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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching Up

Fall is in the air here! Northern California seems to have an Indian Summer thing going on with foggy mornings, very hot afternoons and a slight chill in the evening. I have (probably foolishly) signed up for my 2nd Half Marathon. It is less than a month away, and I don't feel as ready as I did last time. But I'm going to up my miles and make sure I go running 3-4 times a week. I've even collared a friend into doing her first ever Half Marathon with me. Hopefully we will still be friends AFTER the race. I even ordered a new pair of running shoes since I had put more than 200 miles on my old ones. I'm counting the days until these beauties arrive.

The Fast Track Book is finally coming out! If you pre-ordered it from Amazon it should be arriving right around 9/13. This book is very exciting for me since I am featured in all my Before/After glory on the back cover. It is Jorge Cruise's follow up to the Belly Fat Cure and it really takes the plan to the next level. It has been more than a year since that photo shoot, but I know a lot of work went into the book and I know a learned so much about my body and food by being involved in this project. I'll talk more about the Fast Track next week and I'm going to do a giveaway for the book too! It is all about swapping out grains for proteins, green veggies, small amounts of fruit and nuts. I know a lot of you are experimenting with coconut flour and that is a great Fast Track swap! It will really make you rethink grains.

School has started for my boys again, but my little one seems to have discovered the Stay Home Sick Trick. Either that or he has some serious allergies. He also doesn't like his teacher yet, so I think that is more the problem. (I say yet because I am determined to change his mind on this!) But as I type, he is asleep in bed in the middle of the school day! With this new behavior I have learned to get done what I need to get done NOW. If I hesitate and think "I'll do it tomorrow, I have the whole day" sure enough I do not have tomorrow at all.

I've had a few people ask how maintenance is going, given that my weigh-in log hasn't been updated in ages. I don't weigh myself now, unless I notice a difference in my clothing. Right now my weight is up a little bit, 7 lbs to be exact. I'm totally good with that, because I see the behavior that has caused it. I am a binge eater, it is an addiction for me, and I struggle with it more sometimes than others. It is brought on by stress usually. There isn't a quick fix for it, but I understand it really well now. It disgusts me and upsets me greatly, but I understand it. I am so glad to have the tools to rein it back in.

I would love to do a Holiday Round Table, like I did HERE. It is a great way to share recipe and menu ideas that fit a low carb plan like the Belly Fat Cure or Paleo. If you are a blogger and would like to participate, please leave a comment or drop me an EMAIL. I swear it is a lot fun!


  1. Amber, I think your HERE link isn't working. I'd like to read about the Holiday Round Table since I wasn't here last year. I'm excited to hear more about the Fast Track. Hope your little one feels better about school soon! Mine always wanted to be home instead also! Home is comfortable and safe - school is different & scary.

  2. HI Amber, Good luck with the Marathon thing. You will be great! The maintenance thing is something I am trying to figure out too. I am not sure whether to change anything or not.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. I don't think I would ever be up for a marathon so I really respect that you can do them. Great job! The good thing about putting on a couple of lbs is that we know how to take them back off!
    The Holiday idea sounds great. I think if all of us have good alternatives to all of the enticements ahead, we can start preparing! I'm in!

  4. I'm in for the round table! It will be a great way to help us all stay on track!

    I'm having such a hard time deciding where to 'call maintenance.' I'm afraid to do it, because pre belly fat cure, I've always started gaining again once I decided to maintain. I too have trouble with stress binge eating, so that contributes.. anyway..

    Sorry to hear you have a sick school boy! Hope that gets resolved soon.

  5. Hi Amber! Northern Cali sounds so nice right now. We are stuck in a rainy pattern here in the northeast and lots of flooding and such going on. We are coming to the wine country in a couple of weeks. Staying for a few days in Healdsburg and a few in St. Helena. I just love it out there. I love catching up on your old blog posts. So many times when I have a questions I find I can refer back to your blog. I am up for the roundtable, although not as close or at my goal as all of you. Hope your little guy gets over what's ailing him. Those are tough calls. You don't want to send him if he's really sick, but then again he could be pulling one over on you. I always used to say, go in for an hour and if you still feel sick, go to the nurse and I'll come and get you. Often I never heard from them at all that day. Good luck! PS. Stress binge eating has always been my biggest problem, although at times I labeled it as just being soooo hungry!

  6. Hi Amber!
    Good for you for doing another 1/2 marathon!! I am so jealous as I have always wanted to be a runner but never had the stamina (or grace) to do it and now the ole feet can barely get a 2 mile walk in without horrible pain....but I will have my pom poms in hand cheering you on to the finish line. (please use your imagination for visualization) :)

  7. Hey Amber, good luck on your next marathon...I am sure you will rock it like you did your last one. I tried running a bit today on the treadmil and I cant hardly do a minute how sad. I have never heard of the round table I will have to check that out. I also want to check out the FT to see if it is something that could help me make a jump start.

  8. Hey amber have you been doing the fast track, im just wondring is that great to do to maintain, or why would you switch to that since it is different. And I've sort of tried to convince myself into running a 5k and yeah that didn't happen soo it's totally amazing that yout doing another. Good luck!:)

  9. I love the idea of a holiday round table and I would love to participate. Just thinking about how to get through Thanksgiving in a belly friendly way and not offending anyone is a little stressful.

  10. Thanks for the update. I wondered how your weight was doing now and I am curious about this Fast Track thing. I hope you write more about it.

  11. Hi Amber,
    I'm catching up on your posts and I would really like to participate in the holiday roundtable. I really enjoyed last year's.
    Thanks so much!