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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

My boys playing the Michael Jackson Experience
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My allergies have been really bothering me, even after a round of antibiotics for a respiratory infection. So I have not been online much. But we had a great Christmas

 The boys got a few Wii Games for Christmas and they were a little hit and miss. The dancing games were a HUGE success and the whole family loved them. Wii Go Vacation got mixed reviews. The 10 year old loves it, but it brings out the worst in the 7 yr old. He doesn't have the patience to figure it out and gets very mad! Ugh. But we all enjoyed the dancing and laughed the whole time!

I cooked a lot this last week. I want my kids to be more adventurous eaters - so no tears over Thanksgiving dinner in 2012! I find Pinterest to be great for recipes, since it is all visual. These roasted chickpeas were super! And the whole family ate them. Christmas day I stuck a whole chicken, with what is left of my herb garden, in the crockpot and it was ready for lunch. I tried roasted red cabbage, but it turned out really bitter.
Mommy's little helper
Santa refused to deliver presents until the house was clean, so I got a little help! I have to watch out for this one... he's trouble.
Star Wars Phone Covers
I made these phone covers for the kids and they were a big hit. They are Chewbacca and Yoda for the non-Star Wars fans. I love doing crafts, especially ones that the family will actually use! Chewy turned out extra cute!

I asked for a nice pair of PJs. The ones I wanted were men's wear inspired from J. Crew, but this is what I got. I'm pretty sure they found them in the Jr's dept. On the up side, I got an exercise Hula Hoop! It is the 3lb model and very cool! I've never been able to hula hoop but this I can do. I love doing the Hula Hoop on Wii Fit and I swear that it really tightens your lower belly (from the belly button down). This is much more difficult than Wii Fit and I'm excited about it! This should totally be my new profile pic, don't ya think? Complete with unwashed face and nappy hair.

I am thinking lots about goals for 2012, what about you? Usually my goal is centered around weightloss, and that will not be the case this time (you know, since I've lost the weight). I'll write more about this later, I'm still figuring it out!


  1. I love roasted chickpeas! Your phone covers turned out cute. I have yet to check out pinterest, but it sounds sort of similar to food gawker. Have you seen food gawker yet? I typed in low carb in the search box and here are the recipes that came up...


  2. sounds like you had a great Christmas! I think I'm going to make those chickpeas right now- that sounds awesome! Have a great day! ;)

  3. Looks like a fun and relaxed Christmas. Love the hula hoop. I can't do it either! Just don't have that rhythm! Isn't it great that weight loss isn't a goal this year. I can't wait for that to happen to me! Big hugs from me to you!

  4. The chickpeas/garbanzo beans were terrific! Kind of like corn nuts! I will be making them again for sure.

  5. I've made the chickpeas in the past and they are yummy! I must go back and make them again. I also thought of you when I was on the WheatBelly blog and made the 1 min. muffins. They are made in a coffee mug and cooked in the microwave for a min. Now that's my kinda cooking! I used 2 packs of truvia instead of the xylitol and adorn the muffin with whipped cream cheese and Nature's Hollow Apricot preserves! Yummy, good Omega-3's, lotsa fiber and fast! Now that's my kind of breakfast! My 9 yr old son got the new Just Dance 3 and he LOVES it! I haven't seen him Iand his 14 yr old sister) in 2 days! LOL! Anyhow, check out that recipe. I totally ate it and thought of you :)

  6. HI Amber,
    I love all your pictures. Wii games are fun, but I have no one to play with me. I have to do it alone. :-)
    I do love chick peas but have not eaten them since starting the BFC, about time I start again huh?
    Have a great day :-)

  7. You are so cute!!! I think the hula hoop would be a blast. I wish I had the dance party!

  8. I get so confused. Are chickpeas FT or BFC? I love them.

  9. Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans are a legume and officially not part of Jorge's Fast Track. I havent had them the last 2 months. But after reading and researching, I will be having them on occasion, even though I plan on being wheat free for a year.

  10. How fabulous is that--to be preparing for New Year's and NOT have weight loss as a goal. It's been mine every year for as long as I can remember!!

  11. You are very lucky! You have a beautiful family! Happy Holidays!

  12. I've been trying the South Beach diet but I am addicted to diet coke and while looking up DC and the belly fat diet I came across your blog.
    I'll be visiting often ;)