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Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Challenge

I'm a little bummed about my own results on the May Challenge. It is the first time since I started the Belly Fat Cur,e about 18 months ago, that I haven't any huge success. So I'm baffled. I lost 2 lbs, which as all dieters know could just be a simple scale fluctuation. My goal was 5 lbs in May with another 5 lbs in June, to get me back to a little lower than my maintenance weight.

So here is what I have figured out for ME: The Belly Fat Cure works wonders on my Obese and Overweight body (as determined by all those weight charts). But once I am out of those categories and into the Normal range at all, I have to do something a little different. The last two times I got below this weight I did the Fast Track plan, which is basically the Belly Fat Cure with no grains at all, plus a few other omissions. I do really light grains as it is. I don't eat bread or pasta pretty much at all, only really high fiber cereal, crackers and tortillas. I probably have them for 2 of my 3 meals, sometimes just for 1 meal. Right now, I'm just not sure I am willing to eliminate them all together.

The good news is, 150 lbs isn't a bad weight for me. Those size 8 skinny jeans don't fit as well, but I can get them on. It is also easier to run when I am a little bit lighter. But I don't want to squabble over a few pounds. This is about being healthy and preventing diabetes, not getting skinny.

I also suffer from a weird mental picture of myself. I cannot look at a single photo right now without judging every fault. I need to work on that, and I realize it is more about ME and less about MY WEIGHT. So I think once my head is in the right place, then my weight just follows (when I am also eating right). So I'm going to work on getting back into the right mental space. I know I have said it before, but it is true. Maintenance is extremely difficult. For me, more difficult than trying to lose weight. It is a "forever" thing, not just an until I get X amount off.

Here is my musical inspiration, Ingrid Michaelson and Take Me the Way I Am. It could be a ballad for the Husband.


  1. Amber,

    I'm glad you are talking about this, because I am going through something similar, and looking for a new solution. I am someone who used the BFC to drop the extra 15-20lbs that I knew I shouldn't have on me (lazy weight, I like to call it) and it worked. Thing is, i wasn't really big to start with and after losing my 'lazy weight' I got pretty darn small. Now, it is about maintenance and toning/strength & I am finding that sticking to the basic BFC rules isn't really working anymore. It is like now that I am at this particular weight, I need to seek out a different way of eating that fits the kind of goals that exist now.

    I would love to hear what you are doing/trying/looking into.

  2. Krista - We will figure this out together! I think the BFC has been fantastic at getting me out of the OBESE and OVERWEIGHT categories, but seems like it can't get me just a little lower. I've heard at this stage, calories really start to matter more. But after dismissing calories completely, I dont know if I could now watch them too!

  3. The less weight you have to lose the harder it is to get it off. I used to own a women's gym and the women that had 10 lbs to lose struggle as much as the women that had 50. The women that had 50 had better success with lbs lost, but 2 lbs on a women that only has 10 to lose is similar to 10 lbs on a woman that has 50. I say to keep on keeping on and remember all of your words of encouragement along the way. Maintaining is really hard for women, we get caught up in the excitement and constantly challenge our bodies to see how much we can eat without gaining, then boom! The weight is climbing again. The compliments on weight loss aren't there, all of a sudden we are just expected to be this weight. Just my 2 cents...keep on inspiring all of us to get there:) I would love to lose 10 more lbs. Realistically I know it will probably take as long as the 17 that I have lost. I have conquered my sweets addiction:) I have not had any candy, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, since March 7th:) Woot!!!

  4. Hi Amber,
    I know what you mean about looking at yourself and still seeing all those faults. Even though I have lost 85lbs I still look down at myself and see fat thighs or something.

    I am like you and I usually only eat 2 grain carbs a day and am not sure if I am willing to cut out anything else either to lose those last few lbs.

    In my case - If I would just work out I would probably drop them. But I just love to walk.

    Don't get disappointed, You will figure it out.

    Have a great day :-)

  5. Hey Amber! TAKE CREDIT for those 2 pounds! I absolutely agree with Kay; you need to look at it as a proportion of the weight you need to lose rather than as just "2". It is 20% of your goal, and from my (unfortunately not too recent) experience, the closer you get to goal, the slower it will come off. BUT, ALSO, THE MORE IT SHOWS.

    Do you have one of those scales that shows water saturation, bone density, body fat, etc and does everything but make your coffee in the morning? You can get a really good one for about 80 dollars (last time I checked) and it gives you tons of valuable information (like if you are retaining water, building muscle or have high visceral fat. Or, as in my case, it will kindly tell you you are "overfat").

    If you take yourself off grains completely, it seems like you will feel deprived. You have such discipline already! Why not try something like this: a day of "regular" BFC eating followed by a day of only proteins and veg....but on that day make sure you are eating something YUMMY (like that awesome shrimp dish you showed on your blog awhile back....shrimp are really hard to come by in Germany). This might help you to get your protein up but still let you maintain some balance. And jeez, we are not talking about cream puffs here....just a couple of Wasa or low carb tortillas after all....
    Hey, how about a "School's out" challenge?
    On another topic, any word on the possible reappearance of the iPhone app? :)
    Take care. Sorry for the long post.

