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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tday Wrap Up

Turkey, gravy, brussel sprouts, twice baked butternut squash
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Not too stressful and not too over stuffed. We had a really laid back day, we were in no rush and just ate when it was done. I had committed to going for a run, but really didn't want to leave the warm cozy house... but I did. And I really enjoyed it! I hope I learned a lesson from that (again...) Here is a photo of my plate. I had a little more turkey and gravy later. I nixed one of the veggies dishes because it seemed like too many, but when I went to fill up my plate, I was missing a green vegetable. I honestly did not miss the grains, which surprised me.

My oldest son spent 45 minutes trying to teach us the rules of his new Lego Heroica board game. I felt really old and didn't understand anything. He has all these tiny details of it memorized. But we played it while the final food cooked and the turkey sat. All the cooking was exhausting, but my Husband did a lot of the cleaning up, so that helped. I had a huge food battle with my sons over dinner, they both threw a fit over mashed potatoes. MASHED POTATOES. It is my fault because I let them eat "kid food" and make them separate dinners all the time.  So my goal is to have them eating regular people food, less kid food, by next year. Ugh! I did not let them have dessert because they threw such a fit. Seriously, there was crying and some (fake?) vomiting noises. Oy vay people, it was mashed potatoes.

I have a nice cocktail Christmas party to go to in San Francisco soon and wanted to try putting my hair up. I saw this thing on Pinterest on how to make a bun with a sock. A SOCK! So I did it and it was perfect. But the front was kind of boring and very dark, so I'll have to work on it. My hair has grown a lot this year. It always used to grow very fast, then didn't and now does again. But it needs a good trim, and the bun could hide the split ends. I even made a glitter hairband (it matches the belt) but I'm not sure a 42 yr old should wear a glitter headband.

Here is the outfit I put together. The dress is from Old Navy for only $34 and is a matte satin. The belt is Anthropologie and I have loved it forever, but used this outfit as a excuse to get it. Not sure about the shoes. Maybe black tights and shoes are better for a winter night in the city. The dress is an XS, which was super cool! Old Navy is sized very generously, but can be annoying when you get home with the wrong size. Frequently I swin in a Small from Old Navy. But I was always thankful that I fit in their Large before I lost the weight. I'm not totally sure all that (freckled) shoulder showing suits me, but a nice necklace should top it off.

Here are the recipe links for the my gravy and twice baked butternut squash. It all turned out very good.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the Sock Bun tutorial. She started out with a very pretty ponytail, which I need a little help with!


  1. Amber, you look stunning in that dress!!!!! And an EXTRA SMALL????!!! Holy cow!!!!! I think the shoes you have with it look nice but maybe some spakly ones would really spice it up! You are worth every penny so go spluge on yourself a little!! I LOVE shoes & have a closet full of them! And I LOVE to wear heels even though they hurt my feet sometimes, but they make you look so much slimmer.
    I cant beleive your boys were fussing over eating mashed potatoes....lol, too funny! YOu wouldnt here any gaggy noises from this girl...I say bring it on!!! lol Have a great day & glad you had a nice day yest with your family.

  2. Hi Amber. I can so relate to your kids and the mashed potatoes. My 21 year old still won't eat them, and I think there was some fake gagging noises at the table too!! The other two finally came around several years ago. Now they say, why didn't you make us eat all of the stuff that tastes so good? You can't win. I love the dress and I am so impressed at the XS. I can't believe that! I am no fashionista, but IMHO I would Add danlgy chandelier earrings, something sparkly and forget about the necklace. The belt is stunning and sort of the focal point, so accentuate your face with the earrings and I think the look will be more balanced. Also, I think the dress is to delicate looking for black tights, although I do love them with the right outfit. I would go bare legged with a satiny pump or slingback. I have been doing that for a long time ( going bare leg) ever since I read that Princess Diana never wore stockings, and then I noticed that all the movie stars that I see photos of, always are bare legged. Sally Hansen makes this great product called Air Brush Legs. You spray it on, or just over spots you want to even out, and it's great. They make a Air Brush Shimmer which is also nice to give your legs a shimmery glow, and it doesn't look like you're a teenager either! So that's my opinion. Hope you don't mind that I gave it! Whatever you do, you will look fantastic I'm sure! Hugs from me to you!
    PS Skip the glitter headband, but you could tuck a little glitter bobby pin or two somewhere in the bun. That would be sexy!

  3. XS...yeah for you! Sherri is our resident stylist-that's good to know! I love the belt-it add that little something extra-and it accentuates that cute little waist.
    Best wishes!

  4. Way to go having your run, Amber!! I was lazy and did nothing. :)

    You look really pretty, and I like sparklies, too.

    I don't make special meals for the kids anymore, I just make sure there's something on the table for everyone. And they have to take a no thank you bite of everything, but don't have to eat anymore than that if they don't want to.

  5. The dress and belt are beautiful. I agree with Patty, Sparkly dangle earrings would be prettier than a necklace and skip the tights. Some strappy silver or nude sandals would look pretty with it. Nude colors are supposed to make legs look longer and I'm all for that since I'm barely 5'3". If you use the spray on leg stuff, do it over an old towel. The stuff works great, but don't try to go too much darker than your legs because it makes a huge mess :) It sounds like Patty and I like to try all of the same beauty products :) That's funny about the mashed potatos. My 14 yr old daughter makes instant mashed potatoes for breakfast every morning, much to my chagrin. I call her the carb queen, but am just happy if they eat something....anything....for breakfast.
    Happy Black Friday!

  6. I totally agree with Pattie on the dress and accessories. And you are NOT too old:) Geesh, think of me at 54!
    Here's a blog that has the cutest ideas for hair! I really enjoy reading her ideas and she does a lot of thrift clothes shopping, which I have never done, but may need to someday:)
    Your family is beautiful and so are you! An XS??? Girl, you are working way too hard if you are already an XS? Where else is there to go?
    My kids all eat things that I have never eaten now. What??? They didn't get that as kids and they love it as adults. It feels so good to know that I didn't warp them where food is concerned at least!
    Have a great day!

  7. Thanks for all the fashion advice!! I will find some sparkly drop earrings, I think that is ideal. I just need to figure out the shoes...

    Im only an XS on Old Navy! Go there if you are having a "fat day" and it will cheer you up :) Everywhere else Im a S or M and I won't complain about that!

    Im so glad Im not the only one who struggles with food issues with the kids. I need a better approach to this problem.

  8. Love the dress! Take a photo the night of the party too so we can see how it turned out!

  9. Amber, I love the dress and the hair you are gonna knock their socks off. I was feeling guilty when I read you ran yesterday....on a holiday wow that is impressive. I am glad you posted the twice baked squash recipe I want to give it a try.

  10. Hi Amber,
    The dress is beautiful and so are you in it,,
    I would nix the necklace idea too. It would compete with the arm and neckline of the dress. Big question I went on the small things blog to find the instructions for the "sock bun". I was not able to get it no matter what I clicked on. Can you help me with this as I'm going to be 75 in a few weeks and need a little change to go with the weight loss. I wear a bun all the time but need a better softer version like the one you made.
    Thanks for any help you can give

  11. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! That is a beautiful dress! I loved all Pattie's advice as well! I had no idea that Old Navy's sizes are bigger on you than other stores. I think I heading there today for a morale boost, lol!

  12. You look awesome. And while you may choose to skip the glitter headband in favor of some nice pins, don't skip it because you are "too old". That is silly. You look vibrant and amazing, and are only too old for pigtails, not a head band!

  13. It's me again,,,,I found what I was looking for on YOUR blog lol I was able to see the how to pictures. and then connect to watch the videos.
    It is now 11:45 so I'll have to try these points tomorrow,,

  14. HI Amber, Love the food - Love the bun and Love the dress!
    Before BFC I could never fit into anything at Old Navy. No matter what size it was. I wore a 18-20 but couldn't even fit into a size 22 jeans over there. Now everything is real big.
    Have a great day :-)

  15. Help! I've been on the Fast Track since Oct 8th. I lost 13 pounds and 2 1/2 inches from my waist but haven't lost another pound since. Any suggestions?