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Friday, June 24, 2011


Q: Is Splenda/Sucralose really all that bad for you?
A: Okay, this is a question I see a lot. Dieters are very resistant to giving up this artificial sweetener, but Jorge says you need to give it up. I LOVED my Splenda, bought it by the box at Costco. Costco box, folks. I only gave it up because I paid for a class with Jorge Cruise and was determined to get my money out of it, fully intending on adding back diet soda and Splenda at the end of the class. But I did my own research and have now banned it from my house. Bottom line: It is an ARTIFICIAL sweetener, made from chemicals in a lab. Livestrong has a good, brief, unbiased review on this topic that mirrors my thoughts on Splenda. Read it HERE. This seems to be the biggest point of disagreement among BFC dieters.

Q: Can't I just have 120 grams of carbohydrates and forget this weird Carb Serving thing?
A: No you can't, because it is not about your total intake for the day, but your intake per meal. It is what you are putting in your stomach to process at once and how that affects your blood sugar and insulin levels. Jorge does not emphasize this enough, but it is KEY to the plan. If you would like to limit your carbs to no more than 40 grams per meal, then that does work.

Q: Can I really do this plan and not exercise?
A: I did exercise, but I honestly think that it didn't help with my weight loss. I was not doing it for weight loss either, I was doing it for health in general. It did help me tone my body as I went. As you start to lose weight and feel better, I bet you will want to get out a little and move more too. It is good for the soul and helps clear my head! I also think it might make me appear to weigh a little less than the scale says, especially in my face. I swear the day after a run my face looks slimmer, like I pumped all the excess liquid out of it.

Q: Aren't you hungry on the Belly Fat Cure?
A: I do get hungry, but almost always it is just before mealtime. Hungry is when your stomach growls and you have actual hunger pains. If you are hungry you need more protein, fat and high fiber green vegetables. I did, and still do sometimes, feel cravings or longing for foods I used to binge on. But that is not hunger, it is habit. A long learned habit that I see myself breaking away from everyday.

Q: Can you eat "bad carbs" as long as you count them?
A: Yes, you can eat anything that fits 5/2 per meal with a 15/6 S/C Value max per day that does not have artificial sweeteners in it. Pretty cool, right? You will probably need to switch to higher fiber, more complex carbs though as the weight loss slows down. I also found certain foods that are allowed were trigger foods for me, and I needed to avoid them (Hello, evil chips). Especially if I was eating alone. So while you CAN do it, I really would not recommend it.

Q: Can I do this and train for a triathlon, half marathon, etc?
A: I have to say I used to find this question ridiculous and it strangely gets asked all the time. What overweight person is doing that kind of exercise? Turns out, me! I did train for my 13 mile half marathon and then the California Relay while doing the Belly Fat Cure Fast Track. But I did notice that when I regularly exercised for more than an hour (or 7+ miles) my body was not happy. I had muscle aches that I specifically did not have before. I think I had began to burn my muscle, instead of fat or carbs. Thankfully that was at the end of my training, and I added back grains. Starting a few days before the race and after, I did not watch my carb/sugar intake, to help my muscles repair. I also researched running supplements and found Nuun was a great no sugar alternative that quenched my thirst and has electrolytes. (Review and giveaway with Nuun coming soon!)

Q: I'm afraid of certain foods, especially those with sugar. Is it okay to have them?
A: Stay away from foods that are too tempting even if they are officially allowed on the plan, that is my advice. I am afraid of several foods myself, as funny as that sounds. Apparently they still hold a certain mysterious power over me. Food issues go deep... tackle them when you are feeling strong enough.

I'd love my readers answers to these same questions, so use the comments section to give your .02! If you have a question that I might be able to help with, please send me a email HERE.


  1. Amber, I use to buy the slenda by the box at costco too and that was the hardest thing for me to give up. Every once in awhile if we are out and about and I forget to bring my own sweetener I have used splenda and felt really guilty doing it and it taste weird to me too. I have to tell you that when I was in Missouri for vacation I went to a walmart and found suncrystals and bought all 12 bags that they had left....lol and paid only 2 dollars a bag instead of 6. I was worried the airlines would not let me bring them back but made it safe and sound.

  2. Diana, that's a killer deal on the sun crystals! That's the sweetener that I have settled on because I like it, and it is less expensive than Truvia.
    Thank you Amber for all the good information!

  3. Hey girls - I want to put my two cents in, in terms of exercise. I am at the point that I feel I *have* to exercise to lose any more weight. This may have more to do with my love for creamy coffee and peanut butter than the diet itself, I don't know, but it's something I have noticed over the last few months. I can maintain this weight no problem (I am healthy weight) but I have to really step it up to get more weight or inches off. This is a great topic, Amber! Even those of us who aren't just starting out benefit from the Q n A.

  4. I also gave up Splenda, but I never bought it in Costco sized boxes! lol! I am so glad I made the effort to get those artificial sweeteners out of my food too. Thanks Amber.

  5. Thanks for all the great answers!Reading your blog helps me stay focus! Mary

  6. Great post....totally agree on the Evil Chips!.