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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Book

I finally found a copy of the Fast Track (Target $15), but only had it for a few days before I loaned it out to a friend! I will tell you honestly, I don't love my After photo. They had professionals to do the hair/makeup/photo, and everyone wants to put tons of eye makeup on me. But I can only be so critical of the small stuff, because you can't argue with the true difference in these photos! I used to get sad when I would see the old photos, but I am learning to feel proud. Proud that I took the steps to improve my health.

I wanted to share a little surprise I found in the back of Jorge's new book. I was read the book cover to cover and was so pleasantly surprised in the Acknowledgments section to find a very sweet shout out to ME! The funny thing about this is that when I very first started the BFC I was SO freaking excited about it I could not sleep one night. I was thinking to myself "I am going to be the best client Jorge Cruise has ever had!!" (Yes, I'm a total dork). Then I thought, so ridiculous, I only have 50 lbs to lose and he has people with hundreds to lose. Then I heard a voice in my head that said "Well then, I'll be the best client he has ever had with 50 lbs to lose!!" and (dork that I am) emphasized it with a fist pump in the air. This was my 3am epiphany... and here is how that paid off:

For me, that little blurp means the world! I was surprised that he would want to include my photo and story in the book to begin with (pg. 16-17 ya'll). And then really honored that he would put me on the back cover. Very cool. But this felt really personal and from the heart, and I really appreciate it. Just so you know, I am not buddies with Jorge (but I have met him a few times now). I am just a dieter who googled "low sugar diets" one day and realized his plan was what I was looking for.  I signed up for one of his online classes and later bought the book at B&N just like everyone else. There is nothing special about me or different (except the dork part), and I haven't received any help from Jorge or his team. If I can do this, YOU can do this. The idea that I might inspire someone else, like I had been inspired, is why I agreed to be in the book.

Me and the book
I have met so many other awesome dieters on this journey. Some leave comments on the blog or Facebook, others send me emails and we communicate that way. But a few I have been able to meet in person and we have become true friends. One of those is Anthony (pg.18 &19) and he has gone through an incredible transformation with his body. He is also an extra in the new series The Playboy Club on NBC, hangin' out in his skinny suit. If my measly 53 lbs doesn't inspire you, then read about Anthony's loss of over 200 lbs right HERE. He is also starring in a new production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Chicago starting this Fall, so check it out if you are nearby!


  1. I saw that when I read the "online version" of the book! It's totally awesome and so deserved! This blog really helped me make the decision to start the BFC. You were honest and very supportive to all your cyber-followers. I love your blog and check it daily for inspiration and support! You look great and drive me to stick to the BFC!! Thanks for the great blog and congrats on everything BFC related (weight loss, book, Rachael Ray show) :)


  2. How cool is that?!

  3. Well Miss Amber....can I please have an autographed copy? You are a BFC ROCKSTAR girl!!! I personally think your after pic is fabulous so dont hate it. YOu really look great! Congrats on being featured in the book too. You live his plan and and just look at your results! So much to be proud of! Bravo to you!!!

  4. I think you look GREAT in your after picture - don't put yourself down that way! I am looking forward to getting my copy, tomorrow hopefully, and can't wait to show my hubby the back of the book and say 'look my friend! She's right here!'

    You've been so helpful along the way, especially at the beginning. I remember at the beginning of my BFC journey(January) when I found your blog - what a windfall! Thank you for posting all of it!

  5. You should be so proud of yourself!! You look amazing and have accomplished so much. Congrats on the shout out too!

  6. Congratulations on your shout-out. You are and continue to be an inspiration to me and many others; we know we can get there because you have shown the way.

    I think you look gorgeous. Positive thoughts only! :)


  7. Thanks you guys! I shouldn't be critical of myself, I'm working on that :-)

  8. You look awesome Amber. Look at your tiny little waist. I'm sure you have been one of his best clients. Thanks for supporting me along the way as well.

  9. I'm glad he acknowledged you because you went so far above and beyond to help everyone else! Your blog and Rosalies blog are really what got me started on the BFC. I can't remember how I first found them, but the information in both of your blogs got me through my first three months. I still refer to old posts for hints or tips when I get stuck!

  10. I think the after picture is awesome! And if I wasn't so cheap, I would send you my copy of the book (when I get it!!!) for you to autograph and send back to me!!! And I'm glad that Jorge realizes what a supporter you are of the BFC!
    Best to you!
    Pat in NJ

  11. Amber, I think you look great and you are not a dork lol. I have to say thanks for sharing your story with all of us BFC'ers it has been so helpful. I have loved your product reviews too. I think Jorge did the right thing for giving you a shout out you deserve it.

  12. Hi Amber. Wasn't that a nice comment Jorge made about you? When I did my review on my blog, I noted how nice that was of him to do that. You look great in the photo, and dork is not the word that comes to mind when I see you! You have achieved an incredible goal, and should be very proud. Thanks for being there for us!

  13. So much love to you Amber!! Glad to have someone like you to share inspiration with!

  14. Just picked up my copy today at Costco. Similar message as the the first, but I know I need to hear things again and again.

  15. I love the fact that I am connected to you and have joined you on a couple of your challenges...and doing so again with the fast track right now! Just one question...now that you are famous, can we still hang out on twitter? hee hee. You are a rock star, girl!

  16. Hi Amber!

    So I done BFC in the past and want to give the fast track a try for the 14 days. How do you transition back in the the regular BFC after the 14 days? Do you gain some of the weight back?

    Reason why I ask because I have done atkins in the past and as soon as I starting eating carbs I would gain a lot back.

    Do you see that same reaction after switching back to BFC from the fast track program?

    Thanks! :)





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