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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Measurements Guide

One of the jokes that I share with fellow dieters is the math... oh the math! I've used more math trying to calculate sugar and carbs (and carb servings on the Belly Fat Cure) than I had used in all my adult years! I find that I MUST measure my servings sizes, I can't really eyeball it or I easily go over my S/C Values. I love this visual that I found on Pinterest from Julie Yoon's blog (image used with permission) and wanted to share it with you all! I have printed it off and taped it to my pantry door. I am a visual learner.

On the another note, my weight is really moving down again! Yippe! Boy oh boy, maintenance is unforgiving. I have a few more pounds to get back to my goal/low weight and am still doing the Fast Track to get there. I am determined, but it's hard not to give up at this stage and just settle at this weight. I feat that if I settle at this weight, next year I'll settle a few pounds higher and will start a cycle to get me back to nearly 200 lbs. I haven't had any grains/legumes/starchy veggies in almost two months, but I have overdone it on sugar a few times and that is what has stalled my loss. I cannot cheat on a diet, not even a little bit, or my weight doesn't move at all. Some people can, but apparently I am very sensitive to sugar and carbs and cannot.

If you are curious about Pinterest, take a peak at my Boards there. I have one I've labeled Low Sugar and pin all the recipes I think are BFC good or could be with minor adjustments. If you are visual person like me, you will love it.


  1. Good morning Amber! I am trying to understand pinterest & how to use it/navigate it. I would love to retrieve some of the recipes (scrambled egg cupcakes) but cant seem to figure out how to do that. Can you help?
    So true about weighing & measuring...my eyeballs ALWAYS see things BIGGER than they should be!! I think it makes you feel more in control when you weigh & measure too. No mistakes, no excuses!
    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. I love this!! I have to weigh and measure everything too, otherwise I eat way too much. Hopefully someday I will finally internalize it all, but not yet.

    I am having trouble with Pinterest, too. I've only successfully pinned ONE thing, argh. And my boards aren't saving, either. I have to send an email off to the help desk, I guess. Happy Sunday! Good luck on the morning's weigh in!

  3. I think I'd better start measuring again...I think my 1/4 C is starting to look more like 3/4 C.
    I've been FT'ing, but can't say I haven't had 'any' grain/legumes, but I keep going. I've committed to it until after Christmas-then I'll then see how I feel.
    ...happy to hear that scale is moving down for you!

  4. What a great visual, I also need to measure things out. I love pintrest it's such a great tool especially with Christmas right around the corner.

  5. Amber, I measure my stuff too...it is way too easy to go over on sugar count if you don't. Carbs are much easier for me to calculate without measuring but I do anyway just to be sure. Its so easy to let portion control get out of control so measuring just makes sense!

  6. I love the picture of all the measurements. That is just too cute. Have a great day :-)

  7. I can use this. When I look for foods in "My Fitness Pal" a lot of items are posted in oz or milliliters and I'm always having to go look up what that really is in cups and tablespoons.

  8. Amber, I love pinterest too. I loved your blog today it was like a sermon that I needed to hear. I just started tracking a measuring again today. I also have figured out that I can not cheat even once either because it just leads to a downward spiral.

  9. This is awesome! Thanks for posting!