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Friday, November 18, 2011

Food From the Fast Track Book

I've been cooking a lot lately from the Fast Track book and wanted to share what I've made. I had a few friends over recently and made the Artichoke Dip from pg. 121. I've been making a similar dip for years, so I didn't follow the book's recipe so exactly. Instead of baking in the oven I put in it my mini crockpot so it would stay hot. It was great! My grain eating guests could put it on crackers/chips and I could put it on celery/cucumber sticks. I skipped the 1/3 Olive Oil, mayo and sour cream and used cream cheese instead. I also sprinkled with mozzarella.
Modified Artichoke Dip pg. 121
Mom quit the Fast Track (she lasted about 3 weeks), She found it too hard to combine with WW where she was already a Lifetime Member and she didn't want to "lie" at her weekly meetings ;-) She won't deny that she suffers from Dieters ADD. But she keeps making foods from the book! Here is her version of Christy's Creamy Guacamole on pg. 141. She added some tomato and ate it with celery sticks.
Guacamole pg. 141
Esther is a reader who has become a good friend. She is in maintenance and also doing the Fast Track. She said she has been enjoying the Itty Bitty Nutty Pie from pg. 153 of the book. Almond Butter and Whipped Cream, super simple!
Itty Bitty Nutty Pie pg. 153

I've been wanting to make the Zucchini Cheese Fries for a long time. They were great, I made them on the grill instead of in the oven. Just because I was already making dinner there and had it heated up. I saw a recipe very similar with cheese coated Asparagus and will be trying that too! I had these with the Jerk Salmon from Make it Paleo (LOVE that book!)

Zucchini Cheese Fries pg. 147

There are a few soups in the book, perfect for Fall. I've heard the clam chowder is very good. I have a recipe for Cauliflower Soup which I thought tasted a lot like clam chowder. I buy a version of the Parmesan Crisps from Amazon that are a nice crunchy snack. I made the Ricotta Pancakes ages ago and didn't really like them, but I'm totally in love with my own coconut flour pancakes. And despite not being mentioned in the book, Coconut Flour is just fine on the Fast Track and Belly Fat Cure alike. Just be careful with the portions though, because even though it is low in carbs, they can add up. I've already posted these, but here is my Mom's Chocolate Almond Lace Cookies (2nd batch looked more appetizing than the first she said) and my Black & Blue Burger. We both really like these items too.


 If you make a recipe from the book, send me a photo and tell me how it was! Or just leave a comment!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention I also made the Ham Crusted Quiche and LOVE it. I make them in muffin tins and eat them as cold leftover throughout the week. I have an old post where I made a Fast Track brunch for all my friends when I was on the Rachael Ray Show. Check that out for more ideas!
Ham Crusted Quiche pg. 117


  1. All your stuff looks great. Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Looks delicious-thanks for always helping us on our way!

  3. I made your zucchini lasagna last night for dinner. Both my husband and I really liked it. And just like regular lasagna it tastes even better the next day. I've bought coconut flour so I'm anxious to try your coconut flour pancakes. I just finished my first two weeks on fast track so I'm reading up on all the recipes. Just got the regular BFC book this week. I really like your blog.

  4. I don't know what I did wrong,,, I made the coconut pancakes this morning,,, They were terrible. They were heavy and crumbled when I cut them or tried to fold them in half for Brian (son) to pick up. I had to feed him. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Is the batter suppose to have and kind of oil? I want to make them again as everyone raves over them,
    I am trying the zucchini Lasagna tomorrow for dinner. I have been printing all the recipes.
    Thanks for all you do for us and for relating your success. Linda

  5. Wow, this food looks so good! I wasn't going to get the Fast track book, but maybe I will now. Thanks so much for always sharing with us.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the yummy food you have tried. It makes it easier to know if I want to give them a try or not.

  7. Great post Amber. I am planning to make the zucchini lasagna tonight. The rest of the stuff looks great too. I'm staying away from the coconut flour for now. I had a hard time controlling myself with the miffins and braads. Have a great weekend!

  8. Okay, it's obvious that I am typing this in the morning before I put my contacts in! Sorry for the typos!

  9. Everything looks great, Amber. I made the Clam Chowder and it's a bit watery. Maybe lower the amounts of chicken stock and add more half n half. Also, no added/extra salt is needed. The clams and the broth have plenty. Other than that, it was very good. I also made the chicken soup in the book, but used the premade meatballs from TJ's. (I think the premade meatballs may have some grains or slight breading in them, so they don't fit in the FT plan, but they do fit in the regular BFC plan.) If you use the chicken, I just used the premade chicken from Trader Joe's and it was really simple and great. The ham quiches in a muffin tin sound yummy!


  10. Thank you for all the recipes and links!

  11. How do you count the chocolate lace cookies. I made them and love them but not sure how you figure out the s/c. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

  12. How much cream cheese did you use in the artichoke dip?