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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember that you don't need to get stressed today, about food or family or anything. Stress isn't good for you body or mind, so try to enjoy the day! We are low key today, just me and my boys. But my kids are picky eaters and the Hubby will not be eating turkey, SO it will be interesting!

I am starting off the day with a pot of spiced coffee. To do this add a scoop of Mulling Spices to your coffee grinds before it is brewed. It will make your kitchen smell wonderful and give your coffee a little kick! I also tried infusing vodka with the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea for a low-sugar cocktail. I'll let you know how that turns out!

Turkey - I'm looking forward to some great roasted turkey. I will miss not having stuffing a little, but I will survive. The folks over at Primal Palate have a grain-free sausage stuffing if you are interested. I might make it next week to have with leftover turkey.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake - loosely based on THIS RECIPE
Brussel Sprouts - Toss with olive oil, sea salt and several garlic cloves.
Twice Baked Butternut Squash - From Martha Stewart, this looks SO good!
Gravy - I'm going to make gravy with the pan drippings and a touch of cream. I'm experimenting here and will use a little coconut flour if needed.

Dessert - The family will have Pumpkin Pie from Trader Joe's, but I'll stick with a pot of nice flavored tea. I am laying off the coconut flour baking for a bit, and my local store was out of the Midnight Reverie so I'm dark chocolate-less.

My #1 priority is to have fun and relax with my family. No one (me included) is allowed to raise their voice! I had planned on going on a family hike, but my Husband has planned something with another Dad for Friday with the kids and hiking. So I am going to take advantage of having another adult in the house, and go for a long run. I haven't been running much, but I decided this weekend I would like to run the Golden Gate Park Half Marathon again in early February, so I should start training now. I think that will get me out of my mental and physical funk I've been in.

Have a wonderful day and be sure and check out Dawn's blog today for our Belly Fat Cure Holiday Survival Guide suggestions!

Here is some great music by my friend Anthony D'Amato while you are cooking up a storm. If ever you feel like your weight is impossible to lose and that you just can't do it, I want you to think of Anthony and his beautiful voice and the over 200 lbs he has lost.


  1. Your day sounds perfect-and I know you'll enjoy the time with your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Amber! Sounds like you have a nice quiet day planned. I am hoping for the same, and time with family. Thanksgiving hugs from me to you!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Have a great day!

  4. That spices on your coffee sound really good, never thought of that. How much should I add?

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Amber! Your day sounds really nice and relaxing! I have mulling spices in a bag over here, maybe I'll stick one in my cup of coffee next time and see what happens - what a great idea!! Love your side dish ideas today! I can't help it, I'm making some cauliflower mash to go on my plate too. :)