  6. Hey Amber... I know what you mean. I still have a LOT of weight to lose and am still relatively new to BFC, but even tiny losses are great! BUT- I know how frustrating it all is and what it's like to have issues with self-image. Keep your head up as it may just take longer now that you are in the "normal" range/close to goal. Also- I think eliminating all grains can be complicated/troublesome if you don't plan on cutting them out permanently. Your success is amazing and inspirational. You can get over this little hurdle! :)

  7. Hey Amber....I think the BFC lifesyle is what it is. In my mind there is no difference between eating to lose and eating to maintain....its is all eating to be healthy. I didnt want to set myself up for feeling like this was a "just until" thing so i have found ways to eat what I want the whole way through. I am now in the "maintenance" phase except that I keep losing beyond my origional goal so I guess my body thinks we need to be a little lighter. LOL. To me it doesn't matter where I settle at as long as I don't go above my ultimate goal of 125. I am eating for a healthy life so its all good. :) I am not a big fan of the "take it away and add it back in when...." concept so everything I ate to loose, I can eat to maintain.....no change necessary. I think you have done a fantastic job and you have definately been an inspiration to me in my journey of beginning the BFC life. :)

  8. Hey Amber! This is totally me too - I dropped the overweight pounds at the beginning of the year like nothing, and have been s.l.o.w.l.y. getting rid of these 'last 5 or 10 pounds.' It feels like it is taking forever, and I keep playing with changing back to a 'diet' so that I can 'be done' losing weight. The problem is, I really love BFC, and feel like I can eat this way forever. I just am not losing weight much anymore.

    But... I also look in the mirror (naked) and see all the areas that could be fixed if I could just suck it up and cut out the grains for a while. I just don't want to do it. *sigh* So, here I am, right here with you.

  9. I started eating this way 16 months ago. I only really had 10 pounds to lose and did that the first two weeks. I felt so much better eating this way that I just kept it up. NO my weight did not keep dropping...it just settled where it is suppose to be for me. I do not even like the word maintenance, I think with this way of eating, if you really follow the rules, you will just end up the weight your body is suppose to be. I believe in keep weighing..otherwise it is too easy to slip into some old habits and let it all get away from you all over again. Of course the scale says different things every day...but an upward trend should not be ignored. I do not believe that you can get TOO thin eating this way...I keep it simple...it works.. I will never let myself get a muffin top again. I promise!

  10. Im having trouble too.. i keep bouncing between 168 and 163... thinking maybe i need to just do a low sugar weight watchers approach now that I'm getting closer to my goal weight. been stuck in the mid 160's since january and getting a little frustrated with myself...

  11. Thanks for all your great comments, I really REALLY appreciate your input, encouragement and advice! I am 5'4" so according to the charts I need to be 145 to be in the Normal weight category.

    Randi and Nicole have shown me with their losses that BFC really does work to get you as low as you want. They are both below 130 now! So Ill just keep on, keeping on. Make a few minor adjustments and start tracking every meal

  12. So, there is this question, too --- could adding in things like the green juice I make here: http://www.kjkonkin.com/2011/06/kjs-life-experiment-201-poor-mans.html be contributing to my difficulty at losing those last few pounds? One would doubt it, right, with this kind of juice being SO stupidly healthy for you...but the apples (all fiber-less in this juice) & all the fructose they add? Hmmmmm...makes me curious...

  13. Amber, you are truly an inspiration! While things may not be going according to how you think they should be, they are going the way they should. You are healthy, doing the right things, running in MARATHONS(!!) so don't beat yourself up. It's easy to say that and harder to do - I told my husband last night that I have such a poor body image and it's crazy. Women do that a lot. I did start walking for an hour a day (did 5 miles today!) and I don't see the scales moving much or my clothes fitting differently yet, but I do feel better. I do find that it's harder in the summer to not want the fresh fruits and such, since I'm in the Midwest. But, please keep it up - you are a hero in all that you have accomplished...and been willing to share with all of us!

  14. I see it too Amber. I have been on Fast Track since Sept.(saw an early pre-view of the new book). I can honestly say I rarely cheated. I could go a month without a grain. I loved it because it worked and I haven't felt this good in years. I thought I could live like this forever. Sadly, what I did to get here no longer works to stay here. I too have been toying with the idea of doing Fast Track while counting calories. I just don't know how far I'm willing to go. I don't want to give up the cream, the cheese, the chocolate and the nuts. That leaves meat, eggs, and veggies as my staples. That feels like a "diet". I will keep following you to see if you figure it out. Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work to help us get and stay healthy!