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Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Fast Track Ideas

What I love about doing the Fast Track is that it makes me look at food in a different way. I am a carb-oholic and to completely remove grains from my diet is actually freeing (if not a little scary at first). I am also a research-oholic and have done my homework on grains and now understand their effect on my body. The first time I did Fast Track I had not done that, and I really struggled with cravings. I'm actually surprised at how excited I am to be "on a diet"! Ha! So here is what I'm eating on the Fast Track:

Baked chicken is a typical dinner in my house. I make a different side dish for the kids and I'm set. For this I put frozen boneless chicken breasts in a casserole dish. Spread mayonnaise on both sides and sprinkled with my favorite seasoning.  About half way through I covered it lightly with Parmesan cheese. Super simple.
Baked Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Mixed Green Salad
These are my Coconut Flake Crepes from an earlier blog. I made up a batch and they have solved my (egg hating) breakfast problem. This version of the pancakes is pretty thin, so I spread on cream cheese and add in a small hand full of berries. They aren't much, but I love these! (Jorge has crepes in the book but they are (you guessed it) too egg for me).
Coconut Flake Crepes w/ Blueberries & Cream Cheese
My Husband travels sometimes for work, so I have to admit I need a tiny break from being the only parent. On budget (for time and money) In N Out saves the day! I get one order of fries for all three of us and I do have a few. I get a Double Double Protein Style, no onions, no sauce with mustard and an Iced Tea. You can order these at any fast food place, even McDs. Order anything and say "No Bun". I'm not proud of this, but it's the real deal.

I pulled out my crockpot for some slow cooking. I put in some of the roast meat chucks from the rancher's CSA, added a few whole roasted green chilies and 1/4 Cup of green enchilada sauce and left for the entire day. When I got home it was fully cooked and I used a fork to shredded it. I served it on three pieces of iceberg lettuce for each taco with cheese, and a tiny amount of salsa and sour cream. It was great! Kale or a better lettuce is a smarter choice, but I used what I had. The next day I heated it up in a skillet and topped it with an egg for lunch. Both were extremely good meals!

Remember, your snack doesn't always have to be sweet. This is a combo of olives, which are one of the Skinny Fats from the Fast Track that Jorge Cruise wants us to eat. Kind of weird to combine it with tea, but I had already eaten my Dark Chocolate for the night ;-) These are Kalamata, Lucques and green olives stuffed with garlic.
Savory Evening Snack - Olives & Tea
I see so many great ideas that fit into the Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track around the web, most need a tiny adjustment to fit in perfectly. This sweet little idea is from one of my favorite blogs Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. She used cream cheese and confectioner's sugar to fill them. Of course we would leave out the the sugar, use stevia if you must. Or even frozen whipped cream if you are serving them immediately. But how beautiful are these little treats? They will be great for the holidays too!
Beautifully Simple Treat - used w/ permission
What are you eating on your diet today?


  1. That is what I love about the Fast Track, too, the freedom from the grains. I love Parmesan baked chicken, yum! If only hubby liked baked chicken. ;( And I've done the raspberry thing at my house, except for I use the canned whipped cream! Perfect! and I have that in my house all the time.

  2. I have been using my crock pot a lot the past several weeks. I have also been enjoying a similiar dish: I took left over crock pot roast added some green chillies, green enchilada sauce, placed that in the bottom of a bowl and toped the whole mixture with avo, sour cream and two fried eggs...yum.

  3. While on the FT I made buffalo-style chicken wraps. I mixed canned chicken, but you could use fresh-cooked, with Frank's hot sauce, a little blue cheese dressing, but you could substitute blue cheese crumbles and chopped celery. I ate them off of romaine lettuce leaves. The shape of the lettuce leaves were perfect "scoops".


  4. Wow, you always have such great ideas! Love the meal ideas in the comments too!

  5. You guys all have great ideas! I made Jorges Chili/egg bake (from FT book) but put in seperate ramekins and baked like Dawn bakes her egg cups. They saved up well in the fridge. I just pop one in the microwave and Yummy like a chili relleno :)

  6. omg! those raspberries are an amazing idea!!!!

  7. I made the chicken tonight, my husband absolutely LOVED it!!

  8. I love the chicken idea. I will have to try using the mayo and cheese. I got a little burned out on eating so much chicken but if I try a new way of eating it that could help. Thanks for sharing some great ideas with us.

  9. I love all your great ideas. Fantastic :-)

  10. YUM-ME!! How long do you bake the chicken?

  11. I want to start the BFC plan, but I have very bad lactose issues and I dont like animal meats. I love seafood and tofu. Can this plan be tweak to suit my concern,Any ideas?

  12. ...and I love your tea pot.
    I bought some raspberries-I'm going to use my reddi whip, but what a fun way to appreciate those beautiful berries.

  13. Harlemgal - Just skip the little bit of dairy that there is, it is not a requirement & you might lose weight faster w/o it! Seafood & tofu are fine. Jorge doesnt like GMO tofu, that is why he doesnt mention it much.

    Jeri - I love that teapot too! It was a gift from my parents :)

  14. WOW. You look awesome in those "series" pix. How much weight did you loose and how long is it between the first photo and the last?

  15. I have a couple questions on the FT plan. For the 2 week menu, can you substitute the Ultimate Carb Swap recipes? Also what do you saute the tilapia, steak, etc. in? Really want to do this but want to do it right. Thanks

  16. You can substitute any protein/fat/veg/treat for any other protein/fat/veg/treat in the FT book. Just keep it in the same category and you are fine. Most importantly completely avoid all grains and legumes. I grill my meats usually, but you can use butter or oils also. Hope that helps!




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