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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celestial Seasoning Holiday Teas

For a very limited time Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas are available in stores. Check your local Sprouts, Whole Foods and Safeway among other stores. The teas are really delicious and have unique flavors! This time of year I have a pot of tea each night. I time it for when I would usually crave an evening snack. A pot of boiling water, one tea bag and one sweetener packet.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Candycane Lane are my favorites, but I also enjoy the Sugar Plum Spice and Gingerbread Spice. Ask at your local grocery store or check their holiday food display. At most stores they are not kept with the regular tea selection (although at Whole Foods they are with the regular teas). Bigalow also has a holiday Apple Cider tea which I served last Thanksgiving it we really loved having the flavor of Apple Cider flavor without the sugar.

If you have already tried them, leave a comment with your favorite and how you enjoy it! I'm stocking up on these! Don't delay, because they do sell out. Fortunately Amazon has them available most of the year.


  1. The only holiday tea I can try is the Nutcracker Sweet. The rest have gluten and I'm allergic:(


    Wonder if there's any in my local stores cuz it sounds so good!

  2. HI Amber, I have tried sugar cookie and gingerbread, but my favorite by far is CANDYCANE Lane.
    Have a good one :-)

  3. I need my caffeine every morning so I've been having my regular black tea and added the candycane lane to it and I drink it iced. Yummy! When I need something sweet I LOVE the sugar cookie with some heavy whipping cream and stevia. My 14 yr old daughter is now hooked on the sugar cookie tea, as well :) I think I will try the gingerbread tea next (as long as it is caffeine free). I found out, the hard way, that decaf doesn't necessarily mean caffeine free. I'm very sensitive to caffeine and if I have any after 2pm I toss and turn all night :/

  4. SherriS - That is good to know about the Gluten - I wonder why they have it?

    Rosalie - Candycane Lane is my favorite right now too! SO GOOD, it's like dessert.

    Carey - AWESOME idea to add the candycane lane to your coffee! Do you just stick the tea bag in the coffee ground basket? I using mulling spices that way sometime (Ill write about this soon). I have coffee every morning - decaf teas at night after dinner.

  5. Yogi brand has a Tahitian Vanilla/Hazelnut that's has those 'holiday spices'. It's delicious.
    I also like the Gingerbread from-Celestial Seasoning.
    There is something so relaxing about surrounding your hand around a warm cup and sipping a flavorful tea...dessert for the mind.
    Have a great day.

  6. these teas really have no carbs or sugar???

  7. how is that possible---what do the put in the tea to flavor the water?

  8. Jeri - I love that Yogi Tahitian Vanilla too. My Mom gave me a half used box and its favorite. Well said!

    Anon - Yes these are all 100% naturally free of sugar! I check and double checked on everything I post :) If you have been on the BFC for awhile you start to taste more subtle sweetness and figure out a sweet taste can come from things other than sugar. Herbs, spices, tiny bits of cocoas for example.

  9. The Sugar Plum Spice tea has a natural sweet taste so you don't even need any sweetner in it. For those who love the taste of cinnamon, this one is great!

  10. Hi Amber. You turned me onto the sugar cookie and gingerbread last year. My local grocery isn't carrying them yet, but I need a refill. I'm not a big peppermint person, but you have me intrigued with the candy cane lane.I think I'll give it a try. Hugs to you from me!

  11. SherriS - That is good to know about the Gluten - I wonder why they have it?

    They use barley in teas with gluten. I'm irrationally sad cuz those flavors sounded "holiday delicious" :D If I find the Nutcracker Sweet, I'll try it. I'm not fond of peppermint flavor.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!