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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review: Belly Fat Cure E-Book

 Jorge Cruise has a new book in the Amazon Kindle store for only .99! Have you all seen it yet? I've been trying out the Kindle App on my Xoom Tablet and thought I'd write a short review. I want to start using the Kindle Books from my local library and thought this would be a good first try.

First, it is an E-Book. There is no printed hard copy. The book is divided into three sections: Explanation of the BFC, transcribed interviews with other weight loss and health professionals and client success stories. I found it really cool that I know a handful of the success stories. Rosalie, Robin, Nicole and Anthony are all in there looking great and ready to inspire! I'm in there too.

There are no recipes in the E-Book, instead it points you towards Jorge's Facebook page and Email Club for  his free one week menu. It has a longer explanation of the Belly Fat Cure Diet than the original and it talks more about Jorge's personal struggle with weight. Apparently his weight yo-yo'd for years, I'd always assumed he had a 6 pack.

The explanation of the diet is really good, and puts it in plain words. It is a little more humorous in spirit and you feel like you get a better sense of who the author is as a person from it.  The transcribed interviews are not my favorite thing. I really wish it would have a link to the YouTube video of the interview as well, but it does not. But just Google "Youtube.com Jorge Cruise Weil" for example, and you will be able to find all the video interviews there. It includes interviews with Andrew Weil, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Christane Northrup, Nicolas Perricone, Suze Orman and Gary Taubes.

The success stories are from the Fast Track book and the new Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals book, that comes out 12/27 (That is according to Amazon and it is currently $13.99 with a pretty good preview). So several of them are new folks you haven't heard from before. I know most he met through his Facebook page. Dawn, who was on the backcover of the original book, was a real inspiration to me. So it is an honor to now be one of those stories myself and possibly get someone else to help take a step in the right direction.

Overall, it was worth my .99 but I really wish it had the video links. But then I just assume Kindle would play the videos and maybe it doesn't! The book looks very close the original book's Kindle edition, but follow the links from my page and it will take you to the correct book, and make sure it says .99. The original book's Kindle price is $8.83 and I have heard lots of complaints about readability with it (mostly with the charts and menus).


  1. HI Amber, which book am I in the diet or quick meals book?? I am confused.

  2. Great deal, and this will help lots of people.

  3. I suppose now I will have to get a copy of it for my xoom. I think it is awesome that so many of my blog friends are in it. :) You all have done so well!!

  4. I know you are in the E-Book, because I just saw your pretty mug in there! I have not seen a full official copy of the QuickMeals book, the pages I can see on Amazon for sure have Nicole and Katie (they are on the backcover). But I bet you are in there too. AND your info looked (mostly) correct ;) The E-Book looks like a combo of success stories from a few of the books.

  5. Amber, I recently bought this for my kindle because I saw the ad on your blog page. I was so confused as I originally thought it was the first Belly Fat Cure. I wanted to refresh my memory, and although I have the hard cover, I wanted it also on my kindle. I haven't gotten all the way through it, but it's ironic that you wrote a post on it today, as I was going to ask you about it. I thought maybe he put out another smaller version of the original. Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Wow, know I know what I want for Christmas, I only have an IPod Touch, can it be downloaded to that? (Sorry, not very techie)
    To review Jorges info really helps around the holidays, just to keep you on track.
    Thanks Amber!