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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help Me Win Some Zevia!

The new flavors of Grape and Dr. Zevia (like Dr. Pepper) are a popular pool side snack on a hot afternoon this summer. My oldest son will say "Is it time for a little Z?" and we split the can three ways. A few weeks back Zevia started a Facebook contest where each day you were to post a photo of Zevia with something that used the "letter of the day" kind of thing. We won "W" and a 6 pack of Zevia for our photo "Zevia on the Water" and I've been entered to win the grand prize!

The grand prize is a 6 month supply of Zevia, so I'm all over that! If you could take a minute to LIKE my photo on Facebook, I would really appreciate it. The person with the most LIKES wins. While you are on Zevia's FB page, be sure and click on the COUPON link to get a $1 off your next six-pack.

Many thanks! And of course I will blog about all the things I make with my sodas. I already have Popsicle recipe ideas, but am looking at more cocktails and a coconut limeade next!

VOTE HERE through June 30, 2011. You can vote once each day!

UPDATE: Thank you all so much for voting, I won 3rd place and a ton of Zevia! Look for upcoming recipes and ideas with all those cans in use!

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