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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jorge Cruise's Free Menu and Evening Carb Swaps

Jorge Cruise has a brand new download available for his email subscribers! It is the Belly Fat Cure Free Menu with Evening Carb Swaps. I really think this is the best thing to come from the Belly Fat Cure team since the release of the book. There is good information, with consistent suggestions and a little bit of new information. It is a good supplement to the book, or you could use it on its own.  

The Evening Swaps is 16 page PDF document that begins with a letter from Jorge.  It talks a lot about the evening snacks and goes into detail about "free" meals (those that are 0/0 S/C), but breakfast is the only "free" meal mentioned. It also has a few recipes, complete with nice photos. There are two sample menus that include 3 meals and 2 snacks. It finishes up with a tease about an online class that will be offered in the Fall.

But I will say, the thing is a little confusing. The idea of  "free" treats and meals, combined with snack cards that you cut out seemed a little weird. The snack card section totally reminded me of Richard Simmons old Deal-a-Meal (Sister M did this diet in the 80s and loved it!) and seems like a half implemented idea. Is this about Free Menus and meals, evening snacks or this new card system? And by FREE MENU does he mean money free or S/C free? Maybe I'm way overthinking this, but it does have some good information. My other peeve is that the menu is pretty much void of fiber! I'd be surprised if you get 5 grams for the day (instead of the 25 you need) if you followed the menu exactly. I also learned Jorge is into reality TV, who knew?

If you are having trouble finding the Evening Carb Swaps System (cuz I know you are!), go to Jorge's Facebook page and click on WELCOME in the top right-hand corner of the screen HERE. There you will need to enter you email address (it needs to be a valid email that you can respond to). Once you confirm the email you will be directed to the PDF document that you can download to your computer. The Italian Meals are still available HERE.

I think it is definitely worth a download for new and experienced Belly Fat Cure dieters.


  1. Thanks Amber! I don't know why, but I seem to have to sign up for Jorge's newsletter club frequently. I am sure I signed up last month for the Italian menu, as a matter of fact. Oh well.

    Hey, I hope your vacation was great!

  2. So true Dawn, same happens to me. I didnt get an email about the new menu, I just happen to check his site frequently and saw it. I had to sign up AGAIN to get it. Oh well!

  3. Thanks for sending this out Amber! I didn't get the email either & had to sign up again. These are some GREAT meal plans...I really like the snacks at night (that is my weakness & where I always slip up!). Picked everything up at the store today to start cooking tomorrow :))

    Thanks again!

  4. Saw the link to the new supplement on his facebook page. I'm excited about the new recipe for the pizza, but honestly, if you truly comprehend how this diet works, you already know how to move things around so you can have what you want when you crave it most. I'm glad he didn't charge money for this supplement.

    By "Free" he means 0/0 value meals. I get this. My husband and I have done this plenty of times to leave room for desserts or special treats. The trick is that he needs to continue to emphasize 15/6 totals with 5/2 meals, max.

    And I'm always perturbed by his values. Is he saying a 1/4c of walnuts is 0/0 because it has little insulin effect, or is it because he has a package somewhere that says it has 0g carbs? Because every package I've read says a 1/4c has 2g sugar and carbs! I always go by the packaging, but I wish Jorge would list actual values when calling out food. Ooh, sorry, didn't mean to rant on your journal!

  5. Thanks for the comment Cuddlefish! According to calorieking.com walnuts are 0 sugar. I also count it that way.

  6. Thanks Amber. I will have to check it out because I didn't get an email either. He confuses me sometimes. Instead of asking people to complete these goofy surveys, he could learn alot by reading the blogs or the comments on the facebook pages. He's becoming disconnected from his followers!

  7. Thanks so much for your time and the info, Amber.
    No wonder everyone raves about you :-)

  8. I signed up but did not get the .pdf to download. WAs this just a ploy to get email addresses?

  9. I signed up but did not get the .pdf to download. Was this just a ply to get email addresses?

    1. He does want your email address, but he usually does deliver the promised menus too. They just redid their whole website, and I bet it got lost in the shuffle. I also can't find the menus or S/C Tracker downloads on Jorge's site right now.