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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Preview

Google Books has a HUGE preview of Jorge Cruise's Fast Track book available right now. Even if you think the Fast Track sounds too restrictive for you, I recommend reading it.  This book is different from the original Belly Fat Cure, in that it has tons of research and information behind the plan (where as the BFC was mostly meals ideas). It's more meaty ;-)

I was very hesitant to try the Fast Track, since when it was first presented to me I was having such success on the original Belly Fat Cure. If it ain't broke... But as I got closer to my goal weight my loss slowed down. I had been keeping my mind open to the ideas of the Fast Track and doing my own research on all this no grain, paleo, primal dieting.

So I did the Fast Track, to get off my last 10 lbs and then again during maintenance, and both times my weight flew off. Seriously! But personally I cannot maintain a no grain diet fulltime at this point in my life. Or I should say, I'm not willing to do a no grain diet 100% of the time. What I have done is incorporate so many things I learned from the Fast Track.  With the BFC I sought out grain products (breads, pita, tortillas, brown rice, etc) that are lowest in carbs, no sugar and have very high fiber. They were the main source of my fiber intake and help me get at least 25 grams of fiber per day. On the Fast Track you get your fiber from vegetables and non-grain sources, and it encourages you to have green veggies with every meal. Jorge Cruise says he developed this new take on the BFC to make the plan more simple. There is no counting (no S/C Values, no 15/6) and no hard to find products (bye, bye Zevia, Ezekiel and trips to Whole Foods). And the food plan is very simple, but the reasoning behind it will be difficult for many to accept initially. I encourage you to keep an open mind and look at grains in a different light. Carbs do not equal grains, and there are so many grain substitutes out there that I bet you never considered.

The book does get a few things wrong about me: I am 42 years old and am 5'4", so I'm shorter and older than it says! It also features my friend Anthony who has lost an incredible amount of weight following the Fast Track. The book is only $11 on Amazon right now, but check out the preview and see if it is a good fit for you. Google Books Previews change all the time, so check it out quickly before it is nolonger available.

ps. I understand Jorge Cruise will be offering an online course in October, not sure if it is Fast Track focused or not. But I will be doing the Fast Track again after my half marathon in early October. When I am running long distances (9 miles and up) I think I need some grain carbs so I'm waiting until after the race! If you would like to join me for a Fast Track Challenge, remember to check back 10/4. I promise it will be fun and you we will eat such great foods we won't miss those grains!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the preview. But how do we find it on Google books?

  2. How exciting that you are on the back cover!!!! I have been doing a modified Paleo/Primal diet for a while now. I eat way less grains than before, but I do indulge myself occasionally, especially for a really special bread! It has helped me maintain my 20lb weight loss, which for me, was WAY more than I ever thought I could lose. Between the new eating and weight training, I am stronger, leaner, and healthier!

  3. Hi Amber, I think I might join you on your challenge. I love challenges. It will be perfect timing for me. I may change it up a bit. I'll definitely check out the book preview, thanks.

  4. Hey Amber, I'm 42 too as well, & 5'3"! We're very similar.

  5. If you are having trouble viewing the Google Books preview that is imbedded in my blog try this link: http://bit.ly/psKAOz or just go to http://books.google.com and type in the name of the book. I very quickly reached some sort of MAX VIEW setting and can't look at it anymore!

  6. I couldn't find it in Google Books, so I looked on your website - guess I did it backwards. ;) Thank you for sharing! I think I'll join you for the fast track challenge, we'll have to see how I feel on 10/4. LOL Have a great day!

  7. I am in...I am picking up my book today!! Yippee!!

  8. OMG how cool! You are in Jorge's book! Congrats to you girl. Also very cook how you can just scroll through the book right here on your blog.




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