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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kindle Version of the Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise

I love the idea of having The Belly Fat Cure on the Kindle App for my Android phone or my tablet, so I can look info up whenever I need! However, I had heard from many people that the Kindle version has a few problems. Namely that the text is too small to read in certain sections and cannot be zoomed in on or magnified. Charts, menus and even photos appear to be affected, but not the regular text in the first few chapters. In some places I have read these sections are completely unreadable.

I have also seen complaints that it does not provide actual HTML links when they appear in the book. If you are looking for the printable BFC Planner it is available HERE.

For more information online about the Belly Fat Cure you can read the BFC FAQ HERE. I have also seen reference to contacting Hay House publishing if you have a problem with this book, at this number customer service number 800-654-512 and this WEBSITE. I would highly encourage you to send a message if you bought the Kindle book and have a problem. I sent them a question about the issue myself, but got no response.

I am still on vacation in the Tulsa and the Ozarks and it is sweltering hot. In fact, hot doesn't do it justice. It feels like the inside of an oven. The boys and I tried cooking an egg on the sidewalk however, and it didn't work at all! But I would love to hear your experiences with the Kindle version of the Belly Fat Cure, especially on different devices likes the Nook and iPhone/Android Apps. Was it readable, would you recommend it to others?


  1. Hi Amber. Hope the vacation is going well. Saw some of your photos on facebook. It looks so pretty there, and your boys look like they are having a great time. I don't have the kindle app. I would love to get it, but since I've heard a few bad things, I decided to wait and maybe they will get the kinks out. I love my kindle though, and would love to have that book on there. Let me know if you ever get a response. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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  3. I have it on my kindle for Android, and it's exactly as you described. You can't zoom in enough to read a lot of the tables. I only paid 99 cents for it, so not too tragic. I read the text and then decided I wanted the real book so I could use the recipes and weekly plans more effectively.

  4. I bought the sugar and cab counter book for my kindle and the font is EXTREMELY small! I have the kindle app on my computer and can see it a bit better there, but it's not as convenient to got to my computer every time I want to look up a sugar/car count, so I don't really ever use the book.