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Monday, May 9, 2011

May Challenge: Week 2

WooHoo, I am so happy to be on a diet! (No, really. I'm serious.) I immediately felt good at the beginning of the week. I was up earlier in the morning and happier with all the members of my family. I tried picturing myself at my goal weight, and having a little extra room in my jeans. My weight was all over the board this week, especially after the big Relay Race last weekend, but I ended up down 2 lbs!

I feel like I had a fabulous week diet wise. But, I had so much going on: my Mother-in-law is here for her annual visit from the Netherlands, Mother's Day (Happy belated Mother's Day to all my readers!), my kids are suddenly those over booked crazy kids (how did that happen?),  The Hubby's birthday and I had my first ever (but certainly not last) Girls Getaway Weekend in Sonoma.

So clearly it wasn't easy, I was just DETERMINED. I thought I was doing the BFC at about 90% and wouldn't have much trouble just doubling down and sticking with 5/2 S/C per meal and 15/6 for the day again. I started using my tracker for the first time in a year and BOY OH BOY! I was over on carb servings and up to 14 grams of sugar the first two days, even though I was being very careful! (Even though I was over on carb servings, my carb grams never went over 100) A few times I wanted a little more to eat at night, but I didn't have any carb servings left for dark chocolate :( I made Vanilla or Chocolate tea every night and that really helped. And one night, I just plain went to bed early. I can't raid the ridge from bed, can I? I made up my mind I am going to get these extra pounds off, and I am.

You can tell from the above list of everything going on last week, that I had a lot of excuses not to diet. There was one for every day of the week! I turned down copious amounts of wine (did I mention the MIL and Sonama?!), desserts, fruits and breads. Sometimes I felt a little bad, "No, I cannot split that cinnamon roll with you, but feel free to order it anyways". I really started seeing sugar and sweets as arsenic to me. "Yes, I think that chocolate croissant looks really good, buuuuut it just might kill me in the long run. So, no thanks". That is what I said in my head, at least.  What I really said was "I'll have decaf coffee with cream for dessert." May is NO EXCUSES MONTH, and it was almost freeing to just be able to say "No Thanks!" so easily. I didn't even have to think about it. Do I want some of that? No, no I don't actually.

I am feeling so grateful right now.  Grateful for my readers and all their support. Grateful for my family and friends. Grateful for the the knowledge to cure my obesity. The funny thing about the last statement is that, I just started thinking about my new lifestyle as a "cure" last week. Only typing it just now, did I realize the name of the diet plan I follow like a mini-religion is called The Belly Fat Cure. I really don't like the name of this diet at all. I picture tons of stomach cellulite every time I say it! But oh well... it works even with a bad name.

I hope you take some time today to feel grateful too, regardless of what is going on in your life. Leave a comment and let me know how your weigh in and week went! If you are struggling a bit, just remember to make no excuses this month. Start the next meal fresh and forgive yourself for any indulgences. I mentioned my Sister M in the last post. If you read the comments, you will see she started the BFC that day!! I am so proud and excited for her! I swore to her, deciding to commit to a diet was the very hardest part. Its a long road, but she CAN do it.

This is one of the Mother's Day cards I got this weekend. I LOVE that it says "My Mother Looks Good in Running Clothes", seriously the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me! And "My Mother Goes Crazy for Chocolate Chip Cookies", which is sadly true and I've had to confess to my boys. (The Hubby and kids have been instructed to hide the box. Which really sucks for the kids when we can't find them and Dad works late!) The funniest was "My Mother Makes Great Bacon" (they love that I make bacon occasionally on this diet!) and apparently I am always Cooking (it sure as hell feels that way). And finally, I am so pleased my son doesn't think I yell (I grew up in a yelling house and hated that). I laughed so hard when I read this card that I nearly cried.


  1. Good job! If you can make it through a week like that, you're good to go!

    Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!!!

  2. It's funny how other people influence us at times - HUH? I still hear all the time, Oh you have done so good, one is not gonna kill you. Or - You don't have to diet anymore - look how great you look now... I realize that this is a lifetime commitment to stay looking like this.
    That is great that you re-committing.
    Take care :-)

  3. Great job Amber!

    My name is Rebecca and I have been following your blog for sometime now. I have been really sticking to the belly fat cure and the weight is barely coming off. I have PCOS which causes me to be insulin-resistant. Do you know anything about it and how the diet works for people like me? I would love to hear what you think!

    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!! :)

  4. Great job Amber! I need to learn how to say "No thank you". This week started out easy enough, only to get harder for me on the weekend. I did manage to lose 2 pounds (which I had previously put back on before your May Challenge), I'm really happy about that. We CAN do it! Oh, and I love love love the Mother's Day card you got!

  5. Rosalie - I hear that ALL the time! Especially that I need to "treat myself" with dessert for doing so well ;-) Nope.

    Rebecca - Are you on medication for PCOS? Medication can certainly affect weight loss. I have many of the PCOS symptoms myself, but had never heard of it until I started BFC. I think it should work great, since sugar is also the culprit with PCOS and how it manipulates your hormones. Check with your Dr for sure, but know that many Drs are not on the low sugar bandwagon. Seems they push the RX before searching for the cause (=sugar). Just my opinion on that!

  6. Hi Rebecca,
    I have been doing BFC and the weight is coming off so very very slowly. 4 pounds in 4 weeks. Yet, the food is so yummy, I am okay with it. Plus, I love this blog and others, like Rosalie's. I'm just trying to keep the "BFC Faith". Also, is it possible that you are losing inches, but not pounds?

  7. Hey Amber! Great job saying no all those times! I love that feeling - 'no, I really don't want that.' I chose coffee with cream for my Mother's Day out dessert as well, and was fine with it too! woo hoo!

    So far this month I am down 3.6 pounds - 2.1 left until I reach my May goal! I know that number will move around a bit over the next few weeks because I am so close to goal, so I am glad I have the wiggle room.

    I have been using a variation of Jorge's 'indulgent' menu, which has me loving life so much - chocolate and wine every night! How can dieting get much better than this? I don't think it can.

  8. Morning Amber!

    Great job! You are an expert on #bfc. I was on #bfc about a year ago and recently dedicated myself again for the May challenge. After recommitting to the plan, I have officially lost 10 pounds already this month (in as many days). BFC works! No question about it!!

    I amazed myself (which is a tough thing to do). I pretty much stuck to almonds as a snack (handful of about 12) twice a day and two meals of S/C value 5/2 or less. Typical lunch is burger/chicken protein style, chicken salad, chicken curry with less than a handful of brown rice or something similar. For dinner, I will most often have chicken or salmon with some green steamed veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts) and no evening snack. I did my best not to eat anything after 7pm. Sometimes, I will even have a #bfc breakfast at night (love breakfast for dinner) which would consist of two eggs, piece of low carb toast (8g per slice), some avocado, and maybe 3-4 cherry tomatoes. So good!!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration Amber. Best of luck to you and everyone on this plan.


  9. I'm with you on the challenge! I was just at a birthday party for my little sis today and turned down the cupcakes and only had a quarter of a piece of french bread. I even ate whole wheat pasta! That is a miracle!!! I would love to lose another 15 lbs, but since it has become a lifestyle, I know it will eventually come off. I wore a fitted shirt today! Fitted!!! Woot!

  10. Hey Amber! What a great post! You are so strong to resist those temptations and I applaud you for that!!! Many of us would have caved in for sure. LOVED reading your mothers day cards!!! So precious!! I have saved everything that my kids have made for me like that over the years and it is so fun to read them again from time to time. I too have been running every day for the past 2 weeks to either soccer games or softball games and I look forward to when this madness will end and we can have a nice dinner at the kitchen table again. Its coming soon...only a couple more weeks. Im downt o 187 now and its so exciting. The weight is coming off slowly but surely and to see my clothing getting so big to the point they cant be worn in public is so great!
    You are amazing!! Thanks for your incredible inspiration!!
    ((Hugs)) to you girl!!

  11. Amber, just LOVE reading the Mother's Day notes, hilarious! Those made my day. Thank you for helping us all out. I was down 3 pounds the first week, and up 3 pounds the second week. It definitely seems harder to lose it this time around, or else I just forgot that part when I originally joined BFC. Anyway, I'm hanging in there for May with the rest of you, determined to get the 10 pounds off that I gained since Christmas.

  12. Hi Amber, I don't know if you remember me but we e-mailed back and forth a long time ago. I did finally lose my weight and now I am trying to maintain and decided to visit your blog to see how you're doing. I have a lot of catching up to do :). How are you doing? Any tips for maintenance? I did the fast track version without the book (just the menus) and now since the book is not out, I feel lost on what to do. I loved the mother's day note. I could really use some help in another area: yelling. I hate that I do it every day. I absolutely hate myself for it and I need a Yelling Cure NOW please.