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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What To Do When It's All Just Too Hard

Some days are hard, way more difficult than others. On those days you may find it SO difficult to stick with your diet. Just don't do what this sign says and "Panic and Give Up"!

Here are some of the things I do on those days that are just too hard, no matter what diet you follow:

Have a Treat - What is your favorite treat that is allowed on your diet? Have it! And then be done. For me that is dark chocolate (or a Zevia), and I used to beat myself up if I had more than the 4 squares allowed. But having another square or two is a lot better than just going off plan! My theory it is better to go over your sugar/carb count a bit than completely go off the diet. (As you can see HERE I have been dedicated to my Dark Chocolate research!)

Take a Bath - Light some candles and run a hot steamy bath. Pick out a book or magazine you've been wanting to read, but never have the time. Or a face mask or hair conditioner that you never sit still enough for. And soak. If you have Epsom Salts add them to the bath too.

Drink Some Water - While you may not feel instantly satisfied, it will help fill up your stomach. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime, add a slice of cucumber. Go ahead, have another glass...

Make Some Tea - Chocolate and vanillas teas have saved me many a night time snack. It warms you up on a cool night, fills the tummy and can taste yummy. Here are several of my favorite teas. Decaf coffee can do the same trick if tea isn't your thing.

Step Away - This is a double entendre! What I mean is to get away from the thing that is causing your stress. If it is your spouse or kids, then go in another room and close the door. Read a book or call a friend and vent. I also find I have a lot less stress in my life if I am not taking time to exercise. For me, exercise is running. I don't run fast, oh no, I am super slow. But I run and I don't mind running far. That time it takes me gives me a chance to clear my head and think through a dozen little things bothering me. I don't think I ever finish a run and feel mad.

Remind Yourself - Why are you on a diet anyways? It is not just to fit in those skinny jeans (although you KNOW that is going to feel great!). It is for your health and well being, mental and physical. You want to sleep better, feel happier and recognize that women in the mirror again (she is still in there). Remind yourself that.

Just Go To Bed - Really. You can't eat while you are asleep and things might feel and look better in the morning.

And my best advice if you do overeat on a bad day is to ignore that fact in the morning. Just move on. Don't think about it and beat yourself up. Just forgive and forget. Do not cut back your eating the next day or you will start a vicious cycle that will lead to you under eating and feeling unsatisfied. Just eat normal (according to your diet plan) the next day. Trust me on this!

I hope one of these tips help you get through a bad day without completely falling off the diet wagon. Do you have a tip or trick that gets you through a tough day? Please share!

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  1. This is a great post, Amber! Lots of good advice. The first one especially resonates with me - just because I ate a little too much doesn't mean all hope is lost. Get over it and move on. Thank you!

  2. Hi Amber, What a great post today!! All great tips.
    Have a good day :-)

  3. This is so timely for me! I've been craving a Dr.Pepper and a McDonald's mocha frappe so badly... Today is actually day 10 on the Belly Fat Cure (original) for me. I've lost 8-9 pounds, depending on what time of day I weighed myself. For the past couple of days I've been planning to have a "free", or "cheat", day once a week or once every two weeks. Now, I'm thinking twice.

  4. Amber, I like this post. I would also recommend your tip of having a cup of tea to tide you over from one meal to the next. I have recently tried that chocolate tea you recommended, Republic of Tea's Double Dark Chocolate Mate. It is so good! I mean REALLY GOOD! I sometimes have two cups of that tea a day with a little stevia & cream. It usually does the trick in keeping me satisfied until my next meal. Thanks!

  5. Great tips! I like the tea tip and really love the lipton vanilla carmel truffle tea with stevia and heavy whipping cream. Yum-o!!! If it's hot out and I don't want hot tea, I ice the tea or grab water with lemon. If I just need to keep my snacking at bay, I chew a piece of gum (Xylichew is so much better than the one Jorge recommends)
    Carey Callander
    PS-I would love to try the chocolate teas, but am very sensitive to chocolate and any sort of caffeine at night (which is when I have the worst cravings)

  6. I am SO excited that you all have tried the Chocolate and Vanilla teas and that they have helped! They were a lifesaver for me last winter. Sometimes all it takes is a little tip or trick to get past a old bad habit.

  7. Thanks for the great advice. I just found your blog and love it.

  8. you look great in that pic..mind if i ask where you got that shirt!

  9. Anon - It is this jacket from Target http://www.target.com/p/Converse-174-One-Star-174-Womens-Jacket-Burgundy/-/A-12796437

    I found it on the sale rack at the end of the season and LOVE it! It isnt available any longer but I think they have something new just like it. It reminded me of an expensive jacket from The Loft. Sometimes Target has their knockoffs Ive found!