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Friday, August 26, 2011

Deviled Egg Perfection

Jorge is always posting photos of local San Diego restaurants with unfamilar food. A common one is spiced up deviled eggs. From a restaurant. Yes, that's right. Apparently some cool restaurants are serving up deviled eggs, who knew?

While I have a complete aversion to eggs in the morning I love me a boiled egg later in the day. So in the very uncool, but totally local restaurant known as My Kitchen I like to whip up a spicy deviled egg that is Belly Good on the Belly Fat Cure. I make these up and keep them in refrigerator for a quick snack mid afternoon. Depending on the condiments you use, the recipe should be a true 0/0. They are also great for a party!

So here is my spicy deviled egg:
6 eggs, boiled
6 slices of jalapeno (these are from a jar)
1/4 Cup Mayonnaise
3 Tbs Pickle Juice
1 Tbs Mustard (I like spicy mustard like grey poupon)
Cayenne pepper, paprika or chili powder

Let the eggs cool and peel. Fresher eggs are more difficult to peel. Rinse the peeled eggs to get off any little pieces of shell. Cut eggs in half lengthwise and pop out the yolks into a bowl. Add the mustard, mayo and pickle juice and mix well. Neatly scoop the yolk mixture back into the egg halves. Cut the jalapeno slices in half and place on top of the deviled eggs. Sprinkle with the cayenne just before serving.

I've read that adding a tbs of vinegar to the pot after they are done boiling and are cooling, it will help with peeling. Haven't tried that yet though! Also if you want to get all fancy pants with your deviled eggs (and really, who doesn't), put the yolk mixture in your cake icing bag with a nice tip and pipe them back into the egg halves. Several friends are raising chickens and I'm really looking forward to buying eggs from them as soon as the hens are laying. They are well loved, truly free range chickens!

Do you have a tasty take on Deviled Eggs or another fun recipe for eggs?!


  1. We love deviled eggs over here! If I make them for a backyard get-together they are the first things gone! I use a spatula to put all the mixture in a plastic storage bag then cut a snip in the bottom corner and use it to pipe into my eggs. When I'm done I just throw the plastic bag away! Yeah, no messy clean up!

  2. OK so I love spicy stuff and I love eggs. I never thought of doing that. Sounds great Amber :-)

  3. I put the vinegar in the water before putting the eggs in, it stops the eggs from oozing if the shell breaks at all. I love eggs, could eat them everyday! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  4. Deviled Eggs are almost their own food group in my husband's family! My mother-in-law puts a couple of drops of liquid smoke in hers and I LOVE it--definitely divides the family tho--some hate it! Love me some deviled eggs!

  5. Funny that I just mentioned deviled eggs in my previous response to you...and here you are talking about them! I have tried several different things and nothing seems to make them easy to peel. I like mine with just a little bit of mayo, dried mustard, salt and pepper. (I'm al little white girl that doesn't like spice too much. LOL) They're one of my staple breakfasts. YUM!

  6. I love deviled eggs! I don't make them fancy - they take too long. LOL.. If you plunge the eggs into icy water just after they've cooked for 20 minutes the peel comes right off. Also, I steam my eggs, I don't boil them.

  7. Excited to try this spicy version. Do you use sweet or dill pickle juice? (thats probably a dumb question! ha ha) I put my eggs in the water, turn on the fire, and when it starts boiling, set the timer for 14 minutes. When done, rinse immediately over cold water, and continue rinsing till most of the heat is off them. Then let them soak in the cold water as you immediately peel them. The peel comes off in big pieces so easy !! Its crazy! You just have to be sure you get under that membrane and they practically fly off! Good Luck! gina wing