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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ask Me a Question

I get tons of questions from people about the Belly Fat Cure diet. Frankly, this plan is a little confusing in the beginning, maybe because it is so different from other diets. The whole reason for my blog is to share what I have learned and what has been successful for me. I'd like to start a series of Q&A posts, dedicated just to readers questions.

I read all my comments here (no matter how old the post is), but I know not everyone is comfortable with doing that. So leave me comments with questions here on this post OR email questions to me HERE. I will answer them in upcoming blog posts, to the best of my ability. And when I can't answer them, my awesome readers can help me out!

BTW I am SO loving an occasional So Delicious Mini Vanilla Bar this summer! Super yummy and it has FIBER!


  1. I have a question! I am getting closer to my goal, the weight is coming off more slowly, but it is still coming off. When did you add in "treats"? I am so afraid if I have a "bite" of something full of sugar, or try the ice cream bars, etc. it will trigger that urge for sugar? I have added banana's back in in moderation. That's my sweet treat! Thank you for such good information. You have been a true blessing to many people:)

  2. I totally struggled with this diet change in the beginning. I was always getting shaky and sugar low. I found if I sucked on a couple of chocolate chips that helps. Thankfully, I'm passed that, but how do you get past the mental cravings for treats? Oh, and the fruits? Love fruits, they are not bad...BUT SUGAR!

  3. Do you suggest eating all 6 servings of carbs?I have 40lbs to lose. I am also training to run a 1/2 marathon in October, so do I need that many carb servings?Thanks!

  4. Amber, this is a great idea. I have a couple of questions:

    Can you eat "bad white" carbs like pasta, potatoes when you are trying to lose if you count them in your daily carb count?

    I found some discrepancies between what is found in Jorge's book & Jorge's sugar and carb counter, specifically wine. In the counter he lists a 5 oz. glass of red and white wine as 1S/4C or sc value of 1/0. But in the main book he says it has an s/c value of 0/1. I like my wine and this confuses me.

    Thanks for doing this.I think it will be very helpful!

  5. Hi Amber,
    Thanks for the suggestions that you gave me. I forgot to ask you one more question though. In regards to the Truvia...I use approx. 3 packets a day to sweeten my iced tea (1 Truvia per meal) I know it has an S/C value of 0/0. My take on this is that just because it has an S/C value of 0/0 doesn't mean that you can have like 5 packets of Truvia in a meal, right?

  6. I eat currently a gluten-free diet. I am sensitive to gluten and it causes all kinds of problems for me. Without it I feel so much better!

    My question: Can you recommend some whole grain, yet gluten-free, GF, products for cereals and breads etc that would support the BFC lifestyle and nutrition plan?

    And does Jorge Cruise address this topic anywhere online or in print that you are aware of? Have you addressed this topic in your blog posts to date?

    Warm wishes,

  7. I was wondering if you have heard of whey low products? I ordered the product for ice cream and it was really good. They also send free samples for the sugar product which left no after taste. Do you know of this product andd if it is BFC safe?

  8. Hi Amber,
    I have a cold, but im not sure about cough drops, do you know any that are safe to take? Thank you.

  9. Johni - this is GREAT question. There are sugar free cough drops and cough syrup out there. But, just like everything else most have artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose and saccharin) in them. So shop around, ask the pharmacy staff for cold medicine for diabetics and try the health food store (like GNC, vitamin cottage) too. I started just doing nasal spray and grated ginger root tea instead of the drops. The tea really helps right before bed.

  10. Alright! There may be a question here, but a lot of venting. Im almost done with my 5th week, things are going great. I dont crave sugar much and haven't cheated.. "knowingly" im a HUGE gum eater well chewer, and I never thought to look at ingriedients but ahhh artificial sweeteners, I seen sugar alcohol, but really?? This is where it sucks, since I truly want this to be a lifestyle change, I hate t that gum has to be bought at special stores now too :( but ok heres the question sorry I dont have an accountabilty buddy to talk to. Ive been using coffeemate original creamer, is that ok I dont think from ingriedients it has artificials, but I could be wrong! Thank you.

  11. My question is: I drink raw milk. I've done research on it and it does have probiotics. Can I use raw milk in my coffee instead of 1/2 and 1/2 and still lose the weight?

  12. I just got Jorge's newest book Inches off your tummy and am confused because now he allows cottage cheese as a "freebie" and I don't see peanut butter and on one hand he says you can eat tomatoes now as a freebie but than he lists them on another list as part of the 100 count.
    Also was wondering if you are many weeks or months on low carb with the 100 count limit can that not lower your metabolism. Did you find it was wise at some point to have a higher clean carb day every 4 or 7 days?
    I know he says you don't really have to count calories but did you have a good idea of your calories?
    Also wondering if you think the alcohol in 4 oz of wine allowed daily can slow down weight loss because of how it affects the liver?
    Thank you for your help!

  13. Just got Jorge's book Inches off your Tummy and wondering why he now allows cottage cheese as a freebie and also why I don't see peanut butter listed at all.
    Also wondering if you are on this for weeks or months if this can slow the metabolism because of the low carbs and wondering if you ever incorporated carb cyling where you up your clean carbs every 4th or 7th day?

  14. ANother question...just found Jorge's free email club with a menu for women over 40 where he now has 44 sugar calories for 2 days and then 288 to 352 sugar carbs for 5 days. I am SO CONFUSED as to what is the right approach because all his other materials stress heavily that you gain fat going over 100. I am 53 and struggling with torso fat but I don't want to slow my metabolism either. Should i aim for 100 sugar calories and 120 or more grams of carbs...is this possible on only 100 sugar calories?

  15. Jorge lishe ts Fage yogurt as being "on t

    Fage yogurt is listed "On the plan." Is this just the plain type, or can we eat the type with fruit? Thanks