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Monday, October 24, 2011

October Fast Track Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 and I am down another 1 pound. I was hoping for a little more, I felt like it was going to be more. But I'll take it! That is 5.5 lbs lost in Oct and just 5 lbs to my original goal weight. The Hubby has been out of town for two weeks and just returned and said he saw and felt a noticeable difference in me. He also said I seemed really excited about cooking and happy. The main thing I have noticed is that I have "de-puffed" all over.

My clothing is very loose all the sudden. Really cute cargo pants I got this summer (from the Loft, they are onsale for $23 now!) fit perfectly or a little tight and now they have a baggy butt and the Hubby said I shouldn't wear them anymore. They're my favorite pants! But I think I lose these last pounds from my upper thighs and rear-end. w00t! to that! I carry quite a bit of weight there. My waist measures at 28 inches this morning, but my hips as 39 inches. I'm curvy. Even at 196 I was curvy.

No cheating or going off Fast Track this week. I did have 4 Dark Chocolate squares a few days, instead of the limit of 2. But I don't consider that any big sin. I have been getting really creative with my food and feel I can recreate any missing grain or starch with a veggie. It seems that I have a social event once a week and probably have 2 glasses of White Wine those nights. Otherwise I don't drink alcohol. I don't have Zevia or any sugar alcohols on Fast Track either.

The folks over at Zevia asked me to write the first article for their new Weight Management Blog. I was really honored to do that! I hope you all are still doing great on the Fast Track, Belly Fat Cure or whatever you are doing. The key is to KEEP DOING IT EVERYDAY. Even on days you don't want to, or when you don't think it's working.


  1. Way to go Amber!! I am back in there with you. I am feeling VERY puffy today. Grains really do that to me.

  2. Great job on losing!!! You do have a tiny waist! I don't think I have had a 28 inch waist since I was in HS. You are constantly an inspiration to all of us! Jorge is lucky to have you on his team:)

  3. Congrats A, see it works!! I have been on mainteance and also doing the FT OCT challenge. I have been dropping ounces to 1 pound a week and like you I WILL TAKE THAT!!! It can add up to 4 or 6 pounds in 1 month!!! AMAZING!!! Being on mainteance I have lower my expectations of thinking I am going to lose they way I lost the first time around on BFC. I appreciate the health benefits of eating this way...A common cold in the past would take weeks to overcome but just last month I only had the symptons for 3 days!!!!!!!!!! It never affected my chest or head!!! I WILL TAKE THAT ANYTIME!!!

  4. Amber,that is a great loss. Congrats to you! I am still chugging along. This week I recommited to track better and no cheats. Still doing the BFC, as I need a bit of grains. I'm not sure I have the strength for a full out FT, but I try for a modified version. Keep up the good work, and coming up with those great recipes!!! I made mashed cauliflower last night with butter, cream cheese and parmesan. Got the recipe off the food network. It was AWESOME!!!! Love when we can find a great, satisfying substitute for high carb dishes!

  5. Woot! I've lost 1 pound this week. I didn't take measurements last week when I started...I need to do that in the morning.
    Congrats Amber!!

  6. Great job, Amber! As I mentioned to you in my email, the weekend trip didn't quite turn out how I expected, but I am OK with that and am just considering it a bump in the road, not a falling off the wagon. LOL. Here's to a great week!! :)