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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Probiotics on a Diet

Natural Factors Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 Formula Veg-Capsules, 60-CountProbiotics are live microorganisms that live in our digestive track. They are considered "good bacteria" and aid in the digestive process. It is thought that antibiotics, poor diet and artificial sweeteners (such as Sucralose/Splenda) kill this bacteria and that can interfere with weight loss.

Jorge Cruise recommended them in the class I took on the Belly Fat Cure in 2009. I thought I had never heard of probiotics, but once I researched them I realized I had. My youngest son used to get an upset stomach on antibiotics for chronic ear infections. He was prescribed liquid Acidophilous which I got from the pharmacy. I also found a section about Probiotics in an old Atkins book. I now see them as a cure all for many of our stomach problems.

Do you have to take them forever? Maybe, depends on your diet. It is completely possible to get enough probiotics without taking the pills, but it can be complex on a low sugar diet. Several foods that boast probiotics are diary products that are also high in sugar. A few examples of products you can have: certain sauerkraut, fermented vegetables and soy bean products, yogurt, kefir, kombutcha drinks.

There are tons of different probiotics pills sold at stores. You want one that has the most strains (different types of probiotics that have all those latin names listed on the back) and the most live organisms (measured in the millions/billions). Pick one with at least 12 different strains, but notice most brands only have only Lactobacillus Acidophils. Most quality brands will need to be refrigerated. Jorge Cruise recommended Natural Factors Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 and that is what I use. I get it on Amazon and at Vitamin Cottage. It has 12 strains and I give it credit for changing my digestive system.

Prebiotics are green vegetables that the probiotics feed on to stay alive. The Bug Juice recipe is a great Prebiotic. Once you have replenished your gut bacteria and are feeding it well, the flora and fauna of your digestive system should reward you. Less acid reflex, upset stomach, more regular and evenly sized bowel movements. Even less cold or canker sores and yeast infections should be an end result.

I found some good books on the topic too, if you are interested in learning more about it!  It is actually really interesting stuff!


  1. Amber, do you think the Amazing Greens can substitute for this supplement, or does that really not contain enough of the right "stuff"?

  2. I think Amazing Grass products have both Pre and Probiotics. They are great raw products. But I dont know that they have enough probiotics to to repopulate a compromised digestive track.

  3. Hi Amber. Thanks for solving the mouth sores mystery.

  4. I have a tendency to bite myself while eating. Those bites turn into agonizing sores that don't go away for weeks. However, after trying BFC lifestyle, I noticed that the bites didn't turn into sores and just went away without giving me any trouble at all. I thank BFC for the good gut bacteria and I thank you for educating me on this issue. Have you ever thought of compiling all your knowledge into a book? I will definitely buy it:)

  5. Thanks Amber! I've looked at different probiotics at Whole Foods and Earth Fare and always walk away totally overwhelmed by so many choices. Then I tried Amazing Grass after your review. I liked it and guess took a leap and hoped it covered all the bases. I've really enjoyed your site for information and encouragement and reality here and there :)

  6. Hi Amber! I'm new to the BFC and just starting out. I'm unsure about how to start taking the probiotics- how much and how often are you supposed to take them at first? Did you reduce the amount/days as you progressed with the BFC? Thanks! :)

  7. The one I recall him recommending was the Renew Life Ultimate Flora
    Critical Care 50 Billion?