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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fast Track Ideas

How is everyone doing on the Fast Track? I am not missing the grains, but I had lots of time to think about alternatives. But if it is your first time giving up grains, it can be hard. Also having done the Fast Track before, so I knew what to expect. I even joined a local rancher's CSA and got a delivery of local grassfed, free range, antibiotic free meat and eggs. I can't really say if the eggs taste better (I'm not a egg lover) but the meat is 100x better than anything I've had before. Breakfast is the most difficult meal for me, I love my Uncle Sam's cereal in the morning. I am experimenting with coconut flour pancakes and muffins, which I'll post more about later. But for now I think I'm going to start having a protein (Jay Robb or MRM) or Amazing Grass shake for breakfast.

For this dinner I started with the recipe from pg. 119 Black and Blue Burger. I used Goat's Cheese instead of blue cheese, added chopped jalapenos and I probably had more than 4oz of sauted mushrooms. I also attempted mashed cauliflower, and it was GREAT! I'll post the recipe, but I totally winged it. Favorite meal so far and I wolfed it down.
Black and Blue Burger w/ Mashed Cauliflower
Filet Mignon and (green) eggs, how fancy pants is that? This steak melted in my mouth. The eggs were from Araucanas hens that naturally lay bluish green eggs. Confusing at first, but kind of cool. I should have had veggies with this meal, but I was low on time that day. I only ate a little more than half of this and seasoned it only with pepper. I can't stomach eggs in the morning, but I can for dinner.
Steak and Eggs from the CSA
My Mom, who is 70, is also doing the Fast Track with me. She is combining it with Weight Watchers, but I'm not really sure on those details. She made Jorge's Chocolate Lace Cookies from pg. 113 and said that were very good. She was worried when she made them that they didn't look so great and she mixed the ingredients together incorrectly. She baked them longer than it said (but thought that was related to the mixing mixup). This is her photo of the finished product.
Jorge's Chocolate Lace Cookies
This is my favorite dessert, dark chocolate squares and sometimes a little whipped cream. You can only have two squares of the chocolate on the Fast Track and often I have them in the afternoon. As the weather has turned cooler and rainy, I making a hot pot of tea in the evenings again. If snacking at night is a problem I REALLY recommend this. I put the tea kettle on when the kids start getting ready for bed and set it to steep (1 full sized tea pot, 1 tea bag, 1 packet of stevia) while reading to them. It's ready to go by the time they are tucked in. A little cream in the bottom of my cup and I'm set. (For lots of ideas with tea click HERE)
Midnight Reverie 86% and Whipped Cream
Things have been crazy here. I actually live right near Cupertino, CA and our community (neighborhoods, offices and schools) were on lockdown on Wednesday. You know the hills I go run and hike in? That is the same hills the quarry is in where the shootings started. So yesterday would have been prime stress eating with my kids' school in lockdown. Very stressful for the community and so tragic for the families directly affected. It puts my stress last week in real perspective.

But I've been doing good and feel certain I'll have a  loss to report on Monday morning. How is everyone else doing on the challenge? Remember to concentrate on all the foods you can eat and not what you are leaving out.


  1. The thing about liquid food of any kind is that promotes an insulin response. Listen to your body on this. I do NOT do very well on liquid protein; sets me up for snack attacks throughout the day.

    Try mashed sweet potatoes w/ butter if you're craving some carbs. Use cinnamon to blunt the insulin effect, particularly on days when you run since your body will be wanting some extra carbs to replenish your glycogen.

    As far as breakfast goes, I'm thinking you're going to have to teach yourself how to like eggs. I cook bacon in the oven and then cut it up and mix it in w/ scrambled eggs and cheese and chives. Maybe add tommatoes and spinach. One of my favorites scrambles is w/ sour cream, green onion and smoked salmon. That way you're getting your omega 3s in as well.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Amber - all you foods sounds great. What is a black and blue burger? Just wondering.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Feeling kind of left out of the whole FT thing...but I'm doing what I think is best for me right now. And the scale is moving. Yay!

    I made mashed cauliflower Sunday, for the first time also...LOVED it, and so did all the kiddos. :)

  4. Hey Amber! I'm with Mike,actually. I don't do well on liquid meals at all. They make me seriously hungry. I use coconut bread for breakfast if we have no eggs. Still need to find more alternatives too. Maybe I'll research it and do a blog post. Anyhow, I have been doing great on the grain free front, but not as well on the 'diet' part of it. If I want to actually see weight loss I am going to need to cut back a bit more. Like I've totally been cheating on the treats - adding a little bit in my meals if I feel I have room. I need to stop that, and only have my one treat. Thanks for checking in and reminding me of that! :)

  5. So glad you provide us with photos! It helps make the succulence of Jorge's meals so much more attractive!
    I'm on week 2 of the Fast Track and loving it! You have been such an inspiration and a fantastic resource. Thank you for your blog and dedication!

  6. Hi Amber! I am on Day 11 of FT and have surprised myself with how well I have done. Admittedly, I have already done the Paleo style of eating, and it was very successful for me. Therefore, BFC FT seems like an extension of Paleo to me, but I am loving the BFC b/c it is so simple and easy to follow. I am using the FT Menu Plan as a guide and then finding recipes on line to coincide with the planned meal for that particular day- and making sure it is BFC friendly! Week 1 I lost 4 lbs and I weigh again on Sunday. I had some fatigue last week but have felt great this week, so I think my body has kicked the sugar.
    I also want to add that, thanks to you, I have found a solution to my nightly snacking habit- tea! I have stocked up on some of your faves and am going through them, adding a splash of 1/2 and 1/2. Maybe adding 1 square of choc. if I really need it.
    MY Bfast today: 2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil w/ diced onions, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, nitrate free diced sausage, coffee (yes, I veer from the path on Bfast, but I think it's the most important meal for me and it "sticks," so I don't want to nosh).
    Thanks for your inspiring posts and I look forward to seeing your progress on FT!!!

  7. Amber, I am on day 4 of the FT and have lost a pound a day. Much faster weight loss then when I started the regular BFC. I have felt weak and hungry eating this way. I am follow his menus. I think if I stuck with this way of eating I would have to incorporate the coconut bread or pancakes. I am still learning the ropes what you can and cannot have. Do you know why greenbeans are not FT approved?

  8. I am doing well too, as you saw on my blog. I have been a little too snacky at night but it's all been mostly nuts, absolutely no sugar or carbs. Thanks for the tea with cream suggestion!!

    By the way, if you flip inside the front cover of the Fast Track book, my sister is quoted--Kim Fisher.

  9. Day 6. I love it so much that I got the first book today!!!!

  10. Good advice on breakfast, and shakes are really not an answer. Im experimenting and looking at options, thanks for all your input!

    I also want to say, if the Fast Track doesnt seem like the thing for you I dont want to pressure you to do it at all! Regular BFC works like a charm for me 300 days a year. FT is just a way to refocus and reteach me how to get my nutrition and fiber from veggies.

    The Black & Blue Burger is from pg119. I think its called that because he uses blue cheese? It was great!

    Those Facebook quotes on the inside of the book are really cool! That was a good idea on his team's part.

  11. Flatbelly - I agree! My body also looks de-puffed on day 4 too. Which clearly says I have some wheat allergies.

  12. Amber, thanks for your encouragement. I am curious about the grassfed, free range, antibiotic free meat and eggs. I know it is much better for us, but how expensive is it compared to regular "grocery store" meats. How is the taste different?

  13. I have been on the Fast Track for 10 days now and haven't lost 1 lb. I only have 10 to lose, any suggestions?

  14. First of all, you're not an awful mom...I'm sure far from it. When I get back from vacation, I'm gonna hop back on BFC with Weight Watchers like your mom. And lots more cardio. I need it for the stress relief, and I'm hoping it helps me sleep through the night. I can't remember the last time I slept all the way through!

    Way to go! You're doing awesome. We can take off the last ten!

  15. DR - send me an email with your details, a sample days meal (cheats included) your weight, etc. We can figure it out together! meandjorge@gmail.com

    Beth - It was expensive, but the Vegan husband sought it out and insisted if the kids and I are eating meat, we need to eat good meat. We recently drove thru the Central Valley down I5 and the feedlots were disgusting, I think that was the trigger. And the meat WAS DELICIOUS! The eggs dont seem to be that different too me and were $8 a dozen. They are supposed be the best egg in the Bay Area and sell out at all the Farmers Markets. I also didn't want to use such expensive eggs for baking, so Im saving them for when I just eat eggs alone.

  16. it is day one for me and I am trying to figure it all out. my daughter is doing this with me. I have 45 pounds I want to lose.

  17. amber,have you found a low sugar whipped cream? in his free fast track menus he mentions "a low sugar whipped cream" and I haven't ever seen one......

  18. I have a couple questions on the FT plan. For the 2 week menu, can you substitute the Ultimate Carb Swap recipes? Also what do you saute the tilapia, steak, etc. in? Really want to do this but want to do it right. Thanks

  19. i am making the cookies now, how many calories in them do you think. The ingredients seem pretty fattening.