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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dark Chocolate Review Part 4

I will definitely be getting Dark Chocolate in my stocking this year. My sweet husband actually surprised me last year with two brands I've never seen before. Dark Chocolate is a perfect treat or dessert on the Belly Fat Cure (and Fast Track), Paleo and Primal diet and for diabetics. I love that I can have just a square or two, and I don't crave the whole bar!

My regular and favorite Dark Chocolate is Ghirardelli 86% Midnight Reverie. I find it at Target and my corner grocery store. When I see it on sale I stock up. And this probably won't surprise you, but I have a chocolate drawer in my house and have a piece or more almost every night. My 7 yr old loves it too!

If you have tried Dark Chocolates already and didn't like them, I'm going to suggest you wait a few weeks and try again. Your palate changes when you remove sugar from your diet. I HATED Dark Chocolate at first. I think I actually spit it out.  Check out all my Dark Chocolate Reviews HERE.

Droste Pastilles Extra Dark 75% - I really love this Dutch made chocolate. It's cocoa content is higher than the others, which basically means you can have less of it. They come in a tube little circular discs that are yummy. I found these at Target. I have 4 of the pieces for 5 grams sugar, 8 grams carbs and 1.5 grams of fiber for an S/C Value of 5/1.

Godiva Santa Domingo 85% - This was a great find and a really good chocolate. I found this bar at Target one day, but my store doesn't usually carry it. Also for some reason it is not on Godiva's website, but I think several pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS) may carry it. It has 5 grams of sugar, 14 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fiber for an S/C Value of 5/1 for 4 squares.
Cote D'or 86% Noir Brut -This is a great dark chocolate that my corner produce market carries. They have an elephant imprint on each square and taste like very dark chocolate. This bar has 6 grams of sugar, 13 grams of carb and 5 grams of fiber for an S/C Value of 6/1 for 4 squares.

Amberlyn - I don't eat these chocolates because they contain Maltitol, and in any quantities it upsets my stomach. But I know lots of people who love these chocolates bars. They are sometimes available at Costco, but I don't see them in regular stores. Depending on which bar you choose they have between 0 (dark) - 3 (milk) grams of sugar, 19 grams of carbs and up to 2 grams of fiber. They are a good transitional chocolate if the true dark chocolate doesn't taste good quite yet.

Dark Chocolate is my favorite treat on the Belly Fat Cure and what I will be having on holiday evenings this year! Please check out Dawn's blog for my holiday survival tips!


  1. My favorite dark chocolate so far has been Trader Joe's brand 85% dark chocolate.

  2. Great post Amber. I love the green and black's organic 85%. It is so creamy. The ghiradelli is my next favorite. I have been buying it at the ghiradelli site. If you search the web there are coupon codes, and it brings the price down. I like to buy a carton of the small squares in the bag. That way, it is portion controlled perfectly and I'm not tempted to break a bigger piece! I used to HATE dark chocolate too. I mean really hate it. I thought it tasted like dirt. But my mindset changed when I was craving something sweet, trying to follow the BFC and stay with in my sugar limits. I thought, hmmmm. this isn't horrible, and each time I had it, it tasted better and better. I try to tell that to people but they won't listen. My son swears it helps improve his mood, and he loves it too. I'm putting some G&B's in his stocking this year! Also CVS does have the Godiva that you mentioned. I also found it at HomeGoods too! Big chocolate hugs from me to you!

  3. I was not a big fan of dark chocolate the first time I tried it, but now I love it too. :-)

  4. Once your palate changes-milk chocolate loses it's appeal: too sweet, not 'chocolate-y'.
    Rich dark chocolate & reddi whip have saved me too many times to mention...like everyday! Thanks for the posting.

  5. I totally agree! I did not like dark chocolate when I started BFC, but I LOVE it now! Its something you may have to come back to. Thanks so much for sharing your favorites too!

  6. Yay for chocolate! ;) I can't go for long without it- keeps me sane. y most favorite is Green and Black's, but it's too expensive for every day.

  7. Ok, true confessions here. I HATE dark chocolate! I have never liked it. I dont know if there is hope for me in this dept. Perhaps someday my palate will change but it hasntin 45 yrs so im not holding my breath. My hubby loves dark choc.

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