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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy Lady on Aisle 5 - Sprouts Farmers Market

I spend a lot time shopping around for foods that are good on the Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track. Yesterday I was at Sprouts Farmers Market (located in California, Colorado, Texas and Arizona) and overheard this from two women shopping together:

"This is SO great! It doesn't have any calories, any fat, any carbs or sugar. It has NOTHING. It is so great! I don't know what it DOES have".

I immediately answered "It has sucralose, that's what it has".  Mind you, they weren't talking to me.

They turned and stared at me like who the hell is she with their mouths open. And one finally said "Oh, right sucralose... it does have that, but it's really good".  I scampered away to the next aisle, embarrassed that I couldn't hold my tongue and I'm sure they said "Who asked her anyways". And they were right, they weren't asking me.

Sprouts is a great source for hard to find specialty products including:
Nature's Hallow products, including jelly and syrups
Jay Robb protein powders and other stevia sweetened protein powders
Probiotics & other supplements
Clemmy's ice cream
Unsweetened almond, hemp, rice, coconut milks
Zevia, Hint water, Metromint, Activate
Coconut flakes and flour
Almond meal
Flax seed (ground, whole and oils)
Coconut oil and coconut water
Bulk nuts and grains
Many low carb breads and tortillas, including Ezekiel products

Remember these are not products the must have to do the Belly Fat Cure, they are not the mainstays of the diet for me. But they can be very difficult to find and a few are nice to have on hand. And if you run into a crazy lady reading labels on aisle 5, just wave and say "Hey!"... she means well.


  1. haha-- love the story! Wish we had the store here in MD.. I have to settle for Whole Foods and TJs.

    Tina H.

  2. That is great. We don't have that store either but we are about to get a Trader Joe's. Yahoo!

  3. That's too funny! I hate shopping around for all those different foods, but Whole Foods has most of them.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is totally me, too! I just can't keep my mouth shut! I wish we had a SProuts round here, but I make do. :)

  5. They probably should have asked you! LOL! Sometimes our need to share over rides our respect for other people's stupidity.....I mean privacy. Hee hee jk.

  6. That would have been me too. I always feel my opinion is welcome, even when it isn't! Wish we had that store in PA. I feel like we are in the dinosaur ages out here!!

  7. I totally forgot to mention that I didnt even know what product she was holding, but anything that "has nothing" has sucralose (or another artificial sweetener, but I think Sprouts doesn't carry the other stuff). It was a Walden Farms product I noticed when I gave my .02. Which used to fool me with their Sugar Free claims in the beginning!

  8. that's funny Amber cause I do that everywhere. ALL THE TIME. You are not the only crazy lady, cause I'm one too.
    Have a great day :-)

  9. Amber, thanks for the chuckle. It is sad that everything now days has sucralose in it. I wish we had those stores here in Oregon. We have whole foods but it is a drive so I make sure to stock up anytime I go.

  10. The crazy lady in aisle 5 has been an inspiration to many of us:) She can say whatever she wants to. You should have told them...."what would I know? I am a loser....58 lbs to be exact!" Next time:)

  11. I even have my high school aged son checking the labels for any "**lose's". Sometimes we are tricked into getting stuff that looks like a good fit but the manufacturers have sneaked the bad stuff in. You did those ladies a favor!

  12. Amber your funny. I can totally relate.

  13. Okay, I'm so relieved you all can related! Sometimes I forget that everyone else doesn't see the world thru sugar colored glasses.

  14. I can totally imagine myself saying the same thing so High Five for the busybodies!

    And you know, if someone had said it TO me, I would laugh.

  15. Haha! I love it. I thought I was the only one who put her two cents worth in at the grocery store. :)

    (btw, I did it: http://foodsweatfears.blogspot.com/ )