I LOVE pinterest. I am actually trying to limit myself right now, because I can be alittle obsessed and I have so much to do for the holidays, and could surely put the time to some better uses! But January 1....watch out. I'm giving in to my pinterest cravings!!!Hugs from me to you!

  4. Thanks Amber! This looks so good!

  5. I will have to make these. I don't love zucchini, but hey it looks good!

  6. oh my goodness, i just went to that site pinerest which i had never heard of until seeing your blog. the first page of recipes look so delicious mmmmmm thanks for sharing plus that zuchinni dish looks delicious

  7. Yum Amber, I don't know what wouldn't taste good with fresh garlic and Parmesan cheese on top! I tried your zucchini lasagna the other night and it was REALLY good! Thanks!

  8. Thank you Amber-who knew that little green veggie could offer so much. My daughter (who's never been an lb overweight) really love the zucchini ribbons...me too.
    Take Care

  9. These look great! Another great use of zucchini! Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I'm new and a teeny bit lost on pinterest too. Like for instance I clicked on your link to the recipes there, and saw the beautiful pictures, but no info on the recipes themselves... Am I missing something simple, or are they only posted here (the actual recipe)? Either way, that stuff looked awesome over there and I'm desperate for ideas. Thanks